2 Way Bet

For Beginner
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One of the greatest features of online sports betting is its diverse range of betting options. There is something to suit all levels of experience, as well as all sorts of betting strategies.

Of all the different betting types that are available to you, none is arguably simpler than the traditional 2 way bet. The 2 way bet (you’ll also find it expressed often as ‘two-way’) is considered a classic betting option among seasoned bettors, and is also the foundation for many other betting types.

The 2 way bet is dead simple to implement and to understand, and is a great place to start if you are completely new to online sports betting. In this quick rundown of the 2 way bet, we’ll go over what exactly the 2 way bet is, which types of sports most often feature the 2 way bet as an option, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of this popular bet type.

2 Way Bet Quick-Facts

  • Easiest of all betting types to understand and implement.
  • This bet has two possible outcomes only.
  • 2 way bets yield a high win percentage.
  • Reduced risk bet.
  • Great for bonus free plays.
  • Simplified analysing of bets.

2 Way Betting Explained

As you will more than likely be able to deduce from the name, 2 way match betting allows for only two possible outcomes to any event or match:

Example of 2 way bet
  • Bet on team A winning the match
  • Bet on team B winning the match

As you can see from the above example, this bet is extremely simple to understand and to use in a practical sense. You will find this bet available where either teams or individual players are competing head to head in a single match event, a final or anything of that nature. In other words, any event where a clear winner or clear loser is decided, giving you a nice and simple 50-50 chance of winning. Since this bet is such a simple bet with a high win percentage, you will also find that the odds posted for these types of bets will usually be on the low side.

Where Could You Use 2 Way Bets?

You will most often find 2 way bet options in sports where an outright win is the norm and there is no draw option available. Sports like tennis, badminton, darts and volley ball are the ideal sports for the two-way bet option, as these sports lend themselves more to the single winner or loser possibility.

You also find other variations on the 2-way system available here, including interesting betting options such as the over/under betting option or any betting option that uses a yes or no question in the bet proposition.

From this point of view, betting options that contain a variation on a 2-way proposition can be applied to a wider range of sports such as soccer (football), rugby, basketball and so forth.

These sorts of bet propositions can be very interesting and can include the likes of:

  • Will team XX get through to the final round? (Y/N)
  • Will Player XX be sent off during the first half? (Y/N)
  • Will there be more than one penalty in the match?
  • Will Player XX score in the first half?

Points to Consider

While the 2 way bet may be arguably the easiest bet to place and the simplest to understand, there are still several noteworthy points to consider. Some markets in highly popular sports such as hockey, soccer and basketball may feature two-way betting options as well as 3 Way betting options.

soccer duel

This gives you an additional betting option which adds the draw option to the 2 way bet. However, since the ultimate outcome, even after extra time is added, is usually winner – loser, the 2 way bet still works well here.

Other interesting sports betting markets that may be worth pursuing will feature a more definitive “knockout” (KO) result. Sports such as boxing, UFC and MMA all usually result in some sort of knockout decision – either technically, physically, or through submission. You may find value in these markets to by using a simple 2 way bet option.

2 Way Bets – Main Advantages

The most obvious advantage to the 2 way betting option is that there are only one of two choices to be made. This makes it ideal for the beginner, where other, more complex betting options may be too confusing. This also explains the popularity of 2 way handicap betting. Since the two-way bet consists only of two options, you automatically stand a 50-50 chance of winning. In other words, you will more than likely win at least half of the time. Some bettors will also use the 2-way betting system as part of their overall betting strategy. This works by playing at two different betting sites and taking advantage of their 2 way bet offered on the same event. At one sportsbook they will bet on team A to win, while at the other they will place the same wager on team B to do the same. You can get even more mileage out of this option by taking advantage of any free bets or 2 way bet promos that may be on offer.

2 Way Bet FAQ

  • Are there any disadvantages to the 2 way bet?

    The only real disadvantage of the 2 way bet is that, since it is such a simple 50/50 bet, your odds will be fairly low (small profit on a win).
  • Can I bet on both teams at the same time?

    This is possible and many bettors use this as part of their strategy. You will have to bet at two different betting providers, betting on team A at one and team B at the other. The same can apply for individual players such as those found in tennis and similar sports.
  • Are Two Way bets offered on mobile?

    Yes, they are. Mobile sportsbooks are merely extensions of online sports betting platforms and offer all of the same betting options.

Final Thoughts: 2 Way bet – simple and easy introduction

If you are just starting out with sports betting, taking on a few two way bets is often the best way to get your feet wet. This is by far the easiest and most straightforward of all bets that you can make, giving you a nice and simple 50-50 shot at winning the bet.