Ashman103: The Interview Transcript

Published On: 10 August 2009 / Modified: 29 June 2018
Created By: Matthew Showell
Ashton Griffin

What follows is the full transcript of the interview with Ashton "Ashman103" Griffin done by's Dan Skolovy.

Ashman goes into detail about the massive swings he's taken as a poker player and what he's endured during his career so far.

This is the full interview Dan did for his feature piece on Ashman, which can be found here. We knew all the hard-core players out there would be looking for each and every detail and hence: The full transcript.

In-Depth with Poker Pro Ashton "Ashman103" Griffin

Daniel Skolovy: How old are you and what is your poker story? Like how did you get started with the game to where you are now?

Ashton Griffin: 20, I started when a friend of mine in high school wanted to play cards after a paintball game.

I had been playing nickel and dime with mom and sister since I was young but playing with my peers made it fun and competitive. Naturally I won for awhile and discovered online short after.

Ashton Griffin

DS: What stakes did you start with online?

AG: The next 3 or 4 years I played online while in high school. I had stints with me mass tabling $60 sngs and some small stakes 6max. I never had more than $20k and I would always lose everything in one night playing to get back to my even point.

I told my dad my sophomore year that I was going to be a millionaire in 2 or 3 years. He half believed me and I half believed myself because I knew I was too erratic with my bankroll

DS: What stakes were you playing at the time then?

AG: Mostly 50nl - 400 nl depending on my mood. So months and years of me playing an hour a day I ended my senior of high school wrestling and I played poker everyday thereafter.

Then in the summer of 07 I met this cute girl who kind of made me feel silly being a busto grinder. At the time I had like $200 to my name and I planned on going back to school in the fall so I went to my friend's house and did lawn work to make some money.

Made nothing, told myself that I was going to take things serious and be rich. I had a lot of time to think and focus on what my plan was.

I turned the $200 into about $10k around the end of august and decide to quit school. I started playing heads-up No-Limit, mostly 100nl-400nl. My results were phenomenal from aug on forward.

Until then I had never had as much success at a game as I did at HU. I had rapid success but still had tilt issues and money issues. From then on I just progressed as any player does.

One thing that made me the player I am today was playing grudge matches with aejones who was a lot better than me at the time, but you didn't get run off the street so it made you better ;)

I think it was more of a matter of me knowing I would improve to be one of the best and that I was in poker to be rich and if I didn't learn how to beat a better player than me that it would never happen.

DS: when did you first run your roll up and take a shot at the biggest stakes online?

AG: Hard to remember but I think it was in may of 2008. I had played around with plo with some success, caught on very quick and I've been crushing since early 2008.

I've played a couple hundred thousand hands of 25/50 and have had stellar results. Then in aug 08 I won 1.2 mil in the first 29 days, lost close to a million the next week.

DS: At 500/1000?

AG: It was a mix of 500/1, 2/4, 3/6, 2k/4k limit. Most of it was to Ivey and trex.

Ashton Griffin

DS: So when you lost the money you just moved back down and it was business as usual?

AG: I moved back down and made $600k within the next 4 months. The swings took a toll on me because I was in the middle of wrestling season, cutting weight and going to school. Then in february I lost $400k one night, then lost little by little the next 2 months.

I was forced to get a stake around april 09 where I broke even. I just needed to sort out my money and needed to find out if people were going to pay off debts to me

DS: Is this where you made the no stakes higher than 25/50 prop?

AG: That bet was lost in february the night when I lost 400k, bet was restarted the next day

DS: how much did you lose on it the first time?

AG: $20k, It was more about the embarrassment for me. I felt pathetic. I got staked in April and lost 2k and paid it back with my own money. I was left with 8k online which was the money in equity I sold off for winning the first 3 matches of the $1k msnl hu tournament.

I decided to play 1 dollar 2 dollar, had a good day. By the end of the week I was shortstacking 5/10. By the end of the month I was shortstacking 25/50. The following month I won 600k playing 25/50 and won the 25khu for 500k

It happened pretty fast. One thing that makes it a little more awesome, I won the prop bet like hours before the 25k hu started, otherwise I couldn't have played without losing the bet.

DS: And how much did you win this time?

AG: I won 23k on the bet.

DS: And what was the exact bet? I won't play above x for y hands?

Ashton Griffin

AG: That I couldn't play higher than 25/50 until I made $500k over a 1 year span.

DS: So you shipped the bet then shipped the 25k hu? How did that tournament go for you?

AG: I had Ike in the 2nd round and he has crushed me in the past. I was getting into the match and had this sort of extra gear in me that made me play my A game vs him. Then I beat everyone I should have beat until Benefield where I was lucky enough to have 2 pair vs his top pair for stacks.

DS: Nice congrats on that score, so where are you now? In terms of stakes and stakes you're willing to play and what you've done to ensure that you won't be looking for a stake again.

AG: I'd like to be playing 1/2 or 50/100 but the 2/4 games have been wild so I'm taking some calculated shots in the games. Things are going phenomenal and I've only been playing when I feel like the players in the game are tilting, tired or not playing their best. It doesn't happen too often because these are the world's best, but it happens.

DS: You were in Vegas this year. I saw the mountain climb prop but what other kind of props did you, chewy and Aejones get up to?

AG: The most notorious one was laying 7-1 on whether or not the gatekeeper of this community was a girl or a guy. I was willing to bet the bank that it was a guy. I heard 'it' talk and I felt like I was stealing money from Chewy and Starkey. So one night we go to the gate and there is this young asian guy who dramatically confirms that 'it's was in fact a female.

Chewy goes nuts and I was stunned.

Me and Steve went on some 6 figure swings at Chinese. And I lost $30k shooting basketball with aaron.

DS: what was it like being in Vegas under aged

AG: I was nervous the whole time when I was playing. It made it fun for me and tbh. I dont see myself playing in bobbys room too often  unless its heads-up.

DS: What game did you play in?

AG: Ha half and half 1/1 - 2/400, depending on the mood of the game.

Ashton Griffin

DS: How did the games compare to those online?

AG: They play really straightforward and more passive.

DS: How'd it feel being young enough to be most of these guys sons and not old enough to even be able to play in the game but still be able to hold your own and even book a win?

AG: Well we all think alike and poker is a game among humans who think alike. I mean I wouldnt think it's too out of the ordinary

DS: Yeah, but that's because you are doing it. I think if you were tell most people this story itd be fairly unbelievable. Normies at least.

AG: That makes sense. Id tell them I have just as much experience doing this as they do.

DS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AG: I see myself as a father. Playing WSOP and occasionally during my freetime coaching or helping out with a wrestling club and potentially doing MMA.

DS: Poker would basically be a secondary thing?

AG: It's close. I'd say half the time poker is my job and the other half of the time I figure out how to buy/sell real estate profitably.

DS: And where do you think the game will be in the last 2 years. Make the shift over to PLO or will it move further?

AG: The action will be in 7/8 game and plo. The poker economy is doing fine.

DS: Why PLO?

AG: Most everyone likes to gamble you get that gamble so much more often in PLO and sometimes you don't even have to think.


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Cal Shipken Jr. 2009-08-11 20:14:00

Gdm what a sicko. Apparently bankroll management is standing in the way of me becoming rich.

pokerbr549 2009-08-11 05:20:00

Glad to hear you are on the up swing man,I plan on joining you there in the future . Just waitig on my I know i can play with the best and stay there!!



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