Maria Ho Pledges 5% of Winnings to Refugee Aid at Battle of Malta

Published on 6 November 2015 by Pokerlistings 146
MOAS is an organization that rescues immigrants making the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean in search of a safer home. To help support their effort, Battle of Malta Host Maria Ho has pledged to donate 5 per cent of any winnings in this event. Maria is urging other poker players to donate whatever they're able to in order to save more lives that could otherwise be lost at sea. We also speak to Christina Lejman, a MOAS fundraising officer who is at the Battle of Malta spreading awareness and raising money to provide more assistance to refugees in danger. Help support MOAS by going to to make a donation and please share this video to help spread the word.
Christina Lejman: If you understand that every single life matters and every single individual that you've rescued is a person with a family and a history and a future and so much potential, then you start to feel the impact of what you're doing.

At the moment the Mediterranean is the number one deadliest route for migrants in the world. At the end of 2015 the International Organization of Migration says that we'll have up to 30,000 individuals who will have died in the Mediterranean trying to do this crossing.

Maria Ho: I'm pledging five per cent of any of my Battle of Malta winnings to MOAS which is a charity that helps rescue people at sea. We're in Malta on the Mediterranean so it seems like a really good cause.

Give what you can so try to be generous in a way that's comfortable for you. So obviously when you win, everybody wins, that seems like a win-win situation. But even if people don't do well in this tournament I still encourage people to give what they can.

It's not really about the amount. It's the thought that counts.