$100k in Freerolls, Scratch'n Win Each Month in 888poker Club

When you become a player at 888poker, you become a member of the “poker club."

The club is an endless source of tasks and challenges and, as a member, you're eligible to enter and have a look around.

There are countless benefits you can reap, and these include a never-ending series of freerolls that pay out $100,000 every month.

Up to 8 Freerolls Every Day!

Once you're in the poker club, the more you play the higher the prize pools get. Everybody in the club can enter the basic level of the freerolls.


The more you play, the higher you rise.

To play the higher ones, you have to earn your tickets to play. To do this you need to complete challenges. Every time you complete a challenge, you receive points and golden tokens.

The more points you collect, the higher you climb in the levels. The higher you climb, the more valuable the tournaments will be you can play in.

Every time you climb five levels you’ve reached the next freeroll level. The basic freeroll has a prize pool of $500 and runs every day at 8.10 PM GMT.

If you climb to Level 5 you can play in the Level 5+ Free Tournament that runs twice a day. If you make it to Level 20 you already have eight different freerolls at your disposal every day!

At Level 50 you get access to the weekly $3,000 50+ Free Tournament. If you make to the top and reach Level 70 you can play in the $10,000 70+ Free Tournament every month!

If you're looking for some freeroll pointers to help your ROI, here's a quick guide to 3 poker freeroll strategies that won't do you much help.

Tourney Tickets, Cash Bonuses, Free Bets & More

Apart from the freeroll tickets your climb up the levels gets you a virtual scratch card. Every five levels you’ll find one of these cards in your inbox and, like everywhere else, scratch cards mean prizes. Scratch’n win one of the following prizes:


Real-money tickets await.

  • Real-money tournament tickets
  • Cash bonuses
  • Freeplay in Casino games
  • Free bets in the sportsbook
  • 888poker club points
  • 888poker Club tokens
  • Live Bet bonuses

The challenges you have to complete can be cash-game challenges, casino and sports betting challenges. There are different amounts of points awarded but no matter what you decide to do, you will collect points along the way.

You can find all the freerolls under the All games > Tournaments tab.

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