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Published on 5 March 2015 by Pokerlistings 5116
The cold four-bet is a powerful bluffing move that can win you pots, regardless of what your cards are. In this intermediate poker strategy video we break down exactly how to cold four-bet bluff, and we do it in less than three minutes. At its most basic a cold four-bet refers to putting in a re-re-raise before the flop as your first action in a hand. So for example, if one player raises, another player three-bets and you come in with another raise, that's a cold four-bet. Cold four-betting as a bluff isn't a beginner move and there are a few things you need to look out for to make sure you're not spewing money. First, look for players who are open-raising a lot because chances are, they don't have a premium hand every time. It's more dangerous to cold four-bet bluff against a tight player because they're more likely to have a monster hand that they won't fold. Second, make sure the other players at the table respect your raises. If you've been bluffing a lot, or just picking up a ton of big hands and doing a lot of raising, your opponents will be more suspicious of your four-bet and therefore more likely to call. It's also better to four-bet bluff when you have position on your opponents because they'll be less inclined to call and have to play the rest of the hand out of position. Watch the fourth episode of Poker Power Moves to learn an effective new bluffing technique you can add to your poker game today.
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There are situations in poker where the right move, at the right time, can make all the difference to your bottom line. Today we break down one of the best. The Cold 4-Bet Bluff.

A cold 4-bet is when one player has raised, another has re-raised and you come with another re-raise as your first action in the hand.

Cold 4-betting can be a powerful bluffing move but to do it right, you have to remember three things:

Number one. Cold 4-betting is a bluff, only works against loose-aggressive opponents who are raising a wide range of hands.

Number two. The more solid your table image, the more credit your opponents will give your 4-bet. So, if you are a tight aggressive player, this is a great move to mix in when the conditions are right.

And number three. To be effective as a bluff, your 4-bet has to be big enough to push your opponents out of the hand. Usually, 25 big blinds is about right.

Cold 4-betting as a bluff is particularly useful in tournaments and it's a great way to make use of a 25 big blind stack. These days, players are raising and re-raising a really wide range of hands and by cold 4-betting as a bluff, you can increase your stack in a big way, even if you can't pick up a big hand.

When you're playing deep stacked, cold 4-betting as a bluff is a great way to balance your four betting range. It's really important for your opponents to know that just because you are re-raising, it doesn't mean you have Aces or Kings every time. Then, the next time you are four betting with a monster, your opponents will be more likely to pay you off with a weaker hand.

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