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Alex Jacob’s Jeopardy! Winning Streak Halted at Six

Former poker pro Alex Jacob’s surprising run on Jeopardy! came to an end last night after he failed to correctly answer a question about Twitter in the final round of the game show.

The final question was: "This social media company launched in October 2010; in 2012, with about a dozen employees and no revenue, it sold for $1 billion?"

The correct answer was Instagram but Jacob incorrectly bet $10,000 on Twitter and that was more than enough to give opponent Todd Lovell the win.

Jacob Finishes Jeopardy! Run with $150,000

Alex Jacob

Jacob, who now works as a currency trader in Chicago, finished with six victories on the show and a total haul of just over $150,000.

It was an impressive streak and falls just short of the top 10 highest earning Jeopardy! contestants as Ben Ingram (the 10th highest earner) took home $176,535.

Jacob didn’t go down without a fight and used many of the techniques that got him to six wins including answering rapidly and betting heavily on the Daily Double.

Ahead by just $200 midway through the show Jacob decided to “just bet it all” on the Daily Double and, after answering correctly, moved up to $25,200.

Unfortunately for Jacob, Todd Lovell made up ground in the last round before finally moving past him in Final Jeopardy.

While Jacob is finished with Jeopardy! for now, there’s a good chance he eventually gets invited back for the Tournament of Champions.

You can view Jacob’s last episode on YouTube below:

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