Roberto Luongo Busts 2013 WSOP Main Event (with Fabio Luongo)

Published on 11 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 4744 has been following Vancouver Canuck Roberto Luongo at the World Series of Poker Main Event but unfortunately his run came to an end on Day 2C. We're getting ready to release the full short documentary of Luongo's experience in Las Vegas but for now we've got a short video featuring Roberto, his brother Fabio and Jason March of Roberto talks about how much this event means to him and hor frustrating it is to fall short of the bar he set when he cashed in this event in 2012.
Fabio: Yeah, we played a lot of cars, but mostly hockey but also cards. And then I grew up in our family...our dad's a big cards player. So we grew up to see cards and we've always loved to play, not gambling, but mostly the competition aspect about it. Playing in the World Series is always a nice experience especially when you get to experience it with your brother, family and friends.

There's a bit of bragging rights. So obviously we're always cheering for each other, but there's always that, "Who lasted longer?" But like I said, this year he lasted longer, but I'm sure if he doesn't make it into the money, he'll still be disappointed about it.

Jason: To cash [SP] in the main event for your first time in the World Series is a pretty phenomenal feat. His goals were to get at least one place higher than that. So his goal was always ultimately to win and he has spoken quite openly that he wants to win three things in life. He wanted to win the Olympic gold medal, which he did. He wanted to win the Stanley Cup. He fell slightly short. And he wanted to win a World Series bracelet. He takes the game seriously and he wants to go all the way.

Fabio: Hopefully I'll be cheering him on and supporting him, and hopefully things go well from a year on. But if he loses, it's still an experience and it's a tough tournament to go deep in.

Host: Vancouver Canuck, Roberto Luongo, came into Day 2 of the main event with a nice stack. But just like in all sports, sometimes no matter how well you perform, things just don't work out.

Roberto: I had [inaudible 0:01:25] of spades in the blind. I flopped him out 8-10-Jack with a turn of King of spades, so I [inaudible 0:01:36] straight draw. So I went all in. [Inaudible 0:01:37] called a river of two hearts.

Jason: Wow.

Roberto: Two hearts.

Host: Along with hundreds of other players, Luongo's main event has come to an end. So we talked to him and find out how he feels about coming up short compared to the deep run he made last year.

Roberto: I was really disappointed. I think right off the start of the day, I was running into some hands. Pretty much all day I had the second-best hands. I had some good starting hands. I played more pots than I usually do, and for some reason, I wasn't winning any of them. So it happens sometimes in poker, but obviously disappointing especially the way things happened last year. I was hoping to make another run this year.

That's what sports is about. You could be as ready as you want and then play as good as you want. Sometimes it's just not meant to be. Unfortunately I feel like today was one of those days, and I just got to swallow it and then move on. Sometimes you just chock it up like you just said. There's nothing you can do. Sometimes in sports you're always trying to figure out a way to be better and what you could have done differently. But that goes without saying also in poker, but there's obviously more things in poker that are out of your control than in hockey. So disappointing, but obviously it gives you that hunger to come back, whether that's next year or in the future for sure.