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40 Events, $4m GTD in Sept. Super XL Series on 888poker

Nine days. 40 events. At least $4 million in pay-outs. Some of the best poker players in the world.

888poker’s largest tournament series is back from Sept 17-25 and it will be its biggest series yet.

This will be the sixth edition of the 888poker Super XL Series and for the first time the main event has a $1.5m guaranteed prize pool.

Something for Every Style

40 events with buy-ins from $5 for the Mini Turbo Snap event to $2,100 for the High Roller event -- that’s the range you’re looking at.

the whale

Most of the events will be available in three versions – regular, mini, and turbo – so there’s something for every playing style and bankroll size.

Does the name “Crazy 8s” sound familiar? There’ll also be a tournament in the series that follows the concept and structure of WSOP Event # 54.

That was called the $888 Crazy Eights 8-handed No Limit Hold’em event and it drew one of the largest player fields of the summer – 6,761 players. It was sensationally won by a nail studio owner from Ohio.

For the Super XL Series the “Crazy 8” will come in two versions - an $8.80 and an $88 buy-in – and will be the opener of the series. Further highlights:

  • $250k Guaranteed “Whale”
  • $75k Guaranteed 6-Max
  • $200k Guaranteed Mega Deep

There will also be several tournaments with starting times that suit American players more than Europeans. Look for the Americas Events. Check below for the complete schedule.

Nitsche, Moorman Ready to Go

Because of the steadily growing success of the series 888poker will host its flagship series three times within a year for the first time. XL series IV ran in January and XL Series V took place in May.

dominik nitsche 2

In Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche 888poker now has two of the most renowned poker players of the world in their pro team and both were fast to respond to the good news.

Nitsche, who is German but now based in Edinburgh, has fond memories of the last XL series as he won the Mini Main Event for over $36k.

"888 did a great job of listening to the players," he says. "There is clearly a lot of demand for more mid-to-high stakes tournament series on the Internet, especially during times that are a bit quiet for live poker like last May.

"I'm sure this XL Series will be the best yet and I can't wait to make a deep run in a big event and possibly stream it on Twitch."

"I am very excited to be playing every event but if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the $2,100 High Roller followed by the Main Event. I just think it's a great series scheduled at the perfect time. A lot of people will be at home and will have a chance to compete for big prizes. The satellite system is also great as it gives a lot of lower stakes players a chance at big money."

"I can't wait to play the upcoming 888poker Super XL Series," adds Moorman. "There is a great selection of tournaments every day with great structures and a wide variety of tournament types to keep it fresh."

Satellites are already running everyday on 888poker and you can not only qualify for the main event but also for the opening events.

Check the lobby for more satellites and register. The Mini Opening event already has over 330 players.

888 XL Series VI - Full Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-in
Sept 176 PM#1 - $100k Crazy 8 Kick-off$88
Sept 176 PM#2 - $10k Mini Crazy 8 Kick-off$8.80
Sept 178 PM#3 - $10k Turbo Kick-off$55
Sept 184.30 PM#4 - $200k Mega Deep$215
Sept 185 PM#5 - $300k Opening Event$160
Sept 185 PM#6 - $50k Mini Opening Event$12
Sept 186 PM#7 - $250k Whale$600
Sept 188 PM#8 - $30k Turbo Opening Event$55
Sept 189 PM#9 - $10k Super Turbo Opening Event$75
Sept 196 PM#10 - $15k Omaha$109
Sept 196 PM#11 - $3k Mini Omaha$12
Sept 197 PM#12 - $15k Turbo Snap Event$55
Sept 197 PM#13 - $5k Mini Turbo Snap Event$5
Sept 198 PM#14 - $3k Super Turbo Snap Event$30
Sept 206 PM#15 - $500k High Roller Event$2100
Sept 206 PM#16 - $150k Mini High Roller Event$215
Sept 208 PM#17 – $60k Turbo High Roller Event$160
Sept 216 PM#18 – $50k 8-max NLHE$109
Sept 216 PM#19 - $10k Mini 8-max NLHE$12
Sept 218 PM#20 - $5k Turbo 8-max NLHE$30
Sept 2111 PM#21 - $10k Americas Event$160
Sept 2111 PM#22 - $2k Mini Americas Event$12
Sept 221 AM#23 - $5k Turbo America Event$55
Sept 225 PM#24 - $50k R+A Event$55
Sept 225 PM#25 - $10k Mini R+A Event$5
Sept 226 PM#26 - $100k Quarterback$215
Sept 226 PM#27 - $30k Mini Quarterback$44
Sept 228 PM#28 – Turbo Quarterback$109
Sept 236 PM#29 - $30k Knockout$150
Sept 236 PM#30 - $10k Mini Knockout$35
Sept 238 PM#31 - $10k Turbo Knockout$75
Sept 246 PM#32 - $75k 6-max$160
Sept 246 PM#33 - $15k Mini 6-max$30
Sept 248 PM#34 - $10k Turbo 6-max$55
Sept 254.30 PM#35 - $200k Mega Deep$215
Sept 256 PM#36 - $1.5 million Main Event$1050
Sept 256PM6 PM#37 - $150k Mini Main Event$160
Sept 256.30 PM#38 - $15k Micro Main Event$5
Sept 25 8 PM8 PM#39 - $30k Turbo Main Event$109
Sept 259 PM#40 - $15k Super Turbo Main Event$75

If you don’t have an account at 888poker yet head to our review page and register. It only takes a few minutes and you can get up to an $888 bonus!

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