Quick & Easy Poker Deposits via Your Mobile Bill

With everyone attached (literally) at the hip to their cell phones these days it makes sense that a poker deposit method based entirely on your phone number is gaining ground as one of the more popular payment methods.

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Boku is a mobile payment method developed all the way back in 2003 and requires just a phone number and an SMS to send small money transfers to an online poker site.

If the poker site offers Boku as a payment method you can simply add the deposit to your phone bill. Authorize your mobile number and reply "yes" to a text message and your transaction will be processed immediately.

Your Boku deposit will be in your online poker account within minutes. Once your mobile number has been authenticated you can automatically bill future deposits to your phone as well

Boku Poker Deposits

With credit cards, third-party processors and bank transfers all creating their own sets of hurdles and hassles to navigate to get your money into your poker account, Boku is a welcome, simple alternative.

No credit card approvals, no "cash advances" or extravagant fees, no long, drawn-out wire transfers, no bank information required. No cards or passwords, even.

Just a phone number and an SMS is all you need and you can have your money online in your poker account within minutes. Pretty appealing, no?

Advantages of Boku Poker Sites

  • No credit card or bank details involved
  • No wait times for deposits
  • No fees for Boku poker deposits
  • Perfectly designed for mobile play and deposits
  • No extra passwords or third-party accounts other than your phone
  • Simply pay for your poker deposit via your monthly phone bill

How Do I Make a Boku Poker Deposit?

As far as poker deposits go things couldn't be much simpler than making a Boku deposit. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your online poker account (if you've yet to create an online poker account at the site you want to deposit on, create one via our review links for exclusive bonuses!)
  • Navigate to the "Cashier" page
  • Find the "Make a Deposit" link
  • Select "Pay by Mobile" as your preferred option and you'll be forwarded to the Boku information page
  • Save your mobile number 
  • Authenticate your mobile number by entering the PIN # that is sent to you
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer to your poker account
  • Look for a text message (SMS) sent to your mobile phone
  • Answer 'Yes' to authenticate the proper deposit amount
  • Wait for your balance to arrive in your poker account
  • Start playing!
  • Pay your monthly phone bill (with the added charge for the deposit) as usual!
  • Repeat as necessary!

As there are no banks or credit card companies involved that require approvals, the Boku deposit process is literally instantaneous.

Once your mobile phone has been properly entered and authenticated you simple need to wait for the SMS and confirm your deposit amount and the funds will arrive in your poker account.

Most poker sites accept mobile deposits; it matters more if your carrier actually is enabled to process Boku deposits.

Boku Poker FAQs

  • What is Boku?

    Founded in the UK in 2003 and based out of San Francisco since 2009, Boku is a mobile payment provider that lets consumers pay for goods and services online through their mobile account. Purchases are simply billed to the mobile phone users bill and Boku charges a small fee to the retailers. Boku allows people who don't have bank accounts or credit cards to pay for purchases online. Many customers who do have bank accounts and credit cards, however, also prefer Boku because it is simple and efficient and requires no extra authorizations. The majority of Boku transactions are for digital goods and services including music streaming, online video, subscriptions, mobile apps and free-to-play games. Boku is connected to more than 250 carriers is available in 60+ countries. The platform is used by such industry heavyweights as Apple, Google Play, Sony, Windows, Facebook and Spotify.
  • How Do I Get a Boku Account?

    You don't get a Boku account, per se. As mentioned above, Boku is great because you don't actually need a special account on top of your already established accounts so no extra passwords or usernames are required. All you need to use Boku as a poker deposit method is a mobile phone number with a carrier that is connected to the Boku service. Dozens of major carriers across most major countries have Boku services. To see if your carrier is one of them, check with your local services provider.
  • How Long Does it Take to Process a Boku Poker Deposit?

    As there are no banks or credit card companies involved that require approvals, the Boku deposit process is literally instantaneous. Once your mobile phone has been properly entered and authenticated you simple need to wait for the SMS and confirm your deposit amount and the funds will arrive in your poker account.
  • Which Poker Sites Accept Boku Payments?

    Most poker sites accept mobile deposits; it matters more if your carrier actually is enabled to process Boku deposits.
  • Are There Boku Deposit Limits?

    Yes. The maximum amount you can deposit via Boku is £30 per day. For high rollers this obviously won't be enough but for most micro-stakes poker players it is more than enough. It also provides a great "cap" on spending, if you will, so if you lose your deposit in a day of play you can't deposit more and worry about playing on tilt.
  • Can I Use Boku on Mobile to Deposit to My Poker Account?

    Of course! That's really the point! You'll see "Pay by Mobile" in your deposit options so simply click through on your phone to authorize your phone number. Complete the payment by responding to the text message you receive with your deposit amount. You can also use Boku to deposit from your desktop or laptop.
  • Can I Use Boku from a Home Phone to Deposit to My Poker Account?

    Sorry! As you must be required to send and receive text messages to use the Boku payments method a Non-smartphone home phone does not work to coordinate Boku poker deposits.
  • Can I Use Boku with a Pay-As-You-Go Phone?

    Yes you can! Any poker deposit charges are deducted from the balance on the phone account when your deposit goes. If you don't have enough funds stored on your phone the transaction will be declined. Some carriers also require a minimum balance above and beyond the amount of your deposit. Note: Prepaid phones from Verizon, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Cricket or AT&T aren't supported for Boku payments.
  • Can I Withdraw my Funds Using Boku?

    No, Boku is just a one-way deposit track and can't be used for withdrawals.
  • Are There Any Downsides to Using Boku?

    Well, with no fees, no interest payments and no bank account required to use Boku it's hard to find one. Perhaps the biggest downside for some players is the daily £30 deposit limit. for most people, though, that won't be an obstacle. With no credit or bank details shared it also makes for one of the most secure and simplest poker deposit methods available.
  • Do I Need to Worry About Boku Deposit Security?

    Nope. Again, with no bank information or credit card numbers ever required your transactions are intrinsically safe. Because you have to both authenticate your phone number (i.e. prove it's yours) and respond to a text message to confirm every deposit, it's a virtually failsafe means of making secure poker deposits. With a daily £30 limit your risk is also incredibly low for a mistake!
  • Will I Get a Boku Online Poker Bonus?

    Of course! Every standard online poker bonus you qualify for is independent of the deposit method you choose so you’ll be sure to receive the bonus no matter what.
  • Can I Use Boku for a US Poker Site?

    While Boku is a very popular payment method for lots of digital goods and services in America non of the current legal poker sites in New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware accept Boku payments right now. Pennsylvania is soon to add legal online poker sites as well but it's still to be determined if Boku will be an accepted payment method. A variety of other good poker payment methods are available for US poker players though including third-party eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. See each individual site for more detail.
  • Can I Use Boku on PokerStars?

    Outside of the US, yes, Boku is an accepted payment method for PokerStars players in certain legal jurisdictions. You'll have to check your cashier's visible deposit methods or PokerStars's real-money transaction FAQ page to see if it applies to you. To make a Boku deposit on PokerStars simply login to your account, select the "Real Money" tab in the lobby and click the ‘Deposit’ button. Select 'Pay by Mobile' button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your deposit.
  • Can I Use Boku on 888poker?

    Check with your local 888poker site to see if Boku is currently supported as a Pay by Mobile option.
  • How Many People Use Boku as a Payment Method?

    As Boku is an accepted and trusted digital payment method for over 173 mobile carriers in over 50 countries, there are quite a few people who will happily recommend Boku as a safe, secure and easy deposit method.
  • How to open an account on Rolling Slots?

    Opening an account is simple just click the sign-up button, register your details and you're ready to go! Just remember to message their live chat support to get your welcome bonus.
  • How does Rolling Slots work on mobile?

    Simple and easy! No downloads needed just search them on your web browser, log in and you are ready to go as normal!
  • Is it save to play on Rolling Slots?

    Yes, they are fully licensed and are operated by a trustworthy company, they also have extensive measures in place throughout the site to protect their players data and make sure the games are fair.
  • How to withdraw from Rolling Slots?

    Withdrawing is simple just follow the steps on site. Just remember the max amount you can take out per day is 400 euros and the minimum per withdrawal is 20 euros

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