Weekly UK 3-Bet: Cates Scarf'd, Kara GIF’d, Degen Tales

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The Weekly UK 3-Bet is a gritty, Guy Ritchie-esque car chase scene twisting and turning down the back lanes of the London poker news afternoon.

This week on the 3-Bet we bring you a high-stakes legend adjusting to the nuances of live play, the over-the-line ambition of one poker photographer plus a good old degenerate gambling tale from Welsh superstar Roberto Romanello.

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Dan Cates scarfs up.

1. The Jungleman is Finally Getting This Live Poker Thang

During WPT Copenhagen there was a cash game that was streamed live over the Internet. Daniel “Jungleman” Cates was fresh off his $500,000 online victory in the PokerStars All-Star Heads-Up Showdown, and he was the star attraction.

At one point during the tournament he beckoned the masseuse over to him and asked, “Why are these guys all wearing scarves?”

The baffled masseuse later asked me for my opinion and so I told her that it was to protect their bulging carotid artery. The masseuse relayed the information to Cates who was unaware of the carotid artery tell and found it quite amusing.

Fast-forward to the WPT stop at the Mazagan Beach & Golf resort and Cates turned up for Day Two eating a tray of macaroons and wearing a lovely looking white scarf.

“Maybe this is where I have been going wrong?” Said Cates.

2. Kara Scott Gets GIF'd

Kara Scott
Neither Kara Scott nor PokerListings endorse the following GIF.

The poker photographer is an artisan, a role that should be appreciated and not pushed. The process begins with the picture, the shot that the artist sees in his minds eye. It ends with a lot of editing work on the computer; and I mean a lot!

For the layman it appears that they are not doing much at all. Certainly not taking any photographs. But I am reliably informed that they are all working their arses off.

Now stick a pretty woman in the picture, a thing of beauty, and things change quite dramatically. The camera starts fluttering faster than a hummingbird wing.

“Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling,” as Duran Duran used to sing.

At WPT Copenhagen I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle at the long line of photographers sat down behind the Royal Flush girl Sonia Yasmin Ali. A very short skirt and a set of tremendous pins all equates to some alone time in the dark room.

I couldn’t help think that the behaviour was slightly stalkerish. I realise I have just made up a word, but it sounds great.

But nothing was more stalkerish that the decision one journalist took to merge three photos of Kara Scott twirling her hair, into a short video. I think it’s time we hired a supervisor to look after these guys.

3. That Boy Romanello Can Gamble

Have you ever wondered how poker players manage to make a living in today's poker world?

I spent some time talking to Roberto Romanello the other day and he told me that after his big wins at EPT Prague and WPT Bratislava he invested most of it in his families Real Estate portfolio.

Roberto Romanello
Roberto Romanello has some gamble.

At the time he was telling me this he had an apron on and was making me fish and chips in his family restaurant called ‘Roma’ (incidentally Roma is the name of the registration plate on his Ferrari).

When I asked Romanello if he ever got involved in Sports betting he told me a wonderful story. The Welshman told me how he had spun £1,000 up to £55,000 by laying various sporting bets on Betfair. He had a unique system as well. When he had a good win he would withdraw 50% and save it in his bank account, before placing a bet on Italy to win the World Cup with the rest.

This was back in 2006 and by the time the World Cup final was held, Italy were scheduled to play France, and Romanello stood to win over £100,000. His brothers convinced him to place a large bet on France so he could lock in a guaranteed profit of £100,000, which he did. Romanello kept £16,000 and invested the rest.

A few days later and the £16,000 had vanished quicker than Devilfish in an Asian brothel. Romanello went into his bank account and withdrew the £55,000 and started to play with that. Before you knew it he was down to £17,000.

Realising he was on a slide bigger than the one at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, he physically withdrew the £17,000 in cash, handed it to his brother and said, “Take this before I blow the lot.”

That boy Romanello can gamble.

Lee Davy is a writer from Ogmore Vale in South Wales. You can follow his views and opinions through his blog at www.needyhelper.com or on Twitter @Chingster23.

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