A Year to Remember: Fedor Holz Turns 23, Bags $16.7m in 11 Months

Fedor Holz IMG 7246

It's not often the poker world stands back in awe of the accomplishments of a 23-year-old.

When that player is Fedor Holz, though, it almost seems like it's too late already.

Holz is coming off an 11-month stretch where he basically reset the standard for poker tournament success.

Holz turns 23 today (at least according to Wikipedia) and as a small tribute to his astounding 2015/2016 stretch that included seven wins, ten Top 2 finishes and 13 six-figure cashes, here's a look at his poker year on paper.

Big One for One Guy

As Holz himself has said in interviews, when you play a massive schedule of tournaments you'll likely have results to show for it.

Fedor Holz Alpha 8 Winner
A lot of this.

Variance works both ways, obviously, for good or ill. But in the case of Fedor it seems something a little bigger is at play.

Holz plays a ton of high buy-in events - the highest in the world - which does make the overall size of the fields much smaller.

The players in those fields, however, are easily the best in the world at what they do save for the odd millionaire amateur.

Regardless of field size and buy-in there was rarely a week or two that went by that didn't feature a Holz deep run.

From his win in the $100k Alpha8 in Las Vegas in December, though, he took off like a rocket and reports of his results started to feel more fantasy then fiction.

He capped it off this summer with a spectacular run that included 3 wins in Aria $25k events, a runner-up (and chop) in the $500k Super High Roller Bowl and his first WSOP bracelet (and $5m) in the Big One for One Drop

So what do Holz's results over the past 11 months say about his level of skill in poker tournaments?

Despite we he posted on Twitter today, it looks like he's clearly figured out something about tournament poker others have yet to catch up to.

The numbers:

  • Wins: 7
  • Top 3 Finishes: 10
  • Top 10 Finishes: 18
  • 7-Figure Cashes: 4
  • 6-Figure Cashes: 15
  • Cashes for over $3m: 3

Pulling back for the overheard view here are all of Holz's results since August 2015:

Date Venue Buyin / Tourney Position Prize
22.08.2015 EPT Barcelona € 48,500 + 1,500 - Super High Roller 11 $112,663
28.08.2015 EPT Barcelona € 10,000 + 300 High Roller 24 $36,590
02.09.2015 IPC Wien € 700 + 70 High Roller 1 $15,433
16.10.2015 WSOPE Berlin € 1,100 Turbo 51 $2,310
21.10.2015 WSOPE Berlin € 25,600 High Roller 6 $109,613
27.10.2015 EPT Malta € 2,000 + 200 2 $71,627
07.11.2015 APPT Macau HK$ 240,000 + 10,000 High Roller 7 $114,691
12.12.2015 EPT Prag € 2,000 + 200 22 $6,400
14.12.2015 WPT Las Vegas $ 10,000 + 400 Main Event 30 $31,611
18.12.2015 WPT Las Vegas $ 100,000 WPT Alpha8 1 $1,589,219
03.01.2016 WPT Philippines $ 196,000 + 4,000 Triton Super High Roller 1 $3,463,500
08.01.2016 PCA Bahamas $ 5,300 Main Event 18 $32,360
14.01.2016 PCA Bahamas $ 2,200 Turbo 4 $19,700
24.01.2016 Aussie Millions A$ 98,000 + 2,000 Challenge 6 $196,901
02.03.2016 Aussie Millions $ 1,100 Bounty Turbo 13 $1,130
19.04.2016 WPT Seminole $ 25,500 High Roller 13 $58,750
26.04.2016 EPT Monte Carlo € 10,000 + 300 High Roller 4 $190,123
29.04.2016 EPT Monte Carlo € 1,000 + 75 Hyper Turbo 21 $2,199
01.05.2016 EPT Monte Carlo € 49,000 + 1,000 Super High Roller 5 $310,892
03.05.2016 EPT Monte Carlo € 5,000 + 200 Hyper Turbo 7 $17,743
05.05.2016 EPT Monte Carlo € 2,000 + 200 25 $4,918
27.05.2016 Aria Casino $ 50,000 High Roller 7 $122,400
29.05.2016 Aria Casino $ 300,000 Highroller Bowl 2 $3,500,000
03.06.2016 Aria Casino $ 48,000 + 2,000 Highroller 1 $637,392
08.06.2016 WSOP $ 1,500 6-Handed 18 $17,380
10.06.2016 Aria Casino $ 24,000 + 1,000 Highroller 1 $393,120
14.06.2016 WSOP $ 3,000 6-Handed 47 $8,716
17.06.2016 Aria Casino $ 24,000 + 1,000 Highroller 1 $276,012
05.07.2016 WSOP $ 5,000 39 $15,823
07.07.2016 Aria Casino $ 48,000 + 2,000 Highroller 3 $407,310
08.07.2016 WSOP $ 111,111 High Roller for One Drop 1 $4,981,775
      Sum $16,748,301

Comparable runs over the past couple of years include Dan Colman's exceptional run in 2014/2015, Ole Schemion in 2013/2014 and Erik Seidel in the first part of 2011, but it's difficult to find - let alone imagine - a more sustained, profitable stretch with more consistent results than Holz's.

When Fedor Folds, He Still Has Outs

At just 23 Holz now sits #1 on Germany's all-time money list with $18,495,174 in live earnings.

Fedor Holz IMG 4942
Bow tie tied itself.

That's $7 million more than his next closest competitor - Schemion. He's also earned more than a man who won the Main Event (Pius Heinz) and such German poker royalty as Philipp Grussiem, Tobias Reinkemeier and Fabian Quoss.

It's also good to remember this doesn't even include his online winnings as CrownUpGuy, which include a win in the 2014 WCOOP Main Event for $1.3m.

His side bet/staking profit might be even more substantial. Oh ... and he's also the leading scorer of all 72 players in the Global Poker League.

Add it all up and what you have is closer to a poker diety than a kid - albeit a kid now contemplating semi-retirement.

In tribute to one of the most sensational years in poker ever, and because he clearly doesn't need money, we couldn't think of a better birthday present than to immortalize him in similar fashion to the pregenitor of the greatest Internet meme ever.

Happy Birthday to the King! Contribute your own in the comments!

Fedor Holz Facts

If Fedor Holz calls with a gutshot, the gutshot calls him back the next morning.

Fedor Holz doesn’t pay you off. He just lends the pot some chips.

Fedor Holz doesn’t draw to the nuts. The nuts draw to him.

Fedor Holz isn’t a 4 to 1 underdog with kings vs aces. He’s flipping.

Fedor Holz has played top pair, top kicker in Blackjack and in Baccarat – and won both times!

Fedor Holz doesn’t make deals at the final table. He puts players out of their misery with cash compensation for their relatives.

For Fedor Holz, the rule of two and four is the rule of always and every time.

Fedor Holz doesn’t work miracles. Miiracles apply to work for him.

Fedor Holz doesn’t go to showdown. The showdown picks him up and buys him a drink before dinner.

Fedor Holz once went to showdown with third pair against the nut flush and said “I win." The flush agreed.

When Fedor Holz registers for the main event, the WSOP asks “who will be the November Eight?”

On July 11 they renamed it “The Big One for One Guy.”

When Fedor Holz folds pre-flop, he still has 12 outs on the river.

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