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Boost Your Bankroll With GGPoker’s No-Fee T$ Builder Tournaments

Boost Your Bankroll With GGPoker’s No-Fee T$ Builder Tournaments

Bankroll management might be considered by some to be a boring and unimportant subject, but sensibly looking after your money is (as in life!) an imperative of online poker - this is true even if you’re ‘just’ a recreational player. However talented you may be, skill could easily be rendered irrelevant if you don’t have some kind of sober approach regarding your bankroll.

Introducing the T$ Builder series at GGPoker, a leading operator that has established itself as innovative and championing the cause of the casual player. Before moving on to the unique T$ Builder series itself, let’s see what Tournament Dollars (T$) are and how you can use them.

Tournament Dollars (T$)

Tournament dollars were introduced by the GGNetwork to provide a flexible prize currency. Not only can T$ be used to buy into tournaments, but you can even use them to buy action for staking (T$ being converted into cash when credited to the seller's account). Note that T$ can also be combined with cash to make up the entry fee for tournaments. As well as via T$ Builders, T$ can be earned in other ways, such as via special giveaways or leaderboards which award T$ as prizes.

Builders hat. Tournament dollars.

T$ Builder Tournaments: How It Works

What’s great about this unique tournament series is that, apart from being universally affordable in terms of buy-in levels, NO FEE is charged! Literally 100% of the money generated in buy-ins is paid out in prizes.

And you can enjoy T$ Builder tournaments throughout the day, with an event getting underway every 30 minutes - at 17 and 47 minutes past each hour, in fact.

There are four buy-in levels - $0.25, $0.50, $1 and $2 - and the minimum number of players required for a tournament to go ahead is just two! Furthermore, all T$ Builder events have a 30-minute late registration period.

All prizes are paid out in T$, with each prize pool differing based on the total number of registered players.

Here’s the daily T$ Builder series schedule:

0:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
0:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
1:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
1:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
2:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
2:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
3:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
3:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
4:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
4:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
5:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
5:47T$ Builder $1$1.00
6:17T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
6:47T$ Builder $2$2.00
7:17T$ Builder $1$1.00
7:47T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
8:17T$ Builder $2$2.00
8:47T$ Builder $0.50$0.50
9:17T$ Builder $0.25$0.25
9:47T$ Builder $1$1.00

Boosting your bankroll by playing 0% fee tournaments should be a given for those even relatively new to poker who plan on enjoying a future of fun sessions. Meanwhile, check out our dedicated information section to find the latest online poker bonuses and offers … have fun, and good luck at the tables!

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