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2014 November Nine Preview: The Favorites

It’s nearly time for the 2014 November Nine and we’re taking an updated look at each one of the final-table contestants.

To switch things up we’ve divided this year’s November Niners into three separate categories starting with the Favorites and then following up with Steady Grinders and finally the Underdogs.

In today’s feature we’re going to focus on powerhouse players Jorryt Van HoofMark Newhouse and Martin Jacobson.

There’s no underdogs here and these three players are going to Vegas with their eyes firmly set on the $10 million prize for first place.

Jorryt Van Hoof - November 9 Chip Leader

Jorryt van Hoof
Jorryt Van Hoof

Snagging the final-table chip lead is enough to give you heavy hitter status but the Netherland’s Jorryt Van Hoof is an accomplished poker player in his own right.

Although he had $358,580 in live tournament earnings he was even more well-known for successfully grinding online PLO cash games.

Van Hoof’s been fairly busy during his November Nine break and actually managed to final table two EPT London side events for an extra $128k.

The 31-year-old has also been tapped as the official ambassador for the Masters Classics of Poker in Amsterdam this November, which seems like a particularly good fit.

Expect Dutch poker fans to be out in full force this November as Van Hoof attempts to do what Michiele Brummelhuiss failed to do last year and become the first World Champion from the Netherlands.

One of the runaway favorites to win it all.

Chip count:


Odds to win:


Main Event Final Table Comparison:

Phillip Hilm. Let’s hope the ending is different.

Good for poker:

Jorryt Van Hoof winning would obviously represent a landmark moment for Dutch poker, which already has a very strong poker community. He’s also a marketable personality to boot. Definitely falls into the good for poker category by our standards.

Mark Newhouse - The Redemption Story

Mark Newhouse 2

Mark Newhouse making back-to-back WSOP Main Event final tables is simply one of the most impressive feats in the history of poker.

Newhouse outlasted 6,343 players only to bust in ninth place in 2013. This year Newhouse did even better by outlasting 6,674 players to enter the final table as one of the big stacks.

There were people who said no one would ever make back-to-back final tables in the modern era of poker but Newhouse has proven them all wrong.

Newhouse hasn’t been particularly busy in the interim with zero cashes since the summer. After making the final table he immediately went to Amsterdam for a vacation.

The North Carolina native did do this excellent interview with All-In magazine where he talked about his poker journey and the ultimate chance for redemption in this year’s November Nine.

He’s said numerous times that whatever happens at the final table, he’s not going out in ninth place.

Chip Count:


Odds to win:


Main Event Comparison:

Mark Newhouse. Duh.

Good for Poker:

There may be no greater argument for poker as a skill game than Mark Newhouse winning the Main Event after making the final table the previous year. The only problem is that it will be tough to market another US-born online pro. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Martin Jacobson - The Pro’s Pro

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson

Sweden’s Martin Jacobson is one of the most well-liked and respected poker players in the poker industry.

A legitimate shark in high-stakes tournaments, Jacobson was on fire at this year’s Aussie Millions in Australia and he made the final table of both the $100,000 Challenge and the $25,000 Challenge to win over half a million dollars.

He’s the only player at the final table with more than $1 million in lifetime live tournament earnings and that’s not including online.

Based on pure poker skill it would be difficult to bet against Jacobson.

He’s played the best in the world and crushed. Perhaps the only thing missing for Jacobson is a major poker title and the Main Event would certainly count.

Jacobson has been fairly active since making the final table and had significant cashes at EPT London and EPT Barcelona.

Jacobson also had a highlight-reel hand in the EPT London high roller when he made a massive bluff against Dan Colman.

The Swede is one of the short stacks at the final table but make no mistake, he’s a heavy hitter.

Chip Count:


Odds to win:


Main Event Final Table Comparison:

David Benefield. Both are highly respected in poker world. Both lack major titles. 

Good for Poker:

Another great argument for skill, Jacobson probably wouldn’t make much of a dent in the mainstream poker market. He is Swedish, however, and his victory might incite a mini-boom for the poker-loving Scandinavian country.

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