WPT Montreal: Quick Guide to the City for Poker Players


Party Poker WPT Montreal has quickly established itself as one of the premier tournaments on the international circuit and it’s not just because of the poker.

There are plenty of reasons to stay at the Playground Poker Club for as much time as possible - the food is excellent, there are always plenty of games, etc. - but you’re also 20 minutes away from one of the world’s greatest cities.

Antonio Esfandiari, Kara Scott and Mike Sexton are just a few of the well-known pros who’ve extolled the many virtues of the tournament and the city of Montreal.

The WPT Montreal Main Event runs from Nov. 20-26 so there’s plenty of time to get out there and explore. Here’s a very brief collection of places to check out in Montreal:

Where to Eat

No shortage of beef at Schwartz's.


Montreal is famous for its smoked meat sandwiches and Schwartz's is regarded as the cream of the crop.

Compared to other restaurants the pricing is also quite reasonable so if you want the massive beef sandwich of your dreams you’ll want to check out Schwartz’s.

3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Joe Beef

Joe Beef is somewhat of an institution in Montreal and it’s been featured on numerous top-10 lists and travel shows. Head to Joe Beef if you're looking for an endless onslaught of foie gras, lobster, oysters and steak.

2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Park Sushi

If you’re looking for a little break from beef and foie gras than you might want to check out the critically acclaimed Park Sushi in Westmount. Considered by many to be the best sushi restaurant in Montreal it’s certainly won over poker players. Try the sashimi!

378 Avenue Victoria

What to Watch

Montreal canadiens
The Montreal Canadiens have a few banners. Photo by Maniacduhockey.

Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens - or the “Habs” as they are colloquially referred to by fans - are the main event in Montreal.

Brazil has soccer, the USA has football but Canada, and especially Montreal, has hockey. The Canadiens are the NY Yankees of the NHL with 24 (!) Stanley Cups. In other words seeing a hockey game in Montreal is spectacular and definitely worth it.

The Canadiens only play one game during WPT Montreal (on Nov. 20, which is Day 1a) so plan accordingly.

Where to Go

Old Montreal by Danielwikis.

Mont Royal

When in Montreal you might as well visit the city’s namesake right? Mount Royal (or Mont Royal proper) is located immediately west of the downtown and offers a spectacular view of the entire city.

Go here first go get an idea of Montreal’s geography, take the obligatory selfie, and then continue on to view the rest of the city.

Old Montreal

Montreal is well-known for having a European aesthetic and that’s perhaps most apparent in the Old Montreal district with buildings that date back to the 17th century. The Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal City Hall and Bonsecours Market are just a handful of the noteworthy sites to visit if you wish to do some sight-seeing.

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