Poker Basics: How To Shuffle Cards Like a Pro

Published on 28 April 2014 by Pokerlistings 3940
If you're playing in a home game without a professional poker dealer, each player having to shuffle the cards can be a big problem. Sometimes people don't effectively mix up the cards or worse, they allow people to see cards being dealt or the card on the bottom of the deck. With this video you can learn to shuffle cards like a professional in just two minutes and you can make sure you're shuffling the right way at your next home game. There are a few steps you need to learn to shuffle like a pro. First give the cards a wash. Just spread the whole deck out on the table and make sure every card touches the felt. Next, learn the riffle. This is also called a table shuffle and it's really effective because you don't even have to lift the cards off the table to do it. Break the deck into two halves and bend the corners up with your thumbs to riffle the two halves together. Next comes the box. Take the deck in one hand and use your other hand to take about a quarter of the deck off the top. Drop that on the felt and repeat until you've gone through the entire deck. Next cut the cards. Most dealers learn a specific routine which starts with giving the cards a wash, riffling twice, boxing the deck, riffling once more and then cutting the deck onto a cut card. Follow along with the video and with a little practice you'll be able to do it like a pro.
Shuffling poker chips seems hard at first, but with a little practice you'll be doing it like a pro. First cut out two stacks of chips. Place your pinkie and ring finger on the outside edge and use your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the two stacks together. Now use your middle finger to pop the two stacks up in the middle, and lift your hand straight up to shuffle the chips together into one stack. Don't squeeze too hard, just prop the chips up in the middle, and let them fall into place. Now, practice., start your poker journey today.