UK Businessman Paul Newey Books $300k Win in Aria SHRB Cash Game

Published on 1 July 2015 by Pokerlistings 958
Paul Newey is a businessman from the UK who's been a regular in high-stakes poker tournaments and cash games all over the world for the last few years. Most recently Newey has been competing in the Aria Super High Roller Bowl Cash Game in Las Vegas and he told that it's the toughest poker game he's ever played. Tough competition notwithstanding, Newey managed to turn a profit of roughly $300,000. The table included some of the best poker pros in the world including Patrik Antonius, Dan Colman, Scott Seiver, Sam Trickett, Doug Polk and Doc Sands. Much of Newey's profit came from a huge hand where he held pocket aces and Finnish poker legend Patrik Antonius held pocket kings. In this video interview at the 2015 World Series of Poker, Newey tells us what it was like going up against poker's best, and why he loves playing for high stakes against the best players in the world. Newey also explains what happened when the dealer in the Aria game laid two queen of clubs down on one flop, invalidating the hand and causing some controversy among the players at the table.
Paul Newey: Got the call yesterday, actually. The story is that I just bought into the little one for one drop. I just sat down and take my seat so I got the phone call saying I was in the game. So I had to surrender my chips yesterday. Everyone at the table was pretty pleased to get some free chips. It was a really good game. When I say good, I don't mean easy. It was probably the most difficult cash game I've ever played in really. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. It was a really challenging game which is the sort of game I like. And I came out a winner as well so that was a bonus. I really enjoyed it.

Pretty much played all of the players apart from the Australian guy. I'm never come across him before but the rest I have played cash games with [Seeva], Antonius, [Doxons], Trickett, a few times. Pretty much everybody at the table really. I am used to them.

I still got a rush of the table, playing against that caliber of player. Obviously, high stakes, on TV as well. You don't want to do anything too stupid or anything that makes you look like an idiot. Just puts the pressure on a little bit more, I think.

Yeah, there is. There is. [Inaudible]. It's definitely a higher level. Basically a lot more aggressive, lot more three bay, four bay. A lot of people making moves without made hands. That typically is what you see in the high stakes games.

What happened was they strangely called me away for an interview when I was on the big blind. I think the flop came down Ace of Spades, Queen of Clubs, Queen of Clubs. I think it was a two way pot and none of the players spotted it but I think a back crew spotted it and stopped the action. I don't think the dealer spotted the action either as far as I could tell. And I think we played about ten hands with a new deck because this was quite soon after dinner. So it was a new deck of cards, apparently. I'm pretty sure that none of the players were aware there was two Queen of clubs and I don't think anyone noticed it. I'm pretty sure no one noticed on the flop. I don't think it actually made any overall difference but it was a bit of a shame for our area, you know, in a game like that televised that that happened. Apparently, it can happen and it did.

I think [Dog Pogs] was the most upset because I think he won the pot which had to be surrendered. was just one of those things. These guys have played an awful lot of poker. They've probably seen it before. It's just one of those things you have to take.

You know, start taking in some WPT's now as well, some of the smaller stuff. Probably try to not travel quite so far so makes us cut down on Australia and Makow and try to do some more European tours. I pretty much already do all the EPT's anyway but try to pick up some WPT's in as well.

It is always good when non-professionals get high spots in these tournaments. It would be nice to see some more people in there.