Scott Palmer: 'I Was Winning or Losing Up to $1.5m Every Month'

Published on 10 July 2014 by Pokerlistings 8636
Scott Palmer is a legend in the high-stakes online poker world where he's won millions of dollars playing under the screen name "URnotINdanger2". Palmer started playing poker when he was 14 and after meeting high-stakes pro Dan "Jungleman12" Cates he quickly climbed the ranks and was soon beating some of the biggest games online. Palmer was still living at his parent's house and told they had no idea he was quietly winnning millions of dollars playing poker on his laptop. Palmer also said that at the time the money didn't even seem real. When he started cashing out and bought his first car, however, he realized poker was something that could seriously improve his life. After Black Friday Palmer opted to stay in the US while most of his fellow online pros were moving abroad to keep playing. Palmer says he liked living near his friends and family too much to move away but now, after a couple years, he's considering spending some time out of the country so he can get back into the high-stakes online scene. Check out this video interview with Scott "URnotINdanger2" Palmer and keep watching for the latest news and video from the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
Hey, I'm Scott Palmer and I got into poker maybe when I was maybe 14 or 15. I played a lot of home games with people I played soccer with and I won the first three tournaments we played, so obviously I loved it and I ended up meeting Jungleman through the home games and me and him played online quite a bit. And over the years, maybe like after a year, two years of playing online we started getting into the higher stakes and realized how bad actually some people were. We thought everyone was really good at first but it turned out there was quite a bit of money to be made. So, over the last couple of years I haven't played as much but that's obviously because I can't really play online too easily. I mean, I like staying in the US so going overseas isn't the best thing for me at least.

Yeah, when I first started playing high stakes, it was definitely very surreal. It was pretty interesting, like the money didn't seem real at the time and I was living with my parents and they had no idea how much money I was making. Like actually it was Christmas one day and my dad kept coming into where I played poker and kept telling me to help him take the trash out or to do something and I was playing fifty a hundred with someone and I kept telling him "No," and like 30 minutes and 30 minutes and he got really mad at me. And then later I talked to him and he was like, "I was really mad you decided not to help me out." And I was like, "Dad I just won 170k," and he was like "It's all right, you made a good decision." So I mean, it was definitely very interesting. Also my parents were a little shocked, like I was probably playing high stakes for like a year or a year and a half and they had no clue how much money I made, they thought maybe I made like 100k or 200k when it was a lot more than that. So, that was pretty fun.

It didn't really seem like it was real because, yeah I played a lot of video games that seemed very similar to that and also it just seemed like it was a little too easy to be making that much money. Like, I figured it would be extremely difficult and especially when I was playing the higher stakes. Like I played some people at 2550 and 1020, and obviously you can still make a lot of money there but I sort of thought with how not good they were they were hustling me. But then when I played higher stakes and was winning a lot there it kind of dawned on me that there is a ton of money to be made and that it is real. Once I started getting paid, so I mean also it took a while for me to actually cash out on some money, so that's why it didn't seem real. I mostly kept a lot online. Maybe for like two years basically every month I would, this was when I was playing 200 and 400 around there, I was making or losing around 500,000 to 1.5 million a month, either winning or losing.

Usually wining, thankfully, but when I first started playing, I played on a pretty small laptop and I 22 tabled. And that was definitely a stupid idea but when I was winning a decent amount of money it's hard for me to change and stop and try something else, so. One of the reasons why I was definitely extremely successful is because I met someone called JungleMan, who is an extremely intelligent person and I learned a lot from him. And, I mean when I did school I was always way better at math than anything else and obviously poker is an extremely, well it's all math if you figure it out right and that definitely helped. It also helped to have someone else who's obviously very good, and whether you think you're right or you think he's right, it's just nice to get a different outlook on how to think about the way to play the game.

So it's definitely nice to talk to other people and see how they think about certain stuff. I'm trying to invest money and stuff like that. I haven't exactly went crazy. I considered buying a Lamborghini, because that's something I wanted for a long time but nowadays I don't know if it's such a good idea. I mean poker is a little more difficult to make as much money as before, but it's still pretty nice. Yeah, so basically black Friday happened and I didn't believe it when I got a call from one of my friends because I was playing two tables of 100, 200 PLO and he calls me and says "Hey did you hear what happened? All the porker sites are shut down basically, or at least Poker Stars and Full Tilt is. You're not allowed to play if you're in the US." And I'm like "What are you talking about? I'm playing right now," but obviously once I sat off the table I realized that it wasn't a joke.

And it was pretty sick at first, I mean I had a lot of money on there, I mean multiple millions. So I didn't know what was going to happen at first. I mean like the first couple of weeks I don't know if I wanted to lie to myself or I just had a lot of faith in Full Tilt and Poker Stars, and thankfully my faith in Poker Stars worked out. They paid immediately and that was really nice, but for the couple years Full Tilt didn't pay, I mean I basically gave up on the money that was there, I thought I was screwed for sure. And it was also a ton of money for me, it was over half my roll or around half my roll, so that was pretty tilting moment.

But thankfully I got paid in the end so I can't complain. It was extremely nice when I finally realized everyone's getting paid out from that. I feel like I've gotten to the point where it's extremely harder for me to get better at it. So, that's sort of why I've lost a little interest because I've thought of a lot of scenarios that could happen in poker and there's not many more that I think I could get better at pretty much. So it's a little annoying that basically I just don't, the skill ceiling is pretty close. So I don't really think that it's that interesting.