Poker Basics: How to Shuffle Poker Chips Like a Pro (Tutorial)

Published on 6 March 2014 by Pokerlistings 4544
We explain how to shuffle poker chips like a pro in the latest installment of our beginner poker strategy video series. If you see poker pros playing on TV they’re always shuffling their chips and they barely seem to notice they’re doing it. With this poker video tutorial, and a little practice, you’ll be able to impress your friends and inspire respect from even the most hardened poker grinders. First cut out two stacks of chips. Place your pinky and ring finger on the outside edge and use your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the two stacks together. Now use your middle finger to pop the two stacks up in the middle and lift your hand straight up to shuffle the chips together into one stack. Don't squeeze too hard. Just prop the chips up in the middle and let them fall into place. Now, practice! Start your poker journey today.