Sandwich To-Go Earns FullFlush UK Ban

Published On: 4 October 2009 / Modified: 27 June 2018
Created By: Martin Derbyshire
Luke Schwartz

It appears nosebleed-stakes loudmouth Luke "__FullFlush1__" Schwartz is on the outs with the Grosvenor Casinos again, following a rather unsightly incident at PokerStars EPT London.

The durrrr-obsessed Brit told PokerListings last week he had been banned from Grosvenor's flagship property The Vic after refusing to take his hat off inside the casino.

After well-known London bookmaker Eddie Hearn vouched for Schwartz, the ban was lifted, allowing him to hit the felt at the London Metropole for EPT London, being run by staff at the Vic.

However, moments after busting out on Day 2, Schwartz reportedly refused to pay for a pickle and cheese sandwich at the food stand outside the tournament area, angrily claiming he was a VIP and should be treated as such.

Unrepentant Schwartz Banned Again

He walked off with the sandwich, security was called and after a bit of arguing back and forth, an unrepentant Schwartz was banned from Grosvenor Casinos across the UK once again.

Word is he will also be given a warning from PokerStars and the EPT.

It's time to lock your doors America! With FullFlush losing options for high-stakes tournament action in Europe, he could be headed across the pond.

- Martin Derbyshire


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mainline 2009-10-13 00:26:00

a total d1ckhead - is, was and always will be

rc 2009-10-11 09:53:00

more of a show than a poker player. i find him entertaining and get a good laugh from him.

Tgun61 2009-10-05 02:35:00

Not kanye but same concept... HE'S A JACKASS

ChaseTh3Ace 2009-10-04 21:12:00

I like this guy, but he aint made that big of a name for himself, YET, just pay for your fcking sandwich and stop being a tit, your just getting banned for attention, , we get it ffs, now play some poker and show the poker world your tallent, you got skills, USE THEM!!!!



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