3 Way Bet

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1X2 3-way bet Sports Betting

The 3 way bet is probably the most common of all betting options and you will see it featured at most good sportsbooks. A step up from the 2 way bet which we also breakdown, the 3 way bet is also often referred to as a three way or 1 x 2 bet. Popular with both novice and pro sports bettors, this betting type is especially enjoyed in 3 way betting soccer, and can be found in sports where a result could include win, lose or draw options.

In this quick and easy guide to 3-way sports betting, we’ll breakdown how this fun and simple bet actually works and how you can use it right away with very little to no experience needed.

3 Way Bet Quick-Facts

  • Especially popular betting option in football.
  • This bet features three possible outcomes.
  • Usually feature great odds.
  • Presents a good winning chance.
  • Great all-round betting strategy
  • Good for novices or pros.

3 Way Bet Breakdown

The 3 way bet (often listed as three way) is a step up from the slightly simpler 2 way bet. While you will still be able to enjoy the option of selecting one result from two separate and distinct bets, you’ll also be able to expand that by being able to select a third option.

This bet is therefore often simplified at most sports books as the 1 X 2 bet, where:

Home stadium atmosphere in St-Etienne
  • 1 = Home win
  • X = A draw result (tie)
  • 2 = Away win

It is also worth noting at this stage that the 3 way betting calculator of (1) Home (x) draw or (2) Away doesn’t necessarily always mean that one team is playing on home ground and the other is visiting. You’ll often find that matches or events will take place in a neutral location. However, for the sake of consistency, bookies will still use the 1 X 2 designation but you’ll need to be aware of which team gets the (1) and which team gets (2). The draw option will always stay the same.

With the three-way bet, you will always have a one in three chance of winning your bet. While this chance percentage is a reduction from the fifty-fifty chance that the two-way bet offers, it’s still yields a 35% shot at winning. With the slightly higher risk comes higher profit potential, making this a more attractive option for many sports bettors.

Where Could You Use 3 Way Bets?

You’ll find 3 way betting options predominantly in football or soccer, depending on which region you happen to be betting in. In fact, football is the sport that made this one of the most popular betting options available. You may also find the 1 X 2 betting system in other sports where a win, draw or defeat result could apply.

Points to Consider

While the 3 way bet is simple enough to understand and implement, allowing even absolute beginners to use it right away with confidence, there are one or two points worth considering that may surprise you.

The 1 X 2 bet is one of the most popular betting options in soccer but it will only apply to the standard match time. In other words, any time over the allotted time such as injury or penalty shootouts don’t count. This lends the 3 way betting system incredibly well to knockout stages in tournaments, where knowing how to use a good 1 x 2 betting strategy pays off in the elimination rounds.

What About the Draw Result?

While the two-way bet is characterised by two absolute options – win or lose, the three-way bet has the added advantage of betting on a draw result. You’ll often find that sports betting providers will give higher odds for the draw (X) result. This is made in an attempt to draw more bettors into going for the riskiest of all the 3 way bet options, since a draw is statistically less likely.

Brazil vs Mexico at World Cup

That said, betting on the draw can be a great addition to your 3 way betting strategy. Naturally, it all depends on the game in question. If you’re betting on a match between two teams of equal strengths and weaknesses, a draw result is far more likely.

In situations where one team is stronger than the other, picking either a (1) or (2) option would work best. Another situation where betting on a draw would be ideal is in any tournament scenario, where teams are more concerned with points within a division, than a win on the day.

3 Way Bets – Main Advantages

One of the most notable advantages of picking the three way betting option is that it yields a relatively high winning percentage. By its very nature, you get three separate chances to win, which translates into a 33.3% chance of winning your bet. Like its 2 way bet cousin, the 3 way bet is easy to understand and to implement. That, along with its flexibility, makes it a great all-rounder for both beginners and pro-level sports bettors.

3 Way Bet FAQ

  • Can I choose the 3-way bet from my mobile?

    Yes, you can. Our recommended sports betting providers offer excellent mobile betting platforms which feature dozens of great betting options, including the 3 way betting type.
  • Can I choose more than one option on a 3-way bet on the same game?

    Yes, you can. However, you will need to have more than one sports betting account in order to choose more than one outcome for the same game. This is where holding accounts at multiple sports betting providers pays off.
  • Do all sports betting providers feature 3-way bets?

    Yes. Top online sports betting providers feature the 1 X 2 bet as a standard betting option, especially in football (soccer).

Final Thoughts: 3 Way Bet – Great All-rounder

If you are looking for a solid all-rounder that gives you three simple choices in one bet, the 3 way bet is ideal. The 3 way betting strategy gives you a minimum 33.3% chance of winning your bet, which can be increased by picking the alternative options (1 X 2) at another sports betting provider. The 3 way bet is simple and easy to understand, and has been the favourite betting option for novices and pros alike for many years. Don’t forget, many of our top sports betting providers also offer great sports betting bonus opportunities that incorporate the 3 way bet.