WCOOP Day 10: Brown Third in Badugi, Benger Deep Again

Chad Brown
Chad Brown

Chad Brown grabbed bragging rights over his fellow Team PokerStars Pros on Day 10 of the 2012 WCOOP.

Brown went farther than any other well-known pro on Day 10 as he finished third in the Badugi event to win more than $10,000.

Day 10 was a much slower day than we’re used to in the WCOOP with just two events playing to completion and another finishing up Day 1 but there were plenty of compelling stories with deep runs from Vanessa Rousso, Shane Schleger and Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger.

Here’s a look at the highlights from Day 10 of the 2012 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker.

Shane Schleger
Shane Schleger

Event 27: $320 Mixed Hold’em

The $320 Mixed No-Limit/Limit Hold’em event yesterday saw PokerStars pros Vanessa Rousso and Shane Schleger go deep but it was ultimately Canadian putuonfbt who took the WCOOP bracelet.

Event 27 drew a very decent field of 732 players, easily breaking the $150k guarantee with $219,600 up for grabs.

Jose Barbero, Maxim Lykov, Alex Kravchenko and Chad Brown were among the numerous pros who played the event but missed out on the cash. Brown was busy with another event, however, as you’ll see below.

Vanessa Rousso, who plays on PokerStars as LadyMaverick, made a deep run but was eventually ousted in 35th when she smacked king-ten into her opponent’s king-jack.

George Danzer, who’s had an incredible WCOOP already, added a 21st place finish in this event. Currently second on the POY leaderboard, it seems very possible the German will be on top before the 2012 WCOOP comes to an end.

Finally Shane Schleger was the last of the big name pros to fall as he couldn’t escape TT vs. AA. Schleger picked up $1,098 for coming in 19th place.

Sweden’s lennart entered the final table as the overwhelming chip leader with 1.2 million chips but that was only good enough to get him third place.

Putuonfbt went on to win the event outright for $40,296.

Here’s a complete look at the final table payouts:

1. putuonfbt - $40,296
2. Strummer9 - $28,767
3. Lennart - $21,740
4. Mustangoo7 - $16,360
5. Dyng247 - $11,419
6. DO$UN*9* - $9,223
7. RuiNF - $7,027
8. ESTRATEGA 18 - $4,831
9. Edoiler - $2,854

Chad Brown
Chad Brown

Event 28: $320 Badugi

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown came within a couple spots of chasing down his first WCOOP bracelet in Event 28.

Badugi is no Hold’em but Event 28 still managed to attract a sizable field of 304 players with $91,200 up for grabs.

It was particularly well-attended by Team PokerStars Pros as Daniel Negreanu, George Danzer, Alex Kravchenko, Martin Staszko and Marcin Horecki all took a crack at a WCOOP Badugi bracelet.

Most fell to the rail in the early stages but not Brown. Instead Brown was one of the chip leaders for much of the tournament and eventually secured a spot at the final table.

Brown entered the final table as one of the middle stacks but quickly started building his way to the top.

Finally Brown, after an outstanding effort, succumbed to the rail when he couldn’t get by the two big stacks during three-handed play.

Brown picked up $10,032 for coming in third place, meaning his 2013 WSOP Main Event buy-in is good to go at the very least.

Meanwhile the two biggest stacks to start the final table, woodbine ave and Gigaloff, were left to fight it out for first place.

Canadian woodbine ave eventually got the best of his Russian opponent and took down the $17,784 first-place prize.

Here are the complete final table payouts:

1. woodbine ave - $17,784
2. Gigaloff - $13,224
3. Chad Brown - $10,032
4. Dynastyzz - $7,296
5. Mehmet deniz - $5,016
6. Lumelia - $3,648
7. NAR74 - $2,736
8. QuadVQuadMe - $2,280

Griffin Benger
Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger

WCOOP 29: $1,050 No-Limit Hold’em Day 1

Event 29 was the real crowd pleaser yesterday with 1,422 entrants and a staggering $1.4 million prize pool.

The event drew a seemingly endless parade of professional poker players including Liv Boeree, Nick “FU_15” Maimone, Joe Cheong, Mickey Petersen, Martin Staszko, Jon Turner, Daniel Negreanu and Maxim Lykov.

After 24 levels of play on Day 1, play finally came to a close with 82 players still chasing the WCOOP bracelet and the massive $241,740 first-place prize.

Canadian MTT-master Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger once again finds himself with a top 10 chip stack.

Angel Guillen, George Lind and Adam Geyer are also still in the hunt for the potentially huge payouts in Event 29.

Action resumes at 17:00 ET today. Here’s a look at the top 10 chip counts:

1. GrabMaki – 513,830
2. Veeea – 452,060
3. Wizowizo – 310,251
4. Gambler4444 – 281,966
5. Majus26 – 276,044
6. Baddada123 – 266,486
7. H.Oussale – 261,379
8. Arxigos – 256,898
9. Guimoura – 246,250
10. Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger – 239,077

WCOOP Events Starting Today

6:00 ET – WCOOP-30 $215 No-Limit Hold’em [Ante Up]

  • $215 buy-in $200,000 guaranteed

11:00 ET – WCOOP-31 $530 No-Limit Hold’em [10-Max, Triple Shootout]

  • $530 buy-in $200,000 guaranteed

14:00 ET – WCOOP-32 $320 8-Game

  • $320 buy-in $125,000 guaranteed

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