Wilson Tops Conaty in All Irish Heads-Up at Irish Open, Wins €150k

Dan Wilson (Photo: Irish Poker Open)

If there's ever a poker tournament where you wish for a local winner, it's the Irish Open.

A European institution that's had its peaks and valleys over the years, the 2016 Irish Open was back in full bloom this year as it enticed 802 players to square off in Dublin for €801,500.

As always the local crowd was engaged and boisterous, too, and there's no better place to watch a local spurred on to victory.

All Irish Heads-Up Delivers

That's what happened today as the two chip leaders coming into the final table, Dan Wilson and Michael Conaty, battled all the way down to the heads-up and mulled over a deal before finally playing it out.

Always charming Dublin.

After a couple more levels and a growing chip advantage, Wilson put Conaty away in a flip with A K vs nines and that was that. 

The 2016 Irish Open title stayed right in Dublin with Wilson who collected the full €150k.

Conaty took €85k for second. David Costello and Michael Rossiter also brought some Irish flavor to the final table while Swede Tomas Soederstrom took third.

Check the full rundown of all the action over at irishpokeropen.com

Complete final-table results and payouts:

1. Daniel Wilson Ireland 150,000
2. Michael Conaty Ireland 85,000
3. Tomas Soederstroem Sweden 52,000
4. Vegard Ropstad Norway 36,500
5. David Costello Ireland 28,500
6. Petr Vejmelka Czech Republic 22,500
7. Brian Nolan Ireland 18,000
8. Igor Arkhipov Russia 14,475
9. Michael Rossiter Ireland 12,150

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