New Full Tilt Director Mansour: 'Very Significant Changes Coming'

Published on 7 July 2015 by Pokerlistings 1334
Dominic Mansour is the new Managing Director of Full Tilt and he says there are innovative changes coming to the online poker room very soon. Mansour has a strong background in online gaming and advertising and he's now at the helm of one of the world's biggest online poker rooms. According to Mansour, the changes they have in the pipe will seek to improve playing conditions for recreational players and rewards everyone for what they contribute to the site, not just the high-volume players. While Mansour was tight-lipped about specifics, he did call the changes “significant” and “ innovative”. The old Full Tilt Poker was very much about its team of top-tier pros. Mansour says they aren't going after recreational players in an effort to distance themselves from the old brand but rather that he believes this is the way to build a healthy poker ecosystem that will provide recreational players with more bang for their buck while also creating an appealing poker room for professionals and high-volume players. Check out the full video interview now to learn more about Dominic Mansour's plans for the new Full Tilt.
So it's clear that there's a growing skill gap in online specifically within poker. And in my personal experience as a recreational player your expectation with poker, as with any form of gambling, I think people are wise enough to know that if I put $50 into a site, actually yes I would like to walk away with a small profit, but ultimately I want to have some fun. Now, if I'm not entertained and I don't enjoy what I'm doing, why would I go back and do it again.
So there is a growing skill gap in online poker that is making that experience for the recreational player just not as much fun as it was before. And we see that with piles and piles of different data points, whether it's the speed at which people lose or how loyal they are compared to how loyal the same time of player used to be.
So we're going to introduce a series of changes over the next few weeks. Whilst in the last six months we've taken baby steps towards a recreational direction, these will be giant leaps to much more significant changes. I wouldn't want to claim that they're revolutionary but they are certainly changes that are very different and I don't think anyone would have seen yet. We personally believe that they're very innovative and should start to redress that balance between recreational and high-volume player.
The way that the industry rewards players for their loyalty is on volume of play and that doesn't necessarily reflect the benefit they're giving to the site. Therefore the players that fall into the category of recreational, something like 95% of your total database of players, are not experiencing that reward program or that loyalty program. And if they are, they're getting so little out of it that it's not really changing their behavior or making them play more and have more fun.
So we're not just doing what the rest of the industry did and cut off the high-volume players. That's not our intention. Our intention is to reward the recreational player better than before.
So that will be a very significant change.
We'll introduce a mechanic that will be very fun and entertaining in the way that we rewards players so it's not just about a monetary value.
There's absolutely no question about that, recreational is our focus. We're definitely moving into that niche but we're not shutting the door on the higher-volume players.
They may well come back and see that it's a very recreational site with a much more balanced economy and whilst the traditional rewards system might not be the same as it was before, they will get a benefit because of the high volume of recreational players.
Yeah. This really is the part of the story that we don't really want to tell but yes we are going to increase rake in a couple of areas. It is going to align us with our competitors. The reason we're doing it is not to align ourselves with the iPokers and the 888s of the world. We need to be able to finance changes in the business. We have the aspirations of any business to grow and make more money, of course, but raising rake is not our mechanic for making more money. Raising rake is our mechanic to be able to invest in these changes we're making.
We will release all the details as we make the changes so you can get everything as transparently as possible. But to give you a vague idea it will be at the low stakes and the highest stakes and we'll leave the ones in the middle alone.
I will tell you it will be within the next month that we should have at least the first three of four of the big changes out there and hopefully everyone's going to love them.