Phil Ivey: The Cristal Balla

Published On: 20 June 2009 / Modified: 29 June 2018
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Phil Ivey

Hang around Vegas a while and you'll hear many tales of luxurious excess, though few can rival this Phil Ivey anecdote we heard moments ago.

Allegedly a group of businessmen were enjoying dinner at the Wynn when they looked over at one of the nearby tables to see none other than Phil Ivey.

Big fans of the poker superstar, they summoned the waiter and asked him to send Ivey a bottle of Cristal champagne, compliments of their table.

Happy with their deed, they went back to tucking into their top-class steaks.

Twenty minutes later, the waiter came back...armed with five bottles of Cristal!

"These are for you, courtesy of Mr. Ivey."

The businessmen were impressed. These bottles were selling at four or five hundred bucks a pop so $2.5k worth of top class champagne was a very generous gesture.

They felt like they still wanted to send a message to Ivey that they were big fans of his though and took the waiter aside for a word.

"Would you have twenty bottles of Cristal delivered to Mr Ivey please?"

Phil Ivey cash
Can't stop won't stop.

The waiter raised his eyebrows just a notch but took the order, made arrangements and twenty bottles of Cristal were sent over to the poker legend.

The businessmen were satisfied that their point had been made and went back to talking about stocks, shares and of course cracking open a few of the five bottles of champagne stocking their table.

Phil Ivey IS the Cristal Balla

Some time later, they noticed a group of staff approaching their table.

They watched with ever increasing disbelief as bottle after bottle after bottle of Cristal was unloaded until their table and surrounding area were filled with no less than 200 bottles of the vintage champagne - retailing at approximately $100k!

When the delivery had been made the waiter passed the awestruck businessmen a note.

"This is from Mr Ivey sirs."

As the waiter walked away they all crowded round to read the note.

It simply said, "...and I won't stop."

That's why Phil Ivey is the Cristal Balla!


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clienceHiny 2011-09-30 17:18:02

Who believes this?

Yury 2010-07-19 22:49:32

no more than anecdote

Ken 2010-03-17 15:47:44

I think the story is true, again, $100K for Phil is nothing and this story is advertising for him! Also you can get anything in Vegas, each Casino has plenty of restaurants and they all share resources if necessary, even casinos share their resources with other casinos, so 200 bottle of cristal is nothing out of this world! I can only imagine how many cristals are sold on a daily basis in Vegas...

iveyrocks 2010-01-03 19:01:31

haha seems like negreanu has backed this story up even if some of the details were a little out.

wowzer, ivey's so sik he makes billionaires quit. lol

Pro Football picks 2009-08-23 23:48:00

BS, but still a good funny story, I liked it. But Ivey is a baller and the first half of the story sounds like something that could happen easily.

GoodFellaz 2009-07-29 17:23:00

Chris this is vegas my friend.

The Wynn wine storage definitely has 1,000+ bottle of crystal in hand FOR SURE.

So does the MGM Grand, Bellagio, Trump and Hard Rock.

Plus if you log onto pokerroad (barry greenstein's) website.

That story was publish in the forum an barry replied himself to confirm it was a true story.

JooWish622 2009-07-27 06:33:00

To the person who called this stupid, childish, and egotistical... you left out Ballah.

dan 2009-07-27 05:02:00

ivey wipes his ass with 100k. would not doubt for a sec if that this is true

james 2009-07-03 15:13:00

^ ^ ^ in before wtf

ayeright 2009-06-27 19:46:00

Somebody should send him a $100 note,I wonder if he would send back £200???If this story is true(which i seriously doubt)then Phil Ivey is an idiot.(the words,INSECURE,CHILDISH,EGOMANIACAL and Stupid spring to mind)I'm sure Phil Ivey is NOT stupid enough to not recognise a compliment from someone.Instead i have to think that the writer of this story has nothing interesting to say about real-life events so has resorted to either making this story up or(more likely)exagerating a real incident out of all proportion with the actual incident.I can only assume too,that the writer of this article thinks the readers are gullible sheep,ready to believe whatever is written.This is a common delusion amongst the self-titled "literate class".I think it's inculcated into them in University to replace the "common sense" that is driven out of them in the pedagogic institutions that pose as "learning centre's".


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