Man vs. Machine: Jungleman Heads-Up with Pokersnowie AI

Published on 19 October 2013 by Pokerlistings 21572
Pokersnowie is a sophisticated artificial intelligence designed to play game-theory optimal poker, and teach aspiring poker players how to make fewer mistakes and earn more money. At the Battle of Malta PokerSnowie takes on one of the most successful heads-up No-Limit Hold'em players in history, Dan "Jungleman" Cates, and we capture the match and Jungleman's reaction on video.
Narrator: Pokersnowie is a new training tool powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence designed to teach players game theory optimal poker strategy. And today, at the battle of Malta, one of the most successful poker pros in history is going to take it on heads up.

Dan Cates: I've heard, actually, a few things about Pokersnowie. It's hard to argue against something that basically just did something that in the real world is not even feasible to solve the game. I'm extremely curious and not 100 percent sure what will happen.

Johannes Strassmann: I feel there's something to be learned from this program for sure. It has a general game theory that might even be superior to the human being. We are just going to run more tests once and then we are going to sense what's up with it. If Daniel loses all his hair in the next interview, then you guys are gonna know that Pokersnowie is better than him.

Dan: Crap. This is king-high, I guess. Oh wow. Why would he ever check there? It's doing some really strange things. I don't know. Poker is a complicated game, you never really know what's going to happen. Snowie's in trouble. I'm all in. Oh no! Damn it!

Oliver Egger: What is interesting about Pokersnowie is that there's no human strategy. All the strategy that is in Pokersnowie was learned by experience, by lots of experience. We have a lot of computer power where it trains trillions of hands everyday. After years of making that training, it's now at a very strong level.

Dan: F-[bleep]. Well, he got me there. He got me there. This is bad news, right here. This is bad news. What an asshole.

Oliver: Session was 15 out of 70 hands and you were up 3 buy-ins 322 chips.

Dan: Okay.

Oliver: And Snowie thinks you made 32 major errors.

Dan: All right.

Oliver: So we can have a look at those.

Dan: Let's see what it says.

Oliver: It thinks that you gave up 8 big blinds against itself.

Dan: I wasn't sure about that one.

Oliver: Right.

Dan: Okay.

Oliver: So it thinks you gave up 6 big blinds on average, by betting all in in that case instead of just checking. So, then we folded, so.

Dan: What happened here?

Oliver: This is another one. You bet all in right here.

Dan: Oh yeah, I called a forfeit and shoved. I could have checked and just waited for him to bet.

Oliver: Right.

Dan: Yeah, that makes sense to me.

Oliver: Right, Well done. Congratulations.

Dan: Thanks. I'm surprised that the style, despite how unorthodox it was, was actually quite difficult to beat. Maybe it plays like the ultimate kind of balance style. You wouldn't think a computer would have these kinds of balls.