2019 WSOP Results | Hossein Ensan Wins WSOP Main Event

The 2019 WSOP was the 50th anniversary of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and, fittingly, there was a dazzling array of bracelet events on the schedule.

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By the time the Main Event champion was crowned on July 16, 90 events had been played - an all-time record. And who is that Main Event champion? 55-year-old Iranian/German Hossein Ensan, who became the oldest player to win the Main Event in 20 years. Ensan defeated Italian pro Dario Sammartino heads-up to collect a dazzling $10 million first-place prize - part of the proceeds of the second-biggest WSOP Main Event of all time.

Among the other events on the Anniversary WSOP schedule that drew huge crowds and paid out life-changing amounts to dozens of players:

  • $500 buy-in “The Big 50” No-Limit Hold'em event with $5 million Guaranteed
  • $50,000 buy-in Anniversary Special Tournament
  • $1,000 Mini Main Event
  • $400 WSOP Colossus (lowest buy-in ever)
  • $10,000 Short Deck Holdem Event

Also played out were recurring WSOP favorites including the $1,500 Millionaire Maker, the $1,000 Seniors Championship$1,000 Ladies Championship and $50,000 Poker Players Championship. Check our updated WSOP 2019 results below with official winners, final tables and notable cashes.

$10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event Championship (Event #73)

  • Entrants: 8,569
  • Prize Pool: $80,548,600
  • Winner: Hossein Ensan ($10,000,000)
  • Runner-Up: Dario Sammartino ($6,000,000)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 55-year-old Hossein Ensanwho became the 2nd German player to win the Main Event (Pius Heinz in 2011 was the first).

  • Ensan is the 3rd Iranian-born player (Mansour MatloubiHamid Dastilmachi) to win the Main Event
  • Ensan was the chip leader entering the final table and nearly went wire-to-wire, only losing the chip lead briefly three-handed and heads-up
  • Ensan is the oldest player to win the WSOP Main Event in 20 years (since Noel Furlong at age 61)
  • Heads-up play lasted 101 hands and took a little more than four hours
  • All of the final three were from outside of the US for the first time since 2014
  • An earthquake 150 miles away in California caused play to be paused briefly on Day 1c
  • Ensan won the Main Event at EPT Prague in 2015

Quote: "This is the best feeling in my life. Unbelievable! I am so happy I’m here with the bracelet in hand. What can I say?"

WSOP 2019 Main Event Final Table Results

1. Hossein Ensan$10,000,000
2. Dario Sammartino$6,000,000
3. Alex Livingston$4,000,000
4. Garry Gates$3,000,000
5. Kevin Maahs$2,200,000
6. Zhen Cai$1,850,000
7. Nick Marchington$1,525,000
8. Timothy Su$1,250,000
9. Milos Skrbic$1,000,000

Event #90 - $50,000 Final Fifty

  • Entrants: 123
  • Prize Pool: $5,904,000
  • Winner: Danny Tang ($1,608,406)
  • Runner-Up: Sam Soverel ($994,072)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Danny Tanga 26-year-old poker pro from Hong Kong and the UK who lives in Macau.

  • Tang has dual Hong Kong and United Kingdom citizenship
  • Tang has over $4.4 million in career live tournament earnings and 15 previous WSOP cashes 
  • This is only the 2nd-ever WSOP bracelet for a player from Hong Kong (Anson Tsang won at 2018 WSOPE)
  • The Final Fifty was a late addition to the 2019 WSOP Schedule

Quote: "It means absolutely everything. Being one of the ambassadors for Hong Kong and Asia, and to just win the first bracelet in Las Vegas in a No-Limit Hold'em event. It's just unreal. Words can't describe it ... Playing poker obviously is my passion, and financially has helped me where I'm at right now. I want to go down in the history books. I just want to be remembered."

WSOP 2019 Event #90 Final Table Results

1. Danny Tang$1,608,406
2. Sam Soverel$994,072
3. Michael Addamo$697,375
4. Brandon Adams$500,282
5. Adrian Mateos$367,186
6. Keith Tilston$275,874
7. Ali Imsirovic$212,292
8. Seth Davies$167,420
9. Elior Sion$135,395

Event #89 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 608
  • Prize Pool: $2,827,200
  • Winner: Carl Shaw ($606,562)
  • Runner-Up: Tony Dunst ($374,886)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Carl Shawa poker pro from the UK.

  • This was Shaw’s first WSOP final table appearance in only his second-ever event at the WSOP in Las Vegas
  • Shaw had just finished in 101st in the 2019 WSOP Main Event for $59,295
  • Phil Hellmuth was vying for his 16th WSOP bracelet at the final table but was knocked out by eventual runner-up Tony Dunst

Quote: "I was a little bit disappointed to be honest. Obviously as everyone would be, running that deep in the main. It just made me more hungry, more hungry to be out here, entering more tournaments -- I’m gonna be back for more bracelets."

WSOP 2019 Event #89 Final Table Results

1. Carl Shaw$606,562
2. Tony Dunst$374,886
3. Luke Graham$259,533
4. Jordan Cristos$182,575
5. Lars Kamphues$130,544
6. Phil Hellmuth$94,899
7. Rami Mornel$70,156
8. Caufman Talley$52,760
9. Kevin Eyster$40,374

Event #88 - $500 WSOP.com ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Summer Saver

  • Entrants: 1,859
  • Prize Pool: $836,550
  • Winner: Taylor "Galactar" Paur ($149,240)
  • Runner-Up: Francois "4everrekt" Evard ($91,267)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Taylor Paura 30-year-old poker pro from San Clemente, California.

  • Paur won his first WSOP bracelet back in 2013 in a $1,000 No Limit Hold'em event
  • Paur has also won the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars main event and has over $4.7 million in live earnings
  • This was Paur's 8th WSOP final table and 53rd WSOP cash

WSOP 2019 Event #88 Final Table Results

1. Taylor Paur$149,241
2. Francois Evard$91,268
3. Satish Surapaneni$65,251
4. Brock Parker$47,181
5. Jason James$34,550
6. David Lieberman$25,598
7. Joe Hanrahan$19,241
8. Timothy Rutherford$14,556
9. Brian Mancilla$11,210

Event #87 - $3,000 HORSE

  • Entrants: 301
  • Prize Pool: $812,700
  • Winner: Denis Strebkov ($206,173)
  • Runner-Up: Paul Tedeschi ($127,419)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Denis Strebkov,a 29-year-old poker pro from Moscow, Russia.

  • A top-rated online pro Strebkov has been coming to the WSOP since 2014
  • Strebkov finished fourth in Event #65, $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, two weeks ago
  • Last year Strebkov won an unprecedented five titles in the online world championships

Quote: “When it was six-handed, we had six big bets each. We had really shallow stacks and the guys all played so good. Really tough players. I just got lucky – really lucky."

WSOP 2019 Event #87 Final Table Results

1. Denis Strebkov$62,248
2. Paul Tedeschi$38,447
3. Nick Guagenti$26,642
4. Brian Hastings$18,758
5. Andrey Zaichenko$13,421
6. Konstantin Puchkov$9,761
7. Jim Collopy$7,219
8. Paul Volpe$5,430

Event #86 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship

  • Entrants: 272
  • Prize Pool: $2,556,800
  • Winner: Anuj Agarwal ($630,747)
  • Runner-Up: Kahle Burns ($389,832)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Anuj Agarwala 35-year-old native of Brooklyn, New York, now living in Los Angeles.

  • Agarwal has just finished a deep run in the Main Event where he finished 123rd and cashed for $59,295
  • The winner's payout boosted Agarwal's career WSOP earnings to $734,465; he has 12 total WSOP cashes
  • Fellow final-tablist Gal Yifrach is a friend of Agarwal's; he finished 3rd

Quote: “It hasn't hit me but I know objectively how bad I wanted this, just to build my confidence in the future. It feels good to know that I'm maybe finally knowing what I'm doing in tournaments ... It feels great to do well back-to-back in $10k events. I had a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth from the Main. I made a small mistake, but overall I felt like I played really well for the six days, and I wanted to continue as I could feel objectively I was making good decisions."

WSOP 2019 Event #86 Final Table Results

1. Anuj Agarwal$630,747
2. Kahle Burns$389,832
3. Gal Yifrach$257,533
4. Leonard Maue$174,252
5. Dong Chen$120,828
6. Benjamin Heath$85,915
7. Eric Kurtzman$62,684
8. Markus Gonsalves$62,684
9. Stefan Huber$46,962

Event #85 - $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 835
  • Prize Pool: $2,254,500
  • Winner: Alan Sternberg ($448,392)
  • Runner-Up: Evangelos Kokkalis ($227,087)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Alan Sternberga 33-year-old poker pro from New York.

  • This is Sternberg's first live PLO victory, he says he prefers No-Limit Hold'em
  • Sternberg's largest cash came back in 2011 when he won the $10,000 WPT Shooting Star Championship for over $1m
  • The final table played out with waves of noise coming from the playdown of the final table of the Main Event

Quote: "Coming into today, my goal was to at least make top four and then I got hit with the deck of cards. I made the best hand a lot so that makes it pretty easy ... This by far feels the best, not even close. I've won a WPT title which is kind of similar but this feels way better right now."

WSOP 2019 Event #85 Final Table Results

1. Alan Sternberg$448,392
2. Evangelos Kokkalis$277,087
3. John Richards$187,670
4. Millard Hale$129,313
5. Ka Lau$90,674
6. Joseph Cheong$64,722
7. Joao Vieira$47,043
8. Michael Benko$47,043
9. Michael Kuney$34,830

Event #84 - $1,500 No Limit Holdem - The Closer

  • Entrants: 2,800
  • Prize Pool: $3,780,000
  • Winner: Abhinav Iyer ($565,346)
  • Runner-Up: Sammy Lafleur ($349,417)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Abhinav Iyera 25-year-old poker pro from Mumbai, India.

  • This is the fourth overall WSOP bracelet for players from India
  • A very vocal rail was there to support Iyer including many of his fellow pros from India
  • Despite the giant 2,800-entry field the turbo-like structure allowed it to play out in just two days.

Quote: "It is a booming market. Now more and more people are getting into poker as well, including [online] poker sites. I hope this can enhance the growth of the World Series [in India]. Like now, Indians are turning out more and more, every passing year. Hopefully this brings a lot of people out and we get more results."

WSOP 2019 Event #84 Final Table Results

1. Abhinav Iyer$565,346
2. Sammy Lafleur$349,417
3. Sergio Martiaguilar$256,298
4. Carlos Chang$189,584
5. Patrick Eskandar$144,860
6. Adam Johnson$106,418
7. Shaun Deeb$80,766
8. Steve Yea$61,834
9. Jason Reels$47,758

Event #83 - $100,000 No Limit Holdem High Roller

  • Entrants: 99
  • Prize Pool: $9,603,000
  • Winner: Keith Tilston ($2,792,406)
  • Runner-Up: Daniel Negreanu ($1,725,838)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Keith Tilstona veteran poker pro who now plays predominantly high roller tournaments and cash games.

  • Tilston was the only player at the final table not to have a WSOP bracelet before; the final six players had 15 bracelets between them
  • This was the second runner-up finish for Daniel Negreanu at the 2019 WSOP (and record 10th overall)
  • Negreanu came into the final table as the short stack and doubled up 5 times

Quote: "It feels great to win one against this type of field. I've been running pretty well for the past year and things have just been going my way. I've been playing a bit more, usually see how I do to start the year and go from there. It was kind of surreal to be playing heads-up against Daniel. Any other time I would be rooting for him. Obviously, everyone here was in his corner"

WSOP 2019 Event #83 Final Table Results

1. Keith Tilston$2,792,406
2. Daniel Negreanu$1,725,838
3. Nick Schulman$1,187,802
4. Igor Kurganov$840,183
5. Brandon Adams$611,258
6. Dominik Nitsche$457,772
7. Sergi Reixach$353,202
8. Christoph Vogelsang$281,025
9. James Chen$230,801

Event #82 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack

  • Entrants: 2,589
  • Prize Pool: $3,495,150
  • Winner: Tom Koral ($530,164)
  • Runner-Up: Freek Scholten ($327,563)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Tom Korala 35-year-old poker pro from Skokie, Illinois.

  • The $530,164 score was Koral's largest at the WSOP and boosted his lifetime WSOP earnings to $1,674,317
  • Koral spends most of him time playing high-stakes mixed games in Chicago-area casinos
  • Koral's poker scores dates back to 2005 but it wasn't until 2017 when he won his first bracelet in a $1,500 Stud event

Quote: "It means a lot to me specifically because it's Hold'em. I think a lot of people look at me as mixed games primarily, so this was kind of my way of showing I could still play Hold'em. It feels great, it feels incredible, and it's sure gonna take a day or two to settle in."

WSOP 2019 Event #82 Final Table Results

1. Tom Koral$530,164
2. Freek Scholten$327,563
3. Barry Shulman$239,187
4. Philip Scaletta$176,219
5. Adam Hendrix$131,001
6. Darren Rabinowitz$98,274
7. Kunal Punjwani$74,401
8. Kalyan Cheekuri$56,850
9. Pablo Fernandez Campo$43,847

Event #81 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bracelet Winners Only

  • Entrants: 185
  • Prize Pool: $277,500
  • Winner: Shankar Pillai ($71,580)
  • Runner-Up: Michael Gagliano ($44,232)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Shankar Pillaia 34-year-old poker pro from New York.

  • This special event was open only to players who had previously won a bracelet at the WSOP
  • While the payout was modest the field was somewhat tougher than usual as every player had a WSOP win under their belts
  • This is Pillai's first bracelet since 2007 when he won the $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em event for $527,829

Quote: "It feels good. A little special, because everyone had one already ... I'll be home a lot. I have a 16-month-old son so I don't travel that much anymore. I'll play the tournaments nearby"

WSOP 2019 Event #81 Final Table Results

1. Shankar Pillai$71,580
2. Michael Gagliano$44,232
3. Tommy Nguyen$31,176
4. Brett Apter$22,349
5. Kevin Gerhart$16,299
6. Andreas Klatt$12,097
7. Thom Werthmann$9,140
8. Scott Bohlman$7,032
9. Haixia Zhang$5,512

Event #80 - $1,500 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Entrants: 1,250
  • Prize Pool: $1,687,500
  • Winner: Jerry Odeen ($304,793)
  • Runner-Up: Peter Linton ($188,368)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Jerry Odeena 24-year-old poker pro from Granna, Sweden.

  • Odeen was playing the last of six events he played this summer and had to catch a plane home at 9:30 pm after his win
  • Odeen now has nine career WSOP cashes and $379,202 in career WSOP tournament winnings
  • Odeen previously finished fourth in a No-Limit 6-Max event at the WSOP Europe in 2017

Quote: “This is something I always wanted since I started playing poker. I started watching poker when I was like 15 years old now I’m here like nine, ten years later. I got the bracelet, it feels pretty surreal actually ... I always said I’m not going to quit before I get a bracelet. I had one close call before, I got fourth. It’s achievable but obviously need a lot of luck. I don’t think I lost a single all in. It’s tough to lose then if you don’t lose all ins.”

WSOP 2019 Event #80 Final Table Results

1. Jerry Odeen$304,793
2. Peter Linton$188,368
3. Adam Demersseman$135,093
4. Lucas Greenwood$98,027
5. Ayaz Mahmood$71,979
6. Eddie Blumenthal$53,490
7. Jeremy Kottler$40,236
8. Gary Bolden$30,640
9. Rania Nasreddine$23,625

Event #79 - $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 671
  • Prize Pool: $1,811,700
  • Winner: Ivan Deyra ($380,090)
  • Runner-Up: David Gonzalez ($234,882)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Ivan Deyraa poker player from France whose first career cash came in 2014.

  • This is the third bracelet for a player from France this summer 
  • The French rail was again very loud and enthusiastic as they cheered Deyra on to victory
  • The win puts Deyra over $1 million in career tournament winnings - a notable milestone for him

Quote: ''I'm really proud to cross the one million, and that was a goal for me, but the main goal was winning a bracelet. When I was young, I watched the WSOP on tv with stars in my eyes, and now to be here and to win it, it's amazing. It's like a dream!"

WSOP 2019 Event #79 Final Table Results

1. Ivan Deyra$380,090
2. David Gonzalez$234,882
3. Guillaume Nolet$162,575
4. Patrick Leonard$114,347
5. David Dibernardi$81,749
6. David Weinstein$59,421
7. Andras Nemeth$43,925
8. Dennis Brand$33,032
9. Diego Zeiter$25,278

Event #78 - $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Bounty

  • Entrants: 1,130
  • Prize Pool: $1,525,500
  • Winner: Maximilian Klostermeier ($177,823)
  • Runner-Up: David Callaghan ($109,844)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Maximilian Klostermeiera burgeoning poker pro from Denmark playing at his first WSOP.

  • Klostermeier says he's only been playing professional poker for about a year and played PLO only about 20 times 
  • This was Klostermeier's first trip to the WSOP in Vegas and he played 4 events
  • The original schedule was for three days of play but a fourth day was added on for the final 7

Quote: "I have only played poker professionally for about a year, so to win a bracelet this soon is amazing. This is the only PLO game I have played. I have only played a couple of online tournaments, 25 at the most. PLO is not my main game, I play Hold’em."

WSOP 2019 Event #78 Final Table Results

1. Maximilian Klostermeier$177,823
2. David Callaghan$109,844
3. Bryce Yockey$77,893
4. Ryan Lenaghan$55,939
5. Jason Stockfish$40,691
6. Tim Seidensticker$29,987
7. Scott Sharpe$22,391
8. Heng Zhang$16,944
9. Joseph Liberta$12,996

Event #77 - $3,000 Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 193
  • Prize Pool: $521,100
  • Winner: Tu "Stephanie" Dao ($133,189)
  • Runner-Up: Alain Alinat ($82,312)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Stephanie Daoa 44-year-old native of Vietnam who now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  • Dao is the second woman to take down an open-field event at the 2019 WSOP
  • Dao also placed fourth in the $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship for $52,007
  • Dao says she considers Limit Holdem her specialty and she plays limit cash games in Ontario card rooms

Quote: “I'm very happy. My kids are watching. I'm making them proud... For about five years I didn't play any tournaments at all. I was giving up on it. Then I had a deep run at [an event in Canada]. It gave me motivation to play more tournaments. I'm very happy with the outcome this year.”

WSOP 2019 Event #77 Final Table Results

1. Tu "Stephanie" Dao$133,189
2. Alain Alinat$82,312
3. Ian O'Hara$55,749
4. Chad Eveslage$38,561
5. Jan Suchanek$27,251
6. Oleg Chebotarev$19,687
7. Alex Torry$14,545
8. Jeff Shulman$14,545
9. Joshua Griffith$10,996

Event #76 - $800 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 1,560
  • Prize Pool: $1,170,000
  • Winner: Shawn "bucky21" Buchanan ($223,119)
  • Runner-Up: David "Youngpitts" Baker ($137,241)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 37-year-old Shawn Buchanana long-time live and online poker pro from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Buchanan has had several near-misses at the WSOP over the years but finally won his first bracelet
  • Buchanan has career live earnings of $6,915,790 with $2,704,724 from the WSOP
  • Two-time bracelet winner David ‘Bakes’ Baker, who finished second, was at his third final table of the 2019 WSOP

WSOP 2019 Event #76 Final Table Results

1. Shawn Buchanan$223,119
2. David "Bakes" Baker$137,241
3. Hunter Gebron$96,993
4. Alexandre Moreira$69,381
5. Luigi Shehadeh$50,310
7. Barry Hutter$27,612
8. Lauren Roberts$20,826

Event #75 - $1,111 Little One for One Drop

  • Entrants: 6,248
  • Prize Pool: $5,623,200
  • Winner: James Anderson ($690,686)
  • Runner-Up: Fernando Karam ($426,543)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for James Andersona 33-year-old poker pro from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • This is Anderson's 15th career WSOP but by far his biggest score; his career WSOP earnings are now $830,970
  • Anderson took a long break from poker and only recently returned to full-time play
  • $111 of every buy-in went straight to the One Drop Foundation, an organization that helps provide fresh water to communities in need

Quote: "I just started playing again a couple of months ago so this one definitely feels good. I wanted to get away from the game for a little bit. I was grinding really hard and wanted to take a little break from it. I feel good now. My mind is a lot fresher now, I have a different perspective, and hopefully, it continues. It's a good start."

WSOP 2019 Event #75 Final Table Results

1. James Anderson$690,686
2. Fernando Pfeiffer$426,543
3. Marco Guibert$316,233
4. Liran Betito$236,151
5. Shalom Elharar$177,639
6. Nils Tolpingrud$134,608
7. Mark Strodl$102,757
8. Ying Fu$79,029
9. Robert Mather$61,238

Event #74 - $3,200 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em High Roller

  • Entrants: 593
  • Prize Pool: $1,802,720
  • Winner: Brandon "DrOctagon" Adams ($411,560.70)
  • Runner-Up: Nabil "TheBrownBear" Cardoso ($253,642)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Brandon Adamsa 40-year-old poker and daily fantasy sports pro.

  • The single-day event began at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday and the final table wasn't reached until 2:00 a.m.
  • Poker pro Calvin Anderson, a two-time bracelet winner, had the chip lead coming into the final table but busted in 4th
  • Norbert Szecsi, also a two-time bracelet winner, finished sixth

WSOP 2019 Event #74 Final Table Results

1. Brandon Adams$411,561
2. Nabil Mohamed Abdien$253,643
3. Vladimir Alexandrov$173,241
4. Calvin Anderson$120,422
5. Michael Vanier$85,449
6. Norbert Szecsi$61,653
7. Lior Orel$45,429

Event #72 - $10,000 Limit Holdem Championship

  • Entrants: 118
  • Prize Pool: $1,109,200
  • Winner: Juha Helppi ($306,622)
  • Runner-Up: Mike Lancaster ($189,505)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Finnish poker legend Juha Helppiwho has been playing at the WSOP since 2003.

  • Helppi has come close several times before at the WSOP including runner-up three times, 3rd once, 4th once and 5th once
  • Josh Arieh, who finished 2nd in the the $50k Player Championship, finished 6th
  • Helppi now has over $1 million in cashes during the WSOP

Quote: “Of course it feels great. I don’t feel that tired right now because it’s so exciting to play for a bracelet. I’ve been coming here since 2003. This means a lot to me to win a bracelet. It’s such a long journey. I felt like I could come back and I had good support from my rail and they gave me confidence. And this is my game, this is how I built my bankroll playing this game, limit heads up ... I've been close to winning a bracelet many times, that's why it was so exciting because it happened to me many times in the past. Finally getting that bracelet that I've been looking for, like for 16 years, it's amazing."

WSOP 2019 Event #72 Final Table Results

1. Juha Helppi$306,622
2. Mike Lancaster$189,505
3. Tommy Hang$133,718
4. Anthony Marsico$96,272
5. Kevin Song$70,750
6. Josh Arieh$53,095
7. Kyle Ray$40,709
8. Qinghai Pan$31,902
9. Robert Como$25,566

Event #71 - $500 SALUTE TO WARRIORS No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 1,723
  • Prize Pool: $723,660
  • Winner: Susan Faber ($121,161)
  • Runner-Up: Rob Stark ($74,785)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 71-year-old WSOP Circuit regular Susan Fabera native of Mint Hill, North Carolina.

  • This is the first open-field win by a female player this summer
  • This special event raised $43,075 for USO-funded projects throughout southern Nevada.
  • Faber's final opponent was retired Army officer, Rob Stark, one of the many servicemen honored by this event

Quote: "I am so excited and so thrilled to be a bracelet winner! This was definitely on my bucket list. I play the circuit events in Cherokee and I was planning on playing the Main Event this year but some of my family members talked me out of it, probably because of the money, but I'm sure glad they did because I wouldn't have played this event, and I wouldn't have won my first bracelet."

WSOP 2019 Event #71 Final Table Results

1. Susan Faber$121,161
2. Robin Stark$74,785
3. Dean Yoon$53,887
4. Christopher Canan$39,248
5. Taylor Carroll$28,897
6. Jordan Knackstedt$21,510
7. Jose Annaloro$16,190
8. Kulwant Singh$12,323
9. Taehyung Kim$9,486

Event #70 - $5,000 No Limit Holdem 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 815
  • Prize Pool: $3,789,750
  • Winner: Joao Vieira ($758,011)
  • Runner-Up: Joe Cada ($468,488)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 29-year-old poker pro Joao Vieiraa native of Funchal, Portugal.

  • Vieira now lives in London, England and plays online when not traveling to major live poker tournament series
  • Runner-up Joe Cada won the 2009 WSOP Main Event but has also won another 3 WSOP bracelets
  • This was only Vieira's second WSOP final table but one of thousands he's played live and online

Quote: “In Portugal we say that the finals are meant to be won. As soon as you get heads-up, it doesn't matter if it's Joe Cada, John Doe... it doesn't matter. At that point I'm just trying to compete, trying to do the best I can. I made a big hand right away, and as soon as I took the lead, I tried to close the deal.”

WSOP 2019 Event #70 Final Table Results

1. Joao Vieira$758,011
2. Joe Cada$468,488
3. Jamie O'Connor$317,956
4. Pierre Calamusa$219,468
5. Olivier Busquet$154,112
6. Barry Hutter$110,127
7. Timothy Cramer$80,109
8. Ankush Mandavia$80,109
9. Patrick Tardif$59,338

Event #69 - $1,000 Mini Main Event

  • Entrants: 5,521
  • Prize Pool: $4,968,900
  • Winner: Jeremy Saderne ($628,654)
  • Runner-Up: Lula Taylor ($388,284)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 27-year-old French poker player Jeremy Saderne, and the second for France this summer.

  • Seven different nationalities were represented in the final eight players - France, US, Argentina, China, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland
  • Runner-up Lula Taylor narrowly missed being the first female winner of an open-field event this year at WSOP
  • Saderne's rail actually started chanting "Lula, Lula!" over and over after they had celebrated to acknowledge her fun and aggressive play

Quote: "I feel very good, I cannot imagine winning a tournament with more than five thousand people, especially in this one when the tournament is very fast. You have to have good cards or a good setup and I just ran so good and had two times aces in the last hands. All of my friends were here. It was incredible. I’ve never seen that before. It was better than Marseilles Stadium, in the south of France. I just want to say thank you to all of my friends. They gave me a lot of power and energy. They were incredible."

WSOP 2019 Event #69 Final Table Results

1. Jeremy Saderne$628,654
2. Lula Taylor$388,284
3. Andres Korn$287,219
4. Yi Ma$214,047
5. Koji Takagi$160,715
6. Stefan Widmer$121,586
7. Philip Gildea$92,686
8. Ben Alloggio$71,199
9. James Stewart$55,118

Event #68 - $1,000 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em Championship

  • Entrants: 1,750
  • Prize Pool: $1,662,500
  • Winner: Nicholas "Illari" Baris ($303,738.75)
  • Runner-Up: Tara "bertperton" Cain ($187,530)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Nicholas "Illari" Baris, a poker profrom Utica, New York.

  • The event played out over 11.5 hours in total
  • This was the fifth WSOP cash and first WSOP final table for Nicholas Baris
  • The final table included online WSOP circuit ring winner Tara CainChris “Camdi” Ferguson and Dave “Youngpitts” Baker

WSOP 2019 Event #68 Final Table Results

1. Nicholas Baris$303,739
2. Tara Cain$187,530
3. William Harding$133,332
4. David "Bakes" Baker$96,093
5. Jason Lawhun$69,991
6. Jack Maskill$51,704
7. Chris Ferguson$38,736
8. Ryan Jones$29,260

Event #67 - $10,000 Stud Hi-Lo Championship

  • Entrants: 151
  • Prize Pool: $1,419,400
  • Winner: Robert Campbell ($385,763)
  • Runner-Up: Yueqi Zhu ($238,420)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Robert Campbelland his second this summer.

  • Campbell won Event #33: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw for $144,027 just over two weeks ago 
  • The win puts Campbell into the current lead for the 2019 Player of the Year Award
  • Runner-up Yueqi Zhu now has back-to-back runner-up finishes

Quote: "This summer, I had probably played less poker than I have ever played and I felt really, really excited to play. I was more excited, like really excited to come to Vegas. Much more than I have in the past ... (I ran) more than pure. Like whatever that next phase is after pure. It was like really sick, I was like holy f*****g shit man. He just got barbecued that poor man. It’s just outrageous. Even when I thought I lost I won. That’s how sick I ran.”

WSOP 2019 Event #67 Final Table Results

1. Robert Campbell$385,763
2. Yueqi Zhu$238,420
3. Mike Wattel$164,647
4. Mike Matusow$116,255
5. Ryan Hughes$83,971
6. Qinghai Pan$62,079
7. Andrey Zhigalov$46,999
8. Steven Wolansky$36,460
9. Larry Scott Bernstein$29,000

Event #66 - $1,500 Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 541
  • Prize Pool: $730,350
  • Winner: David 'ODB' Baker ($271,312)
  • Runner-Up: Brian Kim ($99,564)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for poker pro David 'OBD' Bakerand his first in seven years.

  • Long-time pro Baker won the WPT L.A. Poker Classic in March for just over $1 million
  • Baker's “ODB” nickname means “Original David Baker," to keep him from begin confused for fellow pro David “Bakes” Baker
  • Japan's Ruiko Mamiya finished 4th while Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson continued his strong WSOP with a 5th-place finish

Quote: "All my friends had more bracelets than me so I've been really wanting to get No. 2 for a long time and finally did. I'm thrilled. I think it's pretty obvious I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to the WSOP and what it means to me. I have six or seven bracelet bets, a few for more than others, so just to bring those home [was nice]. I live for the pressure and I wanted it. Now that I have those taken care of and I know I can't lose no matter what happens to all these other players out there that I have bets against, that's a relief. I'm freerolling those. Maybe I can get another and punish them a little more."

WSOP 2019 Event #66 Final Table Results

1. David "ODB" Baker$161,139
2. Brian Kim$99,564
3. Dominzo Love$68,353
4. Ruiko Mamiya$47,747
5. Chris Ferguson$33,948
6. Chicong Nguyen$24,574
7. Kenneth Donoghue$18,118
8. Danny Woolard$13,609
9. Greg Mueller$10,418

Event #65 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship

  • Entrants: 193
  • Prize Pool: $1,814,200
  • Winner: Nick Schulman ($463,670)
  • Runner-Up: Brian Hastings ($286,570)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for esteemed poker pro and poker commentator Nick Schulman but his first in seven years.

  • Schulman now has career WSOP earnings of $3,324,473 over 44 total cashes 
  • Schulman won this event directly after doing the poker live stream commentary for the $50k Poker Players Championship for PokerGO
  • Runner-up Brian Hastings was vying for his fourth career WSOP bracelet; 2005 WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem finished 3rd 

Quote: "The last seven years have seen a tremendous influx of new ideas and I've tried to kind of hang along with the game and here we are. I'm better but everybody's better ... I've watched a lot of poker. To win it right after commentating the $50K kind of makes sense. It's a great reminder: Watch these streams if you're trying to learn. Watch. Analyze. And play along. It's one of the best ways to get better outside of playing."

WSOP 2019 Event #65 Final Table Results

1. Nick Schulman$463,670
2. Brian Hastings$286,570
3. Joe Hachem$201,041
4. Denis Strebkov$143,700
5. Christopher Vitch$104,688
6. Corey Hochman$77,763
7. Michael McKenna$58,918
8. Bryce Yockey$45,551
9. Ryan Miller$35,950

Event #64 - $888 Crazy Eights No Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 10,185
  • Prize Pool: $8,139,852
  • Winner: Rick Alvarado ($888,888)
  • Runner-Up: Mark Radoja ($548,888)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Rick Alvaradoa 30-year-old poker pro from Ontario, California

  • Alvarado busted 6 times before going all the way on his 7th buy-in
  • Alvarado worked at In-and-Out Burger for 6 years off and on before making poker stick
  • Brazilian 888poker pro Vivian Saliba finished 4th

Quote: "I'm stoked. It's quite unbelievable. I'm thrilled. This is my biggest cash ... To be honest, I never really looked at the pay jumps too much. After I doubled up at the start of the day, I was just focused on that number one, going for the first place."

WSOP 2019 Event #64 Final Table Results

1. Rick Alvarado$888,888
2. Mark Radoja$548,888
3. Thomas Drivas$409,888
4. Vivian Saliba$308,888
5. Aleksandras Rusinovas$233,888
6. Patrick Clarke$177,888
7. Vlad Darie$136,888
8. Mario Hofler$105,888
9. Uselis Gediminas$82,130

Event #63 - $1,500 Omaha Mix

  • Entrants: 717
  • Prize Pool: $967,950
  • Winner: Anatolii Zyrin ($199,838)
  • Runner-Up: Yueqi Zhu ($123,466)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Anatolii Zyrinand online grinder from Russia who runs a popular poker live stream.

  • Zyrin lost a 4-1 chip lead heads-up to lose the WSOP bracelet in Event #17, $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout
  • Zyrin had never played limit Omaha in his life, played Big O only once and played Pot-limit Omaha hi-lo just a handful of times
  • Runner-up Yueqi Zhu was the defending champion in this event

Quote: "This is something unbelievable. On the first day I hit a one-outer for my life. I played poorly in the first two levels because I didn't know these situations as well as my opponents ... My mom thinks I'm a gambler. So maybe this win will change her mind. I'm not sure, but I hope. I would like to dedicate the victory to my parents."

WSOP 2019 Event #63 Final Table Results

1. Anatolii Zyrin$199,838
2. Yueqi Zhu$123,466
3. James Van Alstyne$84,106
4. Mesbah Guerfi$58,289
5. Aron Dermer$41,112
7. Alan Sternberg$21,582
8. Ivo Donev$16,075
9. John Evans$12,201

Event #62 - $10,000 Razz Championship

  • Entrants: 116
  • Prize Pool: $1,090,400
  • Winner: Scott Seiver ($301,421)
  • Runner-Up: Andrey Zhigalov ($186,293)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for Scott Seivera veteran poker pro from Colombus, Ohio, who has played the highest-stakes tournaments and cash game in the world for the past decade.

  • Seiver now has 47 career WSOP cashes and lifetime WSOP earnings of $4,927,272
  • Full Tilt Poker pariah Chris "Jesus" Ferguson finished 3rd while Daniel Negreanu finished 5th
  • 4th-place finisher Dan Zack increased his lead in the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year race with his fourth final table of the summer

Quote: "These limit games at the World Series are really the only time all year you get to play these tournaments for a real buy-in against good players, and it's just really fun to get to do. I think they're really fun, really interesting games. Also, a lot of it for me is effort. These are a lot of the games I love the most, so I feel like I'm giving my most focus. People like to pretend otherwise, but it really does matter in poker. When you're trying to bring your A-game no matter what, it really does help a lot."

WSOP 2019 Event #62 Final Table Results

1. Scott Seiver$301,421
2. Andrey Zhigalov$186,293
3. Chris Ferguson$131,194
4. Daniel Zack$94,305
5. Daniel Negreanu$69,223
6. Andre Akkari$51,911
7. David Bach$39,788
8. George Alexander$31,185
9. Marco Johnson$25,008

Event #61 - $400 Colossus No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 13,109
  • Prize Pool: $4,382,515
  • Winner: Sejin Park ($451,272)
  • Runner-Up: Giorgios Kapalas ($278,881)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Sejin Kima poker pro who mainly plays cash games in Macau.

  • This is the second WSOP bracelet of the summer for South Korea but first open-field bracelet
  • Jiyoung Kim of South Korea won the Ladies event earlier in the summer
  • Park gave credit to Kim, who was on his rail alongside another friend, saying he talked strategy during the break with them

Quote: "I actually had no idea I was the first. My friend [Jiyoung Kim] won the ladies event earlier this summer, but knowing I am the first in an open event makes me even happier. I didn't expect a lot from this tournament, with such a low buy-in I knew there would be a lot of entries."

WSOP 2019 Event #61 Final Table Results

1. Sejin Park$451,272
2. Giorgios Kapalas$278,881
3. Ryan Depaulo$208,643
4. Juan Lopez$157,106
5. Andrew Barber$119,072
6. Norson Saho$90,838
7. Patrick Miller$69,757
8. Maxsim Kalman$53,925
9. Diego Lima$41,965

Event #60 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

  • Entrants: 1,117
  • Prize Pool: $1,507,950
  • Winner: Anthony Zinno ($279,920)
  • Runner-Up: Rodney Burt ($172,932)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Anthony Zinnoa 30-year-old poker pro originally from Cranston, Rhode Island.

  • Zinno has already finished 2nd in Event #20 and third in Event #57 this summer
  • Zinno now has 51 career WSOP cashes and WSOP earnings of over $3.1 million
  • Zinno credited his off-the-table preparation - including a strict egg-whites-and-oatmeal breakfast routine and 8 hours of sleep on a good mattress - as essential to his summer success

Quote: "The first bracelet is the one that obviously is the life-changing one for any poker player. I wish I could say I feel the same way, but there is no way to feel that same bliss that the first one brings. But this one I am very proud of because I have been practicing specifically Omaha hi-lo for the past two years, so I was actually really excited to play this specific event going into the WSOP. So it's pretty cool when you work really hard on one particular game that you love and then it works."

WSOP 2019 Event #60 Final Table Results

1. Anthony Zinno$279,920
2. Rodney Burt$172,932
3. Thomas Schropfer$122,555
4. Jon Turner$87,967
5. Scott Abrams$63,961
6. Jordan Spurlin$47,118
7. Connor Drinan$35,173
8. Kyle Miaso$26,611
9. Erik Seidel$20,410

Event #59 - $600 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Championship

  • Entrants: 6,140
  • Prize Pool: $3,223,500
  • Winner: Joe Foresman ($397,903 + $10k WSOP Main Event Seat)
  • Runner-Up: Will Givens ($245,606)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Joe Foresmana 49-year-old graphic designer and musician who has been playing poker for 15 years.

  • This was Foresman's first-ever live tournament cash and only his 2nd-ever bracelet event
  • Foresman describes himself as "definitely an amateur" poker player
  • Foresman said he plans to use the prize money to buy a house, invest a little in his partner's business and give something to charity

Quote: "It was fun to play in. Once we got into the money, I was thrilled no matter what happened. I would've been happy cashing out $1,500, $2,000. When I got to the final table today, quite frankly, I said if I finished in fifth I don't care. I mean, it's still $100,000. This is still more than anything I could've ever imagined. Honest to God after playing three hands with Will (Givens), I was terrified to play him heads up. I couldn’t even fathom this. I would have been happy with second, I would have been happy with third, this is unreal."

WSOP 2019 Event #59 Final Table Results

1. Joe Foresman$397,903 + $10k WSOP Main Event Seat
2. Will Givens$245,606
3. Steffen Logen$181,953
4. Jeff Hakim$135,783
5. Gleb Kovtunov$102,077
6. Mrityunjay Jha$77,308
7. David Goodman$58,988
8. Jean-Francois Alexandre$45,348
9. Linda Huard$35,128

Event #58 - $50,000 Poker Players Championship

  • Entrants: 74
  • Prize Pool: $3,552,000
  • Winner: Phil Hui ($1,099,311)
  • Runner-Up: Josh Arieh ($679,246)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Phil Huiwho prepared for this event by playing $150 buy-in mixed game tournaments.

  • This was only the second time Hui played the $50k Players Championship
  • Hui gave huge credit to his girlfriend, poker pro Loni Harwood (who also has 2 WSOP bracelets), for helping him with his no-limit hold'em skills
  • Two poker legends in Phil Ivey and David Oppenheim finished 8th and 7th, respectively

Quote: "It has been my dream. I'd rather win this over the Main Event. When it was finally over, it just hit me. I still don't know if it's real or not. This is the one tournament that I wanted to play. Just to be lucky to play it... and to win it... it's incredible."

WSOP 2019 Event #58 Final Table Results

1. Phil Hui$1,099,311
2. Josh Arieh$679,246
3. John Esposito$466,407
4. Bryce Yockey$325,989
5. Shaun Deeb$232,058
6. Daniel Cates$168,305
7. David Oppenheim$124,410
8. Phil Ivey$124,410
9. Dario Sammartino$93,764

Event #57 - $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 976
  • Prize Pool: $878,400
  • Winner: Barak Wisbrod, Daniel Dayan, Ohad Geiger ($168,395)
  • Runner-Up: Jerod Smith, Matthew Moreno, Lawrence Chan ($104,025)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Israel's Barak WisbrodDaniel Dayan and Ohad Geigerwho are all in their early-mid 20s and playing their first WSOP.

  • The event was expected to take 4 days but finished a day early
  • The team all agreed Wisbrod would play the latter stages as "he is the best in our team for sure."
  • Anthony ZinnoKenny HallaertSteven Van Zadelhoff and Steve Sung also made the final table with their respective teams

Quote: "It’s amazing. It’s beyond amazing. We can’t even describe how important it is for us. Especially because we are tournament players,” Dayan said referring to himself and Wisbrod. "It's amazing, this year is our first year at the WSOP, I'm only 23, so it's a dream come true," remarked Wisbrod. "We are proud to represent Israel here."

WSOP 2019 Event #57 Final Table Results

1. Barak Wisbrod, Daniel Dayan, Ohad Geiger$168,395
2. Jerod Smith, Matthew Moreno, Lawrence Chan$104,025
3. Anthony Zinno, John Hinds$73,329
4. Timothy Jurkiewicz, Zach Gruneberg$52,390
5. Fabio Coppola, Richard Washinsky$37,944
6. Danny Wong, Steve Sung, Chahn Jung, Aaron Motoyama$27,864
7. Daniel Marder, Michael Marder, Paul Steinberg$20,750
8. Steven van Zadelhoff, Kenny Hallaert$15,674
9. Jie Xu, Shaotong Chang$12,011

Event #56 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo Bounty

  • Entrants: 1,867
  • Prize Pool: $2,520,450
  • Winner: Jonas Lauck ($260,335)
  • Runner-Up: Robert Bickley ($160,820)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Germany's Jonas Lauck, a 32-year-old live and online pro currently living in Austria.

  • The event played out over one long day, totalling 15.5 hours
  • Lauck, who plays online as "llJaYJaYll," won the 2016 WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars for over $1.5 million
  • Brazil's Fernando Viana finished third and both Lauck and Viana's rail sang songs loudly during the final table

Quote: It was a little bit surreal because there were so many all-ins and it goes so quick. It wasn't the biggest cash but the bracelet is a big achievement that I wanted to have. For me, it was a special win because I was once heads-up and I lost. I wanted to have this bracelet and it feels very good."

WSOP 2019 Event #56 Final Table Results

1. Jonas Lauck$260,335
2. Robert Bickley$160,820
3. Fernando Viana$116,426
4. Markus Gonsalves$85,141
5. Anil Jivani$62,901
6. Aaron Pinson$46,951
7. Arron Woodcock$35,412
8. Aaron Johnson$26,992
9. Edward Courage$20,793

Event #55 - $1,000 WSOP.com ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack

  • Entrants: 1,333
  • Prize Pool: $1,266,350
  • Winner: Jason "TheBigGift" Gooch ($241,492)
  • Runner-Up: Brian “Pure__Reason” Wood ($148,542)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Jason "TheBigGift" Gooch

  • The whole event played out in just under 12 hours
  • Gooch finished second in $600 PLO WSOP.com online bracelet event earlier this summer and cashes twice in live events
  • Gooch’s all-time WSOP tournament winnings are now $678,184
  • 4-time WSOP bracelet winner Max Pescatori finished 9th and high-stakes ace Dario Sammartinofinished 4th

WSOP 2019 Event #55 Final Table Results

1. Jason Gooch$241,492
2. Brian Wood$148,542
3. Anthony Augustino$104,980
4. Dario Sammartino$75,094
5. Timothy Wong$54,453
6. Ran Koller$40,143
7. Gianluca Speranza$29,885
8. Justin Liberto$22,541

Event #54 - $1,500 Razz

  • Entrants: 363
  • Prize Pool: $490,050
  • Winner: Kevin Gerhart ($119,054)
  • Runner-Up: Sergio Braga ($73,577)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 29-year-old poker pro Kevin Gerhart, from Brunswick, Ohio.

  • Gerhart won a WSOP Circuit ring last year; this win doubled his career WSOP earnings
  • Gerhart eliminated six players in total at the final table including the final five
  • The final table had a Brazilian, an Argentinian, an Australian, a Polish player and a Senegalese player plus 3 Americans

Quote: "First bracelet, first final table, first fully razz tournament – I’ve played a bunch of HORSE tournaments. I felt great the entire time. There were three other tough players at the final table and they got knocked out early, and I felt like it was my tournament to win or lose from that point. It feels amazing. My goal this summer was just to make a final table and the first final table you make, you win a bracelet. That’s unreal."

WSOP 2019 Event #54 Final Table Results

1. Kevin Gerhart$119,054
2. Sergio Braga$73,577
3. Joseph Hoffman$49,762
4. Andres Korn$34,352
5. Jean Said$24,216
6. Scott Clements$17,440
7. Robert Campbell$12,837
8. Grzegorz Wyraz$9,663
9. Christopher Kusha$7,441

Event #53 - $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack 8-Handed

  • Entrants: 3,759
  • Prize Pool: $2,676,408
  • Winner: Santiago Soriano ($371,203)
  • Runner-Up: Amir Lehavot ($229,410)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 31-year-old poker pro Santiago Soriano, who currently lives in the UK.

  • Soriano's lifetime WSOP winnings are now more than $427,000
  • Soriano plays both live and online and relocated from his native Barcelona to Manchester to play on major global online poker sites
  • Runner-up Amir Lehavot finished 3rd in the 2013 WSOP Main Event for $3.73 million

Quote: “I really feel strongly about my short-stack game. I've been short-stacked for years and people kind of make fun of me. I even said, 'It's no more Min-cash Dash.' I was playing for the win. I knew stuff might happen. People might get chips and I might get short. [But] I feel real confident in PLO, even short. … Everyone gets real impatient in PLO when they're short-stacked, and it causes them to make some crucial mistakes. People will justify it as coolers, but they're really getting the money in at twenty or thirty percent [to win]. There's a lot of spots you can avoid."

WSOP 2019 Event #53 Final Table Results

1. Santiago Soriano$371,203
2. Amir Lehavot$229,410
3. Benjamin Underwood$168,960
4. Nick Blackburn$125,432
5. Joao Barrosovalli$93,866
6. Samuel Gagnon$70,813
7. Daniele Dangelo$53,858
8. Ori Hasson$41,300
9. Jeffery Tahler$31,933

Event #52 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em 8-Handed

  • Entrants: 518
  • Prize Pool: $4,869,200
  • Winner: Dash Dudley ($1,086,967)
  • Runner-Up: James Park ($671,802)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 33-year-old Dash Dudley, a poker pro from Lansing, Michigan.

  • This was Dudley's 38th WSOP cash and boosted his lifetime WSOP earnings to $1,451,076
  • Dudley is a PLO cash game specialist who studied and wrestled collegiately at Michigan State before pursuing poker full time
  • Former November Niners Jeremy Ausmus and Eoghan O'Dea finished 4th and 6th, respectively.

Quote: “I really feel strongly about my short-stack game. I've been short-stacked for years and people kind of make fun of me. I even said, 'It's no more Min-cash Dash.' I was playing for the win. I knew stuff might happen. People might get chips and I might get short. [But] I feel real confident in PLO, even short. … Everyone gets real impatient in PLO when they're short-stacked, and it causes them to make some crucial mistakes. People will justify it as coolers, but they're really getting the money in at twenty or thirty percent [to win]. There's a lot of spots you can avoid."

WSOP 2019 Event #52 Final Table Results

1. Dash Dudley$1,086,967
2. James Park$671,802
3. Joel Feldman$463,814
4. Jeremy Ausmus$325,693
5. Kyle Montgomery$232,680
6. Eoghan O'Dea$169,173
7. Andrei Razov$125,215
8. Will Jaffe$94,380
9. Daniel Alaei$72,468

Event #51 - $2,500 Mixed Omaha 8/Stud 8

  • Entrants: 401
  • Prize Pool: $902,250
  • Winner: Yuri Dzivielevski ($213,750)
  • Runner-Up: Michael Thompson ($132,113)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 27-year-old Yuri Dzivielevski, a musician, business owner and online poker player from Florianopolis, Brazil.

  • A big online player the win doubles Dzivielvski lifetime WSOP winnings to just over $420,000 over 18 cashes
  • Dzivielevski can frequently be seen meditating in the Rio hallways working on his inner calm
  • Runner-up Thompson, a 54-year-old businessman, had his only previous WSOP cash in this same event one year ago

Quote: “It was an amazing run. I ran so good. I was down to two big bets, I think, or a bet and a half, and then I started winning every pot. I had been running really bad, but starting with one and a half big blinds, I ran very, very well, winning every pot, winning a lot of pots with no showdown. Then when I had three million, or about half the chips in play, I was super comfortable. Everyone else was super short and I started to put pressure [on them] and everything worked.”

WSOP 2019 Event #51 Final Table Results

1. Yuri Dzivielevski$213,750
2. Michael Thompson$132,113
3. Denis Strebkov$89,744
4. Andrey Zaichenko$62,176
5. Daniel Zack$43,950
6. Philip Long$31,710
7. Alex Livingston$23,362
8. Daniel Ratigan$17,584
9. Gerard Rechnitzer$13,527

Event #50 - $1,500 Monster Stack No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 6,035
  • Prize Pool: $8,147,250
  • Winner: Kainalu McCue-Unciano ($1,008,850)
  • Runner-Up: Vincent Chauve ($623,211)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Kainalu McCue-Unciano, who was also at his first WSOP final table.

  • Coming into the tournament McCue-Unciano's previous biggest cash was $75,930
  • McCue-Unciano is the third player from Hawaii to win a WSOP bracelet
  • Before his big win McCue-Unciano already had a trip to Disneyland planned, so he's literally going to Disneyland to celebrate

Quote: "It feels great! This is the biggest final table I've ever been at and I just tried to not think about how much money I was playing for. I've got the best support behind me. My girlfriend is always there when I need her. My friends are just as stoked as I am. Everyday I told myself that I would do it. It's just an unreal feeling. It's only kicking in slowly, it's a crazy feeling."

WSOP 2019 Event #50 Final Table Results

1. Kainalu McCue-Unciano$1,008,850
2. Vincent Chauve$623,211
3. Gregory Katayama$461,369
4. Bart Hanson$344,079
5. Benjamin Ector$258,516
6. Igor Yaroshevskyy$195,687
7. Bryan Kim$149,247
8. Andre Handeberg$114,694
9. Javier Zarco$88,817

Event #49 - $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

  • Entrants: 100
  • Prize Pool: $940,000
  • Winner: Luke Schwartz ($273,336)
  • Runner-Up: George Wolff ($168,936)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 35-year-old UK poker pro Luke Schwartz, famously known online as "_FullFlush1_"

  • Schwartz's last WSOP cash (before a min-cash in the $10k Dealer's Choice this year) was in 2013
  • Third-place finisher, Johannes Becker from Germany, is considered one of the best 2-7 players in the world
  • More notable names to cash include Benny Glaser (10th) and David 'ODB' Baker (14th)

Quote: "It feels pretty good, pretty relieving. It's a nice thing to have as a poker player. Maybe the old me would've just got too frustrated and tilted but I just took a deep breath. Everyone played great. I don't think another three players would be able to last that long. That was just the most intense three-handed battle ever."

WSOP 2019 Event #49 Final Table Results

1. Luke Schwartz$273,336
2. George Wolff$168,936
3. Johannes Becker$116,236
4. Mark Gregorich$81,635
5. Yueqi Zhu$58,547
6. Calvin Anderson$42,898
7. Mike Gorodinsky$32,127
8. Brian Hastings$32,127
9. Daniel Ospina$24,604

Event #48 - $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 996
  • Prize Pool: $2,241,000
  • Winner: Ari Engel ($427,399)
  • Runner-Up: Pablo Melogno ($264,104)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Ari Engel, who has played at the WSOP for 15 years

  • Engel has 9 previous wins in WSOP Circuit events
  • Engel's total career live earnings are now over $7m
  • Notable names to cash included Josh Arieh (9th), Kenny Hallaert (15th), Barny Boatman (18th), Kristen Bicknell (20th), Mark Radoja (21st), Anatoly Filatov (24th) and Martin Jacobson (38th)

Quote: "Us huge field no-limit players, there’s no real due. You play these, you expect to win one in a lifetime, maybe. I expect to f*** it up somewhere along the line and just blow it up. I did that, I’m sure, a few times and I got lucky instead of losing the tournament. It’s a relief to not mess it up whenever I win a tournament because most of the time I do end up messing it up.”

WSOP 2019 Event #48 Final Table Results

1. Ari Engel$427,399
2. Pablo Melogno$264,104
3. Wilbern Hoffman$186,392
4. Ben Keeline$133,306
5. David "Bakes" Baker$96,632
6. James Hughes$71,010
7. Truyen Nguyen$52,909
8. Ryan Olisar$39,980
9. Josh Arieh$30,643

Event #47 - $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

  • Entrants: 968
  • Prize Pool: $871,200
  • Winner: Jiyoung Kim ($167,308)
  • Runner-Up: Nancy Matson ($103,350)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 47-year-old Jiyoung Kim, who owns a small coffeeshop in Gimhai, South Korea

  • This is Kim's third trip to Las Vegas and the Rio
  • Kim entered two events earlier this summer but didn't cash in either one
  • Notable names to cash included Vanessa Kade (14th), Jackie Glazier (29th), Kathy Liebert (35th), Maria Lampropoulos (44th), Amanda Baker (47th), Marsha Wolak (61st) and Erica Lindgren (71st)

Quote: "It's a dream come true for me. I would take it slow, take it normal ... This is the home of poker. I wouldn't want to underestimate these other players. My mom's always worried about me going overseas to play poker tournaments. I feel for her, and that's why I want to give her all the money."

WSOP 2019 Event #47 Final Table Results

1. Jiyoung Kim$167,308
2. Nancy Matson$103,350
3. Sandrine Phan$72,821
4. Stephanie Dao$52,007
5. Lyly Vo$37,654
6. Lexy Gavin$27,643
7. Raylene Celaya$20,582
8. Stephanie Hubbard$15,544
9. Barbara Blechinger$11,911

Event #46 - $500 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack

  • Entrants: 1,181
  • Prize Pool: $795,180
  • Winner: Dan 'centrefieldr' Lupo ($145,273.90)
  • Runner-Up: David 'DTC13' Clarke ($89,692.92)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Dan Lupo, an online grinder from New Jersey.

  • Lupo eliminated the first player just 20 minutes into play when his middle pair held up against AK
  • Lupo was the chip leader heading into the final table
  • Johnsonck busted in third but made back-to-back online final tables as he finished 7th in the $600 online bounty tournament

WSOP 2019 Event #46 Final Table Results

1. Daniel Lupo$145,273
2. David Clarke$89,692
3. Chris Johnson$63,771
4. JSTRIZZA$45,959
5. Staeks$33,475
6. misterKK$24,729
7. Jnutz$18,526
8. TonyStarsGFK$13,994
9. HITRII999$10,734

Event #45 - $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller

  • Entrants: 278
  • Prize Pool: $6,602,500
  • Winner: Stephen Chidwick ($1,618,417)
  • Runner-Up: James Chen ($1,000,253)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for UK poker pro Stephen Chidwick, who is a regular on the high-stakes poker circuit

  • This is the 52nd career WSOP cash and 18th final table for Chidwick
  • He now has just under $25 million in career live tournament earnings to put him in 18th place overall 
  • This was Chidwick's first WSOP event of the summer as he spent the past two weeks in Paris with his wife and daughter

Quote: "It means a lot, it feels great. It is obviously a great one to do it in and I am in shock, a little bit. I had so many people supporting me for the last 10 years since I have been grinding so hard to win a bracelet and I know I have a lot of people in my corner that are really happy for me and that means a lot. I try really hard to detach from the bracelet and everything around it. I’ve been here a lot of times and had a lot of heartbreak over the years too, so I try and just put that as much out of my mind as possible."

WSOP 2019 Event #45 Final Table Results

1. Stephen Chidwick$1,618,417
2. James Chen$1,000,253
3. Matthew Gonzales$699,364
4. Robert Mizrachi$497,112
5. Alex Epstein$359,320
6. Erik Seidel$264,186
7. Wasim Korkis$197,637
8. Ka Kwan Lau$150,483
9. Ryan Tosoc$116,656

Event #44 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Bounty

  • Entrants: 1,807
  • Prize Pool: $2,439,450
  • Winner: Asi Moshe ($253,933)
  • Runner-Up: Damjan Radanov ($156,875)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for 35-year-old poker pro and computer programmer Asi Moshe from Israel.

  • Moshe's career lifetime WSOP earnings are now over $2 million from 29 cashes
  • Moshe also collected 24 bounties along the way, each worth $500, for an extra $12,000
  • At one point Moshe has 90% of the chips 3-handed but both Radanov and Roder doubled up and Radanov eventually drew even before Moshe finished it off

Quote: "It really feels amazing, each one feels so different. This year the traveling was really hard. I have a wife and a daughter, who is 2 1/2, and I love them both so very much, so being here for the summer wasn't easy for me and it's not easy for them, and this really makes it worth it, it's really special for me. I really want to say, and this is important, I really love my wife Enga and my daughter Mika, this is for them."

WSOP 2019 Event #44 Final Table Results

1. Asi Moshe$253,933
2. Damjan Radanov$156,875
3. Tonio Roder$113,360
4. Patrick Truong$82,764
5. Vitalijs Zavorotnijs$61,058
6. Andrew Hills$45,521
7. Timothy Stephens$34,300
8. Harrison Gimbel$26,125
9. Bastian Fischer$20,115

Event #43 - $2,500 Mixed Big Bet

  • Entrants: 218
  • Prize Pool: $490,500
  • Winner: Loren Klein ($127,808)
  • Runner-Up: Ryan Hughes ($78,985)

Notes: This is the 4th career WSOP bracelet for 37-year-old poker pro Loren Klein from Nevada.

  • Klein is the first player in the modern WSOP era to win bracelets in 4 consecutive years
  • Bill Boyd and Doyle Brunson are the only other players to win in 4 straight years
  • Klein's other three bracelets are all in PLO
  • Mike Sexton finished 7th

WSOP 2019 Event #43 Final Table Results

1. Loren Klein$127,808
2. Ryan Hughes$78,985
3. Phillip Hui$51,346
4. Arthur Morris$34,328
5. Joseph Couden$23,622
6. Jonathan Depa$16,746
7. Mike Sexton$12,240
8. Scott Bohlman$12,240
9. Raymond Henson$9,234

Event #42 - $600 NLHE/PLO Mixed Event

  • Entrants: 2,403
  • Prize Pool: $1,261,575
  • Winner: Aristeidis Moschonas ($194,759)
  • Runner-Up: Dan Matsuzuki ($120,374)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 37-year-old poker pro Aristeidis Moschonas from Greece, who defeated last year's $10k Stud champion Dan Matsuzuki.

  • Moschonas has a PHD in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine but is now a tournament poker player
  • Moschonas had a melon at the table with him because when he plays online he calls his opponents pepónia, Greek for melons
  • Moschonas said he was down to half a big blind after the first four levels before he doubled up 4 times

Quote: "My main game is PLO. I'm a PLO cash game player online, and I also play No-Limit Hold'em tournaments. So it's like the perfect format for me, because I have an edge against Hold'em players that don't know how to play PLO, as well as the opposite. I wanted to play the $25K PLO but I went to deep on this one, but it’s OK I guess."

WSOP 2019 Event #42 Final Table Results

1. Aristeidis Moschonas$194,759
2. Dan Matsuzuki$120,374
3. Raghav Bansal$88,410
4. Rainer Kempe$65,482
5. Ashish Ahuja$48,914
6. Stephen Ma$36,852
7. Adam Lamphere$28,006
8. Daniel Moravec$21,469
9. Simon Samokovski$16,603

Event #41 - $10,000 7 Card Stud Championship

  • Entrants: 88
  • Prize Pool: $827,200
  • Winner: John Hennigan ($245,451)
  • Runner-Up: Daniel Negreanu ($151,700)

Notes: This is the 6th career WSOP bracelet for 48-year-old poker pro John Hennigan, who is widely regarded as one of the best 7 Card Stud players on the planet.

  • The heads-up battle between Negreanu and Hennigan lasted for over 4 hours
  • Only one of the final 8 players had not previously won a WSOP bracelet
  • Negreanu was vying for his 7th career WSOP bracelet

Quote: “It was a very tough duel, especially for me. He played so well, and I played so poorly, he really did not get what he deserved. He made every right decision and I made every wrong decision, and it was just bad luck for him at the end. I played a very good tournament, up to that point, but I really needed luck there when it got to heads-up. He played great the whole time. I believe I did as well but he clearly had me without the luck. That's how it goes.”

WSOP 2019 Event #41 Final Table Results

1. John Hennigan$245,451
2. Daniel Negreanu$151,700
3. David "ODB" Baker$104,416
4. Mikhail Semin$73,810
5. David Singer$53,621
6. Chris Tryba$40,066
7. Frank Kassela$30,817
8. Frankie O'Dell$24,419
9. Michael Mizrachi$19,954

Event #40 - $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Entrants: 1,216
  • Prize Pool: $1,641,600
  • Winner: Ismael Bojang ($298,507)
  • Runner-Up: James Little ($184,424)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Ismael Bojang from Austria, who now has 73 WSOP cashes but had never finished higher than second.

  • As mentioned Bojang has had great success at the WSOP despite not winning a bracelet
  • Bojang's career WSOP earnings now total over $1.8 million
  • After cashing 10 times already at the 2019 WSOP Bojang will be flying home to Germany and won't play the Main Event

Quote: "I have never felt the pressure of winning. The money is nice and all that, but it is not something I have been thinking too much about. I have been close to winning a lot of times so I just tried separating myself from those feelings, even when I had a 6-to-1 chip advantage I wasn't thinking about the possibility of winning, I was just focusing on playing my best poker."

WSOP 2019 Event #40 Final Table Results

1. Ismael Bojang$298,507
2. James Little$184,424
3. Benjamin Zamani$131,335
4. Johannes Tobbe$94,669
5. Denis Bagdasarov$69,082
6. Mihai Niste$51,041
7. Richard Tuhrim$38,189
8. Glen Cressman$28,940
9. Matthew Mueller$22,215

Event #39 - $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 2,650
  • Prize Pool: $2,385,000
  • Winner: Michael Blake ($359,863)
  • Runner-Up: Barry Shulman ($222,295)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 71-year-old Michael Blake from Colorado, who held off Barry Shulman for the win

  • The Super Seniors event was only open to players aged 60 and up
  • It was the third time Blake has played the Super Seniors and he's cashed all 3 times - although the first two for only $3,932
  • Shulman won the 2009 WSOP Europe Main Event heads-up over Daniel Negreanufor $1,305,542

Quote: "There is a group of fellows in what they call Anthem Ranch. It's an excellent, excellent game, and I have to be honest: Most of my poker was not Hold'em poker. So the game at Anthem Ranch has really helped me. Hold'em was something new to me over the past two to three years. I always understood that I would come to Vegas and play it, day in and day out. I've played poker for most of my life and I think Barry is a very strong player, I feel very very fortunate and I feel very elated."

WSOP 2019 Event #39 Final Table Results

1. Michael Blake$359,863
2. Barry Shulman$222,295
3. Cary Marshall$162,536
4. Timothy Joseph$119,888
5. Rick Austin$89,217
6. Kanajett Hathaitham$66,987
7. Jeffrey Miller$50,751
8. Bruce Treitman$38,802
9. Miles Harris$29,939

Event #38 - $600 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em Knockout Bounty

  • Entrants: 1,224
  • Prize Pool: $673,200
  • Winner: Upeshka 'gomezhamburg' De Silva ($98,262.72)
  • Runner-Up: David 'dave419' Nodes ($60,092.28)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for poker pro Upeshka De Silva, a poker pro from Texas who was born in Sri Lanka.

  • De Silva also took 18 bounties at $100 each to bring his total winnings to $100,062.72
  • The only online bounty event of 2019, the event took 11 hours in total to play out
  • Of the prize pool $550,800 went to the regular tournament prize pool and $122,400 was paid out in bounties

WSOP 2019 Event #38 Final Table Results

1. Upeshka De Silva$98,263
2. David Nodes$60,092
3. David Fhima$42,962
4. Gerard Carbo$31,065
5. Renato Ribeiro$22,748
6. Yotam Shmuelov$16,854
7. Chris Johnson$12,668
8. Joseph Liberta$9,584
9. Steven Bordonaro$7,381

Event #37 - $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack

  • Entrants: 2,808
  • Prize Pool: $1,999,296
  • Winner: Robert Mitchell ($297,537)
  • Runner-Up: Marco Bognanni ($183,742)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Robert Mitchell, a 41-year-old tournament regular from Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • A week earlier Mitchell finished 17th in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout, his best WSOP to that point
  • WSOP bracelet winner Benjamin Moonfinished in 7th place
  • Mitchell now has $465,845 in career WSOP winnings; he plans to play several more events in 2019

Quote: “That shootout helped me a lot. I was so close I tasted the bracelet. I kind of played a little too fast three-handed. Coming here I realized, I’m just going to take my time and just be in the moment and play my best game ... I knew I was going to have another shot at it. I’ve been playing poker for a long time and felt like it was long overdue. It’s awesome. Overall, that’s what poker players play for is the bracelet. To have one now, it’s on my resume and it feels good.”

WSOP 2019 Event #37 Final Table Results

1. Robert Mitchell$297,537
2. Marco Bognanni$183,742
3. Axel Hallay$134,817
4. Francois Evard$99,752
5. Benjamin Underwood$74,435
6. Kamel Mokhammad$56,019
7. Benjamin Moon$42,524
8. Zachary Mullennix$32,561
9. Nick Jivkov$25,152

Event #36 - $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Entrants: 313
  • Prize Pool: $845,100
  • Winner: David Lambard ($207,193)
  • Runner-Up: Johan Guilbert ($128,042)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 44-year-old poker pro David Lambard, who is a father of three from Huntington Beach, California.

  • Lambard usually plays cash games in Los Angeles at The Bicycle and Commerce Casinos
  • Runner-up Guilbert is a well-known poker live streamer and poker coach from France known as "YoH Viral"
  • The final table included past bracelet winners Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger and Alex PapazianJustin Bonomo finished 10th

Quote: "Actually, I knew this whole field was top notch. They are all wizards, they are all super pros, this was a top field going on. I was well aware of that. A lot of these tournament pros I don't even follow, I just know they are tough. I came with my own style. The only way to win a tournament is to have no fear. I do everything off, unorthodox. Old school is all I know. My dad played poker for a living, and it has been in my blood since the seventies."

WSOP 2019 Event #36 Final Table Results

1. David Lambard$207,193
2. Johan Guilbert$128,042
3. Weiyi Zhang$92,625
4. Andrew Lichtenberger$67,706
5. Jan Lakota$50,016
6. Ben Farrell$37,342
7. Alexandru Papazian$28,182
8. Adrien Delmas$21,501
9. Martin Zamani$16,586

Event #35 - $10,000 Dealer's Choice 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 122
  • Prize Pool: $1,146,800
  • Winner: Adam Friedman ($312,417)
  • Runner-Up: Shaun Deeb ($193,090)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for 37-year-old poker pro Adam Friedman, who also won this same event in 2018.

  • Friedman's career WSOP winnings are $1,801,773. He has 31 total WSOP and Circuit cashes
  • Poker pros Shaun Deeb and Matt Glantzfinished in second and third, respectively
  • Super High Roller Bowl commentator and WSOP bracelet winner Nick Schulmanfinished 6th

Quote: "This year definitely means more (than last year). Being able to repeat in what I still believe is the most difficult of the $10k's to play. The players who I love playing with in these tournaments are the no-limit big-bet players. Several players, they're phenomenal, but when you get them playing hands in Badeucey and Badacey, they don't know the basics. It's free chips in a lot of situations. Whereas no-limit, they'll have a tiny edge but I don't have to play a pot whatsoever unless I have it, but if you can't help yourself and you don't know what the starting hands are, I'm going to win so much more than you could ever win in a no-limit hand."

WSOP 2019 Event #35 Final Table Results

1. Adam Friedman$312,417
2. Shaun Deeb$193,090
3. Matt Glantz$139,126
4. David Moskowitz$100,440
5. Michael McKenna$72,653
6. Nick Schulman$52,656
7. Phillip Hui$38,238
8. Bryce Yockey$38,238
9. Philip Sternheimer$27,823

Event #34 - $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 6,214
  • Prize Pool: $5,592,600
  • Winner: Joseph Cheong ($687,782)
  • Runner-Up: David Ivers ($424,791)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for 33-year-old poker pro Joe "subiime" Cheong, who also finished third in the 2010 WSOP Main Event.

  • Cheong's career poker tournament winnings are now over $7 million
  • Cheong also has three career WSOPC rings to go along with multiple tournament wins live and online
  • Cheong had a massive chip lead coming into the final table with 100 BBs and eliminated 4 players

Quote: "I feel pretty good. I have been playing poker for so long, it was just another day at work. I think David (Ivers) was probably the toughest opponent on the table, but Zinan (Xu) played a little different from most grinders, which kinda threw me off a lot. So, he was probably the most dangerous opponent for me."

WSOP 2019 Event #34 Final Table Results

1. Joseph Cheong$687,782
2. David Ivers$424,791
3. Zinan Xu$314,876
4. Andrea Buonocore$235,099
5. Arianna Son$176,820
6. Ido Ashkenazi$133,970
7. David Guay$102,258
8. Ivan Deyra$78,638
9. Brock Wilson$60,930

Event #33 - $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

  • Entrants: 467
  • Prize Pool: $630,450
  • Winner: Robert Campbell ($144,027)
  • Runner-Up: David Bach ($88,995)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Robert Campbell, who finished fifth in the $10,000 Omaha Eight or Better event 10 days ago.

  • Campbell is the CEO of Neon Esports and a former professional gamer
  • Three-time WSOP bracelet winner David Bach finished as the runner-up
  • Campbell said he enjoyed having his friends on the rail including 2005 Main Event Champion Joe Hachem and bracelet winner James Obst

Quote: “I’m super-duper excited. As you can see. I’m not doing what James Obst did and trying to reg some $500 tournament ... I did have that feeling of dread when I had a big chip stack at the start of the final table. Then I felt like I was sort of back in the pack. I did have a bit of, ‘oh here we go again.’ But straight away after dinner like three people just turbo busted. Then I was like alright I’ll just go cash game mode and see what happens."

WSOP 2019 Event #33 Final Table Results

1. Robert Campbell$144,027
2. David Bach$88,995
3. Jared Bleznick$58,343
4. Kyle Miaso$39,126
5. Jesse Hampton$26,855
6. Aron Dermer$18,875
7. Hanh Tran$13,593
8. Hope Williams$13,593
9. Steven Tabb$10,037

Event #32 - $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em Championship

  • Entrants: 5,916
  • Prize Pool: $5,324,400
  • Winner: Howard Mash ($662,594)
  • Runner-Up: Jean-René Fontaine ($409,249)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Howard Mash, a financial advisor from Florida who won more than double his career tournament earnings with the win.

  • Mash just turned 50 last month, making him eligible to play this Seniors event
  • Runner-up Fontaine, from the French territory of Réunion, won the 4,348-runner EPT National in Barcelona last year for over $620,000
  • This is the second-largest WSOP Seniors tournament of all time - just two entries short of last year's 5,918

Quote: "This is unbelievable. I don’t even know what to say. I’m totally in shock, honestly. I was just staying alive, barely, missing all my hands, getting three-bet a lot and having to fold. And I got lucky in two key spots. In any tournament with 5,900 people you have to get a little lucky to win. I had some pretty tough opponents and I just tried to stay as focused as I could."

WSOP 2019 Event #32 Final Table Results

1. Howard Mash$662,594
2. Jean Fontaine$409,249
3. James Mcnurlan$303,705
4. Adam Richardson$226,996
5. Donald Matusow$170,887
6. Farhad Jamasi$129,582
7. Samir Husaynue$98,981
8. Mike Lisanti$76,165
9. Mansour Alipourfard$59,044

Event #31 - $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed

  • Entrants: 754
  • Prize Pool: $2,035,800
  • Winner: Thomas Cazayous ($414,766)
  • Runner-Up: Nicholas Howard ($256,314)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Thomas Cazayous, a 24-year-old poker pro from France whom his tablemates dubbed 'the silent assassin' for his calm and collected approach.

  • Cazayous is normally an online cash-game player whose previous best tournament cash was $15,000
  • Cazayous knocked out the final 3 players at the final table
  • Poker pros Upeshka da Silva and Angel Guillen were also at the final table

Quote: "If I speak to a lot of people around, I won't be very focused and I will be oriented in value and I won't have enough bluffs to balance. I'm not focused and I'll just fold without thinking. If I'm not in the hand, I have to see what people are doing, the sizing they use, the way they're acting. I don’t want to say I think I was the best. I was pretty sure what I had to do and people didn’t put me to tough decisions."

WSOP 2019 Event #31 Final Table Results

1. Thomas Cazayous$414,766
2. Nicholas Howard$256,314
3. Upeshka De Silva$172,658
4. Wojciech Barzantny$118,421
5. Angel Guillen$82,726
6. Raul Martinez$58,881
7. Kyle Cartwright$42,715
8. Josh Weiss$42,715
9. Demosthenes Kiriopoulos$31,595

Event #30 - $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

  • Entrants: 1,526
  • Prize Pool: $1,374,300
  • Winner: Luis Zedan ($236,673)
  • Runner-Up: Thida Lin ($146,196)

Notes: This is the 1st career WSOP bracelet for Luis Zedan and the first-ever bracelet won by a player from El Salvador.

  • Zedan thanked "Phil HellmuthJonathan Little and Daniel Negreanu for the great information that they selflessly share” after his win
  • Zedan, who lives in Miami, Florida, said he plans to donate 35% of his winnings to charity
  • Poker pro Sam Razavi finished third

Quote: “It's been my dream! I started to play poker seriously back in 2009 and after watching Moneymaker win in 2003, I believed that anybody could win. I've been coming here since 2011 or 2012. It's been my dream and I've gotten very deep in tournaments three times. Finally, I've gotten first place. I'm very, very happy! There is nothing like playing poker with friends. That’s my saying. Whether I take a hit, or I didn’t take a hit, I was smiling and I was having fun. That’s what poker should be.”

WSOP 2019 Event #30 Final Table Results

1. Luis Zedan$236,673
2. Thida Lin$146,196
3. Samad Razavi$104,888
4. Ryan Robinson$76,101
5. Ryan Goindoo$55,845
6. Gregory Donatelli$41,453
7. Christopher Conrad$31,130
8. Stanislav Parkhomenko$23,654
9. Erik Wilcke$18,188

Event #29 - $10,000 H.O.R.S.E Championship

  • Entrants: 172
  • Prize Pool: $1,616,800
  • Winner: Greg Mueller ($425,347)
  • Runner-Up: Daniel Ospina ($262,882)

Notes: This is the 3rd career WSOP bracelet for Greg Mueller, who won his first two within two weeks all the way back in 2009.

  • Mueller's first two bracelet wins were both in Limit events
  • Mueller, known as "FBT," was a pro hockey player for 8 years
  • The final table was stacked with top professionals including Dario SammartinoScott ClementsMikhail SeminMatthew Gonzales and Phil Galfond

Quote: “Being a little bit older, I don't really love poker as much any more. It's more of a grind and stuff for me, right? Sitting a long time at the table. But winning one a long time ago, and not really caring as much, I was like, 'You know what? I want to win one again ... I put a lot of effort into not so much studying the game but into my own physical and mental state. I got really fit and was able to endure the hours and do the right things. I said five days ago when I posted on Instagram that I was going to final-table an event ASAP. I didn't know it would come this quick and I didn't know I would win the bracelet. It feels amazing."

WSOP 2019 Event #29 Final Table Results

1. Greg Mueller$425,347
2. Daniel Ospina$262,882
3. Dario Sammartino$184,854
4. Scott Clements$132,288
5. Craig Chait$96,378
6. Mikhail Semin$71,505
7. Matthew Gonzales$54,043
8. Phil Galfond$41,625
9. Marco Johnson$32,683

Event #28 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 2,477
  • Prize Pool: $2,229,300
  • Winner: Stephen Song ($341,854)
  • Runner-Up: Scot Masters ($211,177)

Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Stephen Song, although he does already have a WSOP Circuit ring and a WPT final-table appearance.

  • Song now has over $1.3 million in career live tournament earnings
  • Runner-up Scot Masters is also a past WSOP Circuit ring winner
  • Poker pro Ryan Laplante finished third to add to his bracelet from 2016 and a runner-up finish last year

Quote: "It's surreal. I don't even know. The money's insane. WSOP summer is where you can actually make life-changing money. It's pretty unreal ... I already invest most of my money with my parents. My dad's the smartest guy I know. He's super-good with money. I just give it to him and he takes care of it for me. They're going to help me buy my first house, which is pretty sick. Now I'll have to buy a couple more, just for the tax write-off."

WSOP 2019 Event #28 Final Table Results

1. Stephen Song$341,854
2. Scot Masters$211,177
3. Ryan Laplante$154,268
4. Renato Kaneoya$113,712
5. Sevak Mikaiel$84,581
6. Dominic Coombe$63,491
7. Pedro Ingles$48,101
8. Vegard Ropstad$36,783
9. Yosef Lider$28,394

Event #27 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8-or-Better

  • Entrants: 460
  • Prize Pool: $621,000
  • Winner: Michael Mizrachi ($142,801)
  • Runner-Up: Robert Gray ($88,254)

Notes: This is the fifth career WSOP bracelet for Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, who has also won the prestigious $50k Player's Championship 3 times.

  • This was Mizrachi's 65th career WSOP cash; his career WSOP earnings are now $9,312,658
  • Mizrachi is the first player to win 5 bracelets this decade; his other bracelets came in the PPC and a $10,000 buy-in tourney
  • With his 5th bracelet Michael moves past his brother Robert (who has 4) for most bracelets in the Mizrachi family

Quote: "It was a tough table but I think the experience helped me out a little bit from, you know, a lot of tournament experience. I feel like I had a pretty good edge on the players in certain spots where they probably wouldn't play hands. I played those hands where I know they're going to fold and that way I can win a lot of antes and bring-ins."

WSOP 2019 Event #27 Final Table Results

1. Michael Mizrachi$142,801
2. Robert Gray$88,254
3. Michael Sopko$60,330
4. Elias Hourani$42,014
5. Jan Stein$29,818
6. Jose Paz-Gutierrez$21,575
7. Martin Sawtell$15,921
8. Matthew Schultz$11,986
9. Joseph Santagata$9,211

Event #25 - $600 Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack

  • Entrants: 2,577
  • Prize Pool: $1,352,925
  • Winner: Andrew Donabedian ($205,605)
  • Runner-Up: Todd Dreyer ($126,948)

Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Andrew Donabedian, who has a degree in statistics but now plays poker for a living in Las Vegas.

  • The 28-year-old Donabedian was born in California but attended college in Colorado
  • The final table included "Captain" Tom Franklin and Florian Fuchs
  • This was the first-ever edition of the $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack event

Quote: “Winning a bracelet is awesome honestly. I got a bracelet before I got a ring, I play a lot of circuit events and got a lot of second and thirds, but no win yet. I guess I was saving the win for the bracelet. I don’t feel like I need to win a ring now, because I have one better ... I like how PLO seems to be getting more popular every year. I think it’s a lot more fun than Hold’em so I think it’s cool that more people are getting interested.”

WSOP 2019 Event #25 Final Table Results

1. Andrew Donabedian$205,605
2. Todd Dreyer$126,948
3. Robert Valden$92,672
4. Corey Wright$68,258
5. Mihai Niste$50,732
6. Alexandru Ivan$38,051
7. Tom Franklin$28,803
8. Florian Fuchs$22,006
9. Alexander Condon$16,971

Event #24 - $600 WSOP.com Online Pot Limit Omaha 6-Handed

  • Entrants: 1,216
  • Prize Pool: $656,640
  • Winner: Josh "loofa" Pollock ($139,740)
  • Runner-Up: Jason "TheBigGift" Gooch ($85,560)

Notes: This is the 2nd WSOP bracelet for Josh Pollock, who also won a live WSOP bracelet in 2013 in the $1,500 PLO event for $279,431.

  • A couple of well-known pros were at the final table in Phil "HeyGuys" Galfond and Jared "jebronlames1" Bleznick
  • Galfond finished 5th, just short of earning his fourth career WSOP bracelet
  • There were a total of 652 entries but that included 564 rebuys

The next WSOP.com Online bracelet event is next Sunday, June 16 and is a $600 Knockout Bounty event. Check the full schedule of online events for the 2019 WSOP here:

WSOP 2019 Event #24 Final Table Results

1. Josh 'loofa' Pollock$139,740
2. Jason 'TheBigGift' Gooch$85,560
3. Jared 'jebronlamers1' Bleznick$59,163
4. Martin 'BathroomLine' Zamani$41,565
5. Phil 'HeyGuys' Galfond$29,680
6. Chris 'babycow' Back$21,538
7. Jack "FlushStr8ted" Shea$15,956

Event #23 - $1,500 Eight-Game Mix

  • Entrants: 612
  • Prize Pool: $826,200
  • Winner: Rami Boukai ($177,294)
  • Runner-Up: John Evans ($109,553)

Notes: This is the second career WSOP bracelet for Rami Boukai, who won his first back in 2009 in a Pot-Limit Omaha/Hold'em event.

  • Boukai's career WSOP earnings are $725,376 over 19 cashes and 5 final tables
  • Boukai and Evans returned for a third day to play out the heads-up but it only took 40 minutes as Boukai had a 3-1 chip lead
  • The final table included former bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki and Allen Kessler

Quote: "It's 170 thousand, so yeah, it's a big deal. I'm here for the money. I've been playing 8-game mix for at least 10 years, all the tournaments are the same for the most part."

WSOP 2019 Event #23 Final Table Results

1. Rami Boukai$177,294
2. John Evans$109,553
3. Chris Klodnicki$72,933
4. Philip Long$49,531
5. Allen Kessler$34,329
6. Donny Rubinstein$24,292
7. Vladimir Shchemelev$17,558
8. Christopher Vitch$17,558
9. Alex Livingston$12,969

Event #22 - $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 3,253
  • Prize Pool: $2,927,700
  • Winner: Jorden Fox ($420,693)
  • Runner-Up: Jayachandra Gangaiah ($259,834)

Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Jorden Fox, who has been playing poker for 12 years.

  • Fox was playing the last of 3 tournaments at the 2019 WSOP before heading home to Long Beach, California
  • Fox finished 27th in the 2018 WSOP Main Event for $282,630
  • The final table included former bracelet winner Jeff SmithRyan Teves and music producer Scott Vener

Quote: "It's the most amazing thing. I'm about to have a baby next month and I'm only here to play three tournaments. This is the third one and I just won it. It's unbelievable ... We all come out here every summer together and make it our family thing. My dad [Yosef Fox] took 100th in the Main Event in 2015, I took 27th last year. Every time we get here we all get together and coach and rally each other. I don't know how I'd do without the rail."

WSOP 2019 Event #22 Final Table Results

1. Jorden Fox$420,693
2. Jayachandra Gangaiah$259,834
3. Jeffrey Smith$191,789
4. Simon Legat$142,648
5. Marco Aurelio$106,917
6. Ryan Teves$80,760
7. Scott Vener$61,480
8. Andrew Glauberg$47,173
9. Christopher Andler$36,484

Event #21 - $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw

  • Entrants: 91
  • Prize Pool: $855,400
  • Winner: Jim Bechtel ($253,817)
  • Runner-Up: Vincent Musso ($156,872)

Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Jim Bechtel, whose first bracelet was for winning the 1993 WSOP Main Event.

  • Bechtel's gap between bracelets - 26 years - is the longest in WSOP history
  • Runner-up Musso has played in WSOP events since the 70s
  • The final table included Darren EliasPrahlad FriedmanJean-Robert Bellandeand Pedro Bromfman

Quote: "It's only the second [tournament] I've played here in the last four or five years ... I like deuce-to-seven best. It's my favorite game. It's the toughest true poker game. It's much more complicated than a lot of the other games where the math comes in so much. This game, it's the read of the player. It's so difficult to make a hand; you rarely make a hand. Most hands, somebody's bluffing, or somebody's calling a bluff. … That's what makes it the greatest poker game.”

WSOP 2019 Event #21 Final Table Results

1. Jim Bechtel$253,817
2. Vincent Musso$156,872
3. Darren Elias$109,738
4. Prahlad Friedman$78,157
5. Jean-Robert Bellande$56,693
6. Pedro Bromfman$41,897
7. Paul Volpe$31,556
8. Galen Hall$24,232
9. Ajay Chabra$18,979

Event #20 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud

  • Entrants: 285
  • Prize Pool: $384,750
  • Winner: Eli Elezra ($93,766)
  • Runner-Up: Anthony Zinno ($57,951)

Notes: This is the 4th WSOP bracelet for Eli Elezra, a long-time staple of the poker world and regular on the iconic poker tv show High Stakes Poker.

  • Several bracelet winners were at the final table including Zinno, Rep PorterDavid Singer and Scott Seiver
  • Elezra has 3 career WSOP bracelets in Stud variants
  • The heads-up match lasted several hours between Zinno and Elezra. Despite starting with a huge deficit Zinno did come back to take the lead before falling back

Quote: "When we went to Cabo, I told my buddies, I'm gonna win a bracelet this year and I'm gonna win it in stud. I saw more [stud] hands than everyone who played with me. And as I say, stud loves me back."

WSOP 2019 Event #20 Final Table Results

1. Eli Elezra$93,766
2. Anthony Zinno$57,951
3. Valentin Vornicu$39,830
4. Phongthep Thiptinnakon$27,993
5. Rep Porter$19,996
6. David Singer$14,619
7. Joshua Mountain$10,920
8. Scott Seiver$8,337

Event #19 - $1,500 Millionaire Maker No Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 8,809
  • Prize Pool: $11,892,150
  • Winner: John Gorsuch ($1,344,930)
  • Runner-Up: Kazuki Ikeuchi ($830,783)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for John Gorsuch, a 42-year-old from Florida who was down to less than two big blinds seven handed before launching his epic comeback

  • Gorsuch said he hadn't won a poker tournament outright since 2013
  • This is Gorsuch's first entry on The Hendon Mob poker database
  • When Gorsuch was short he went all-in blind. He shovedUTG and won with two pair. The next hand he was in the big blind with pocket nines, got in a three-way all in pot and flopped a set 

Quote: "I'm a poker player for right now. Poker is awesome. I can play poker all day, all night long. This kind of helps figure out whether or not I want to keep doing it. I don't play cash stakes at all. You've got to run good in tournaments otherwise your cash flow dries up quick if you don't supplement it with cash [games]."

WSOP 2019 Event #19 Final Table Results

1. John Gorsuch$1,344,930
2. Kazuki Ikeuchi$830,783
3. Lokesh Garg$619,017
4. Vincas Tamasauskas$464,375
5. Joshua Thibodaux$350,758
6. Cory Albertson$266,771
7. Bob Shao$204,306
8. Fabian Gumz$157,565
9. Joshua Reichard$122,375

Event #18 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8-or-Better Championship

  • Entrants: 183
  • Prize Pool: $1,237,950
  • Winner: Frankie O’Dell ($443,641)
  • Runner-Up: Owais Ahmed ($274,192)

Notes: This is the third WSOP bracelet for Frankie O'Dell, although it comes 12 years after he won his first back in 2007.

  • O'Dell has won all three of his WSOP bracelets in Limit Omaha
  • O'Dell's first bracelet came in 2003 in a $1,500 event
  • The final table was particularly stacked with bracelet winner and pros including Owais AhmedRobert MizrachiJake SchwartzDavid Benyamine and Shaun Deeb

Quote: "It was a war because you have warriors in there. You have one of the Mizrachi f****ing great player brothers, then you got one of the guys who knows almost everything on Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo. Then you have me, old school poker ... there's only one person who has three limit Omaha eight bracelets and you're talking to him. So until someone passes me or catches me, I'm not going to say nothing. I'm just going to leave it right there."

WSOP 2019 Event #18 Final Table Results

1. Frankie O'Dell$443,641
2. Owais Ahmed$274,192
3. Robert Mizrachi$194,850
4. Nick Guagenti$140,522
5. Robert Campbell$102,868
6. Jake Schwartz$76,456
7. David Benyamine$57,709
8. Ed Vartughian$44,245
9. Shaun Deeb$34,467

Event #17 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

  • Entrants: 917
  • Prize Pool: $1,237,950
  • Winner: Brett Apter ($238,824)
  • Runner-Up: Anatolii Zyrin ($147,594)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Brett Apter, a 31-year-old from Tennessee.

  • Apter and Zyrin played for over 2 hours heads-up in the final
  • Zyrin started the heads-up with a 4-1 chip lead
  • Apter defeated 8-time WSOP bracelet winner Erik Seidel on his way to the title

Quote: "I feel like I'm in a dream. I wanted this ever since I first started playing poker. Ever since I won yesterday, and knew I was going to the final table, it hasn't felt real. I've just been trying to live up every moment at the final table. I was just soaking up every moment with all my friends here, playing heads up for a bracelet, and I just knew that I wanted to play my absolute best every second since it was going to be something I would never forget. I wanted no regrets."

WSOP 2019 Event #17 Final Table Results

1. Brett Apter$238,824
2. Anatolii Zyrin$147,594
3. Tommy Nguyen$106,351
4. Adrian Scarpa$77,591
5. Manuel Ruivo$57,326
6. Cary Katz$42,897
7. Shintaro Baba$32,517
8. Michael O’Grady$24,973
9. Kenna James$19,436
9. Marko Maher$15,331

Event #16 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed

  • Entrants: 1,832
  • Prize Pool: $2,473,200
  • Winner: Isaac Baron ($407,739)
  • Runner-Up: Ong Dingxiang ($251,937)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Isaac Baron, a well-known poker pro from Los Angeles.

  • Baron was known online as "westmenloAA" and won Card Player's Online Player of the Year award in 2007
  • Baron's other big career scores include a 3rd at the 2014 PCA and runner-up at WPT Bay 101 in 2015
  • The two players returned for the heads-up after a night's rest but it only took four hands for Baron to win

Quote: "I'm feeling pretty good. It's been a long time coming getting this first bracelet. I've wanted it for a while and am just glad it was pretty easy today. I'm not sure what it means for my career, but it feels good. I've wanted a bracelet for a long time. I started out watching the World Series. I've played these tournaments for 12 years and have never gotten one, so it feels good … I don't really know how to put it into words. It feels like a long time coming."

WSOP 2019 Event #16 Final Table Results

1. Isaac Baron$407,739
2. Ong Dingxiang$251,937
3. Stephen Graner$177,085
4. James Hughes$126,011
5. Richard Hasnip$90,791
6. Cameron Marshall$66,243
7. Pierce Mckellar$48,954
8. Nicolas Careme$48,954
9. Romain Nussmann$36,647

Event #15 - $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 112
  • Prize Pool: $572,800
  • Winner: Sean Swingruber ($207,003)
  • Runner-Up: Ben Yu ($127,932)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Sean Swingruber, a cash-game player from Los Angeles. It is his largest-ever WSOP cash.

  • Runner-up Ben Yu is a 3-time WSOP bracelet winner
  • Yu is also good friends with James Holzhauer, the sportsbettor who became a Jeopardy! phenom over the past month
  • Swingruber cashed in the online event last week for $814. His win more than doubled his live tournament winnings.

Quote: “To win this event, first try, first bracelet, it’s incredible. I honestly thought my biggest edge coming into this tournament was that people really didn’t know me. I’m not really known in the poker world. I think a lot of opponents looked me up and thought, this is gonna be an easier match.”

WSOP 2019 Event #15 Final Table Results

1. Sean Swingruber$186,356
2. Ben Yu$115,174
3. Cord Garcia$73,333
3. Keith Lehr$73,333
3. Jimmy D'Ambrosio$31,151
5. Jake Schindler$31,151
5. Kristen Bicknell$31,151

Event #14 - $1,500 HORSE

  • Entrants: 751
  • Prize Pool: $1,013,850
  • Winner: Murilo Thiago Souza Figueredo ($207,003)
  • Runner-Up: Jason Stockfish ($127,932)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Murilo Thiago Souza Figueredo, a professional poker player from BrazilIt was also his first career WSOP cash.

  • Figueredo's rail was filled with fellow poker pros and friends from Brazil who went crazy when the heads-up ended
  • The two finalists played for 6 hours total heads-up - 2 late at night and 4 after a restart the next day
  • Stockfish now has four WSOP runner-up finishes including two in 2017 and one in 2016

Quote: "It's amazing. They're the best players from Brazil. I've known them for a long time. We've been playing poker together for more than 13 years. Winning here with them watching, I don't even have words to describe it."

WSOP 2019 Event #14 Final Table Results

1. Murilo Figueredo$207,003
2. Jason Stockfish$127,932
3. Gary Kosakowski$89,730
4. Phillip Hui$63,860
5. Chris Klodnicki$46,127
6. Alex Dovzhenko$33,822
7. Joe Aronesty$25,181
8. Danny Woolard$19,040
9. Jason Acosta$14,625

Event #13 - $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw

  • Entrants: 296
  • Prize Pool: $399,600
  • Winner: Yuval Bronshtein ($96,278)
  • Runner-Up: Ajay Chabra ($59,491)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Yuval Bronshtein. His first final table came in 2007 and he now has 53 WSOP cashes and 10 WSOP final tables.

  • Chabra dominated much of the play and knocked out all but one player at the final table before the heads-up
  • Chabra started heads-up with a 2-1 chip lead and had Bronshtein all-in for his tournament life but couldn't finish him
  • Former November Niner Jerry Wong also made the final table

Quote: "It feels amazing. It’s exactly what I thought it would be like. I’m not surprised I’ve always felt I could win one of these tournaments. Glad to finally wrap one up, I’m definitely really happy about it. This has been a really big goal of mine since I started playing poker. It’s been my number one goal.”

WSOP 2019 Event #13 Final Table Results

1. Yuval Bronshtein$96,278
2. Ajay Chabra$59,491
3. Jerry Wong$39,986
4. Steven Tabb$27,477
5. Michael Sortino$19,313
6. Bjorn Geissert$13,892
7. Craig Chait$10,232
8. Frank Kassela$7,722
9. Jameson Painter$5,974

Event #12 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo Bounty

  • Entrants: 2,452
  • Prize Pool: $1,471,200
  • Winner: Daniel Park ($226,243)
  • Runner-Up: Erik Cajelais ($139,731)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Daniel Park. Born in South Korea he moved to the US at the age of 9 and is a naturalized US citizen.

  • At one point Park was down to just a single 100k chip after posting his blind
  • Past WSOP bracelet winner Cajelais actually had the chip lead before falling in 2nd
  • Oklahoman Jennifer Dennis finished 3rd

Quote: "I can't believe it right now. It's so unreal. I wasn't thinking about playing the Main Event but this is going to force me to play it. I've always wanted to play the Main Event. I always used to watch it on TV ... I never thought I would actually be able to play it."

WSOP 2019 Event #12 Final Table Results

1. Daniel Park$226,243
2. Erik Cajelais$139,731
3. Jennifer Dennis$102,010
4. Emil Tiller$75,149
5. Marcelo Giordano Mendes$55,869
6. John Yelaney$41,920
7. Travis Sargent$31,748
8. Lian Liu$24,271
9. Ferit Bulutoglu$18,731

More notable cashes:

  • 15. James Obst ($11,483)

Event #11 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 400
  • Prize Pool: $1,860,000
  • Winner: Daniel Strelitz ($442,385)
  • Runner-Up: Shannon Shorr ($273,416)

Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Daniel Strelitz. He’s come close to winning a bracelet before, though, as he was runner-up in an event in 2016 and had a third in 2014. He also went deep in the 2012 Main Event.

  • Well known poker pros Maria Ho and Shannon Shorr also made the final table
  • Shorr was the major chip leader heading into final table but couldn't close it out. It was his second career runner-up finish and 73rd WSOP cash
  • Ali Imsirovic finished 4th; it was his second final table of 2019 WSOP.

Quote: "I'm feeling pretty good, I finally got it off my back. I came close a few times so it was kinda disappointing but it wasn't like I was desperate for one. It wasn't a void in my life or anything. It's just a massive relief, I'm super happy. All my friends have bracelets and they have been needling me about the bracelet winners event this year. And now they're saying that they have a ride to the event cause I'm the car. So, they don't get to needle me anymore."

WSOP 2019 Event #11 Final Table Results

1. Daniel Strelitz$442,385
2. Shannon Shorr$273,416
3. Ognjen Sekularac$186,050
4. Ali Imsirovic$129,018
5. Maria Ho$91,211
6. Arsenii Karmatckii$65,764
7. Maria Mcalpin$48,377
8. Pauli Ayras$36,323
9. Michael O'Grady$27,848

Event #10 - $1,500 Dealer's Choice

  • Entrants: 470
  • Prize Pool: $634,500
  • Winner: Scott Clements ($144,957)
  • Runner-Up: Tim McDermott ($89,567)

Notes: This is the third bracelet for Scott Clements but it comes a full 12 years after he won his last bracelet in 2007.

  • Clements is a a 37-year-old poker pro from Mount Vernon, Washington
  • Clements plays as "BigRissky" online and has won several notable online events
  • Naoya Kihara, a former bracelet winner and PokerListings Most Inspiring Player in 2012, finished 4th

Quote: “I think in all my other pictures I didn't smile, but this one I'm definitely smiling, because I got back. If I'd have got second in this, it would have been pretty rough, because I've gotten a lot of seconds and I did not want to get another second.” When asked how this bracelet win compared to his first two, he said, “It's probably number one, because it's been 12 years. I was pretty cocky back then, when I won the first two right off. Plus, I've got three kids, so I can give them all a bracelet.”

WSOP 2019 Event #10 Final Table Results

1. Scott Clements$144,957
2. Tim McDermott$89,567
3. Mike Ross$58,718
4. Naoya Kihara$39,377
5. Wes Self$27,027
6. Benny Glaser$18,996

Event #9 - $600 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack

  • Entrants: 6,150
  • Prize Pool: $3,228,750
  • Winner: Jeremy Pekarek ($398,281)
  • Runner-Up: Dan Kuntzman ($245,881)

Notes: This is the first bracelet for Jeremy Pekarek. His win tripled his lifetime earnings.

  • Pekarek has been trying to win a bracelet for 7 years
  • Pekarek defeated Kuntzman in just two hands heads-up
  • On Day 2 Pekarek says he was on just 10 big blinds for 6 hours

Quote: "It's been an up-and-down journey. This was always the goal. Whenever I started playing poker I was like, I wanna win a bracelet and here I am. I just feel like this is a culmination of the past five years of just me learning more about myself. Self-awareness is everything in this game. There was a lot of lessons I had to learn when I came out here. And I wasn't really ready for it. I learned a lot of hard lessons and I felt like I was ready."

WSOP 2019 Event #9 Final Table Results

1. Jeremy Pekarek$398,281
2. Dan Kuntzman$245,881
3. Juan Magana$182,173
4. Benjamin Underwood$135,959
5. Noomis Jones$102,216
6. Tan Nguyen$77,418
7. Paul Jain$59,075
8. John Skrovan$45,418
9. David Elet$35,183

Event #8 - $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 114
  • Prize Pool: $1,071,600
  • Winner: Alex Epstein ($296,277)
  • Runner-Up: Thai Ha ($183,081)

Notes: This is the first bracelet (and first-ever WSOP cash) for Alex Epstein. It was also the first-ever $10,000 Short Deck Hold'em event at the WSOP.

  • Epstein knocked out all of the other players in final four
  • Chip leader coming into the final table, Chance Kornuth, finished 4th
  • Epstein is a 28-year-old commercial real estate broker who is normally a PLO cash-game player

Quote: "Walking to the Rio today, I was thinking that I just wanted to enjoy the experience. I knew that the other good players at the final table were shorter stacks so I had a very good chance if things broke my way. I ran so far below [expected value] in PLO this summer, that I decided to play an event with even higher variance than that thinking that I was just due."

WSOP 2019 Event #8 Final Table Results

1. Alexander Epstein$296,227
2. Thai Ha$183,081
3. Yan Shing Tsang$130,482
4. Chance Kornuth$93,593
5. Rene Van Krevelen$67,566
6. Yong Wang$49,095
7. Andrew Robl$35,907
8. Jiaxiu Liu$35,907
9. Galen Hall$26,435

More notable cashes:

  • 11. Justin Bonomo ($19,591)
  • 12. Alex Foxen ($19,591)
  • 15. Kane Kalas ($14,615)
  • 17. Bill Perkins ($14,615)

Event #7 - $400 WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 1,965
  • Prize Pool: $1,017,000
  • Winner: Yong Keun "LuckySpewy1" Kwon ($165,263)
  • Runner-Up: Gabor "MeatisMurder" Szabo ($99,361)

Notes: This is the first of 9 online bracelet events for the 2019 WSOP.

  • This is Kwon's first WSOP bracelet
  • Poker legend Phil Hellmuth finished 5th
  • Total time for tournament was 11 hours, 57 minutes
  • Shannon Shorr finished in 12th place for $10,170 - his 2nd deep run of 2019 WSOP

Register and play the next online bracelet event on June 9 right here:

WSOP 2019 Event #7 Final Table Results

1. Yong Keun "LuckySpewy1" Kwon$165,263
2. Gabor "MeatisMurder" Szabo$99,361
3. Scott "merrick" Eskenazi$73,021
4. Frederic "LeakStain" Roetker$18,758
5. Phil "lumestackin" Hellmuth$39,460
6. Phillip "DjPhiLWiLL" Raetz$29,493
7. Dan "MeatJustice" O'Brien$22,374
8. Steve "FlatcallSPC" Cicak$17,086
9. Samuel "Roopert" Uhlmann$13,199

Event #6 - $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw

  • Entrants: 296
  • Prize Pool: $666,000
  • Winner: Dan Zack ($160,447)
  • Runner-Up: Sumir Mathur ($99,153)

Notes: This is Zack's first WSOP bracelet but he has made several WSOP final tables before.

  • Zack was below average in chips for the whole tournament until the final table
  • Plays short-handed triple draw and badugi online
  • Had 80% of chips when play was 3-handed
  • Plans to make a run at WSOP POY

Quote: "This whole tournament, I was not above average until I literally came to the final table with seven left. It has been 'yeah, I'm in dead last'. Just over and over again. This is a relief. I was starting to question if I was doing something terrible at every final table that I made."

WSOP 2019 Event #6 Final Table Results

1. Daniel Zack$160,447
2. Sumir Mathur$99,153
3. Brayden Gazlay$65,217
4. Jon Turner$43,984
5. Jesse Hampton$30,437
6. Jake Schwartz$21,625
7. David Gee$15,787
8. Mike Gorodinsky$15,787
9. Mark Gregorich$11,850

Event #5 - $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em Anniversary High Roller

  • Entrants: 110
  • Prize Pool: $5,280,000
  • Winner: Ben Heath ($1,484,085)
  • Runner-Up: Andrew Lichtenberger ($917,232)

Notes: This is Heath's first WSOP bracelet although he has years of experience playing high rollers live and online

  • Every player except Heath at final table was previous WSOP bracelet winner
  • Good friend and poker cohort of Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel
  • Heath won a controversial hand and knocked out Dimitry Yurasov when Sam Soverel mucked out of turn accidentally when Heath threw in a time bank chip
  • Runner-up Lichtenberger, known as 'LuckyChewy,' wrote the book Yoga of Poker

Quote: "It feels a lot better than I thought it would. When I was younger, I was shy and didn't really want to win the bracelet. I would have rather just taken second place. But now that it has happened, it feels great!"

WSOP 2019 Event #5 Final Table Results

1. Benjamin Heath$1,484,085
2. Andrew Lichtenberger$917,232
3. Sam Soverel$640,924
4. Dmitry Yurasov$458,138
5. Nick Petrangelo$335,181
6. Chance Kornuth$251,128
7. Elio Fox$192,794
8. Cary Katz$151,755
9. David Einhorn$122,551

Event #4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo

  • Entrants: 842
  • Prize Pool: $1,136,700
  • Winner: Derek McMaster ($228,228)
  • Runner-Up: Jason Berilgen ($141,007)

Notes: McMaster is from Minnesota and was surrounded by fellow Minnesotan poker players in town for the WSOP for his winner photo

  • This is McMaster's first WSOP bracelet and 2nd WSOP cash
  • McMaster mostly plays mixed games and plays Omaha 8 3-4 times a week
  • Poker pros Ben YuShannon Shorr and Patrick Leonard also made final table

Quote: “It was very surreal to me. I’ve just been on cloud nine since last night, all week. I was happy to be here and I enjoyed playing with these guys. I try to just have fun when I’m playing. If I’m not having fun I’m usually not doing very well. The more fun I have, it seems like stuff goes my way.”

WSOP 2019 Event #4 Final Table Results

1. Derek McMaster$228,228
2. Jason Berilgen$141,007
3. John Esposito$98,807
4. David Halpern$70,231
5. Joe Aronesty$50,646
6. Tom McCormick$37,063
7. Ben Yu$27,530
8. Shannon Shorr$20,760
9. Patrick Leonard$15,897

More Notable Cashes:

  • 17. Mike Matusow ($7,846)
  • 28. Jeff Madsen ($5,316)

Event #3 - Big 50 - $500 No-Limit Hold'em

  • Entrants: 28,371
  • Prize Pool: $13,509,435
  • Winner: Femi Fashakin ($1,147,499)
  • Runner-Up: Paul Cullen ($709,183)

Notes: This was the largest live poker tournament ever held and played out over 4 days. This is Fashakin's first WSOP bracelet.

  • Fashakin had just $60,000 in career cashes before his huge, life-changing win
  • Runner-up Cullen, a Canadian living in Vegas, had only one previous WSOP cash - in the 2015 Colossus, the biggest-ever live poker tournament before this event surpassed it
  • The total prize pool was $13,509,435 - largest ever for a $500 tournament
  • 4,258 players made the money

Quote: "Overwhelmed, it's really amazing, super excited. I can't even describe it but I'm also grateful and it's a humbling experience. It's my third cash at the WSOP here in Vegas and I think it's been okay so far! I didn't really plan a celebration because I wasn't sure. But I had a feeling! Today I sprinted in the hallway of the hotel and I thought: when I get to the end of the door, I'm going to stop there and visualize the bracelet. I did that sprint and I saw it…"

WSOP 2019 Event #3 Final Table Results

1. Femi Fashakin$1,147,449
2. Paul Cullen$709,183
3. Rafi Elharar$534,574
4. Nicholas Chow$405,132
5. Walter Atwood$308,701
6. Danny Ghobrial$237,609
7. Adrian Curry$182,192
8. Morten Christensen$141,126
9. David Rasmussen$109,922

Event #2 - $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty

  • Entrants: 204
  • Prize Pool: $1,917,600
  • Winner: Brian Green ($345,669)
  • Runner-Up: Ali Imsirovic ($213,644)

Notes: The first official bracelet of the 2019 WSOP went to Brian Green, an American poker pro now living in Vegas. 

  • This is Green's first WSOP bracelet
  • A poker player since 1984, Green has $3m in career earnings
  • $3k bounties also paid for busting another player

Quote: "It kind of gets the monkey off my back. Now I can play poker without having that on my mind," Green said after the win. "I tend to do well when I play pro-heavy fields... I know most of the guys who play $10Ks are pretty good players. In a turbo, though, there's a lot of flipping too, not a lot of post-flop poker. Still, a win's a win, it's hard to win a poker tournament."

WSOP 2019 Event #2 Final Table Results

1. Brian Green$345,669
2. Ali Imsirovic$213,644
3. Asher Conniff$145,097
4. Loren Klein$100,775
5. Ping Liu$71,614
6. Daniel Negreanu$52,099
7. Martijn Gerrits$38,823
8. Zach Clark$29,650
9. Cary Katz$23,224

More Notable Cashes:

  • 10. Anatoly Filatov ($18,667)
  • 11. Darren Elias ($18,667)
  • 13. Ben Lamb ($15,408)
  • 14. Ben Yu ($15,408)
  • 15. Benjamin Pollack ($15,408)
  • 16. Nick Schulman ($13,070)
  • 19. Byron Kaverman ($11,402)
  • 21. David Benyamine ($11,402)
  • 22. Dan Shak ($11,402)
  • 25. Erik Seidel ($11,402)

Event #1 - $500 Casino Employees

  • Entrants: 686
  • Prize Pool: $298,410
  • Winner: Nicholas Haynes ($62,248)
  • Runner-Up: Isaan Hanson ($38,447)

Notes: Haynes is a Michigan born, Florida raised poker dealer who has worked at Aria in Las Vegas for the last 1.5 years.

  • This is Haynes's first WSOP bracelet
  • This is the second year in a row an Aria dealer won the Casino Employees bracelet
  • Runner-up Hanson is also a poker dealer

Quote: "I'm thankful for my job and the players [at Aria]. There's a lot of incredible players. I watch them and just pick up little bits here and there. Over time, you just become better, you sharpen your edges. I feel like they were very instrumental in my play today. That's why I'm thankful for my job and the players there."

WSOP 2019 Event #1 Final Table Results

1. Nicholas Haynes$62,248
2. Isaac Hanson$38,447
3. Jorge Ruiz$26,642
4. Jesse Kertland$18,758
5. Adam Lamers$13,421
6. Jeffrey Fast$9,761
7. Christopher Bowen$7,219
8. Joseph Appler$5,430
9. Travis Williams$4,155

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