Jason Somerville and RunItUp Legion Take on WSOP 2016 Main Event

Published on 11 July 2016 by Pokerlistings 208
Jason Somerville is a Team PokerStars Pro and by far the most popular streamer on Twitch.tv and right now he's battling it out at the biggest poker tournament in the world. Somerville has built one of the most loyal and passionate fan followings in all of poker and he said it warms his heart to know he has so much support. In addition to playing at the WSOP, Somerville has also been taking his turn commentating for the WSOP's live final table stream. Even though he hasn't been able to stream on Twitch since May, he says he's seeing tons of his followers at the WSOP and gets a lot of motivation from knowing his fans are cheering him on. Somerville made it to Day 2 and will return to the Rio in a couple days to try to fight his way towards the money. Check out the video to hear more about Somerville's experiences this summer at the WSOP, and why he thinks he's had so much success live streaming on Twitch.

Jason Somerville: I knew I had to play this day because we have things going on. It was UFC 200 and tomorrow PokerStars is hosting a regulated online poker panel discussion with me, Moneymaker, John Pappas, so I knew I had to play today.

I registered right after dinner. I knew I didn't want to play the first few levels of the day and it's been fun. It's a normal Main Event table. I don't know anyone at the table but everyone's having a good time. It's nice. I always try to encourage that because I don't want to be bored out of my mind.

And after a summer of playing non-Hold'em games, to go back to two cards is a bit like, "Okay, what are we doing here? There's no up-cards to remember."

Matt Showell: I get the feeling people aren't too bored when you're around.

Jason Somerville: Yeah people seem to think I'm just going to endlessly chatty at the table but honestly if there's no one else talking. I do that full time!

We had 27,000 concurrent viewers watch me at a Stud Hi-Lo final table for WCOOP on PokerStars last fall. It's crazy. That's the biggest number we've had viewing a Stud thing since the World Series aired it 10 years ago.

I feel like I'm uniquely positioned to be the tour guide of poker. I know most of the poker pros. I've been interacting with them so I can say, "Yeah I know Jason Mercier and we've had these conversations and this is why he's a good guy." So I can provide some context for the viewers.

And on Twitch we get hundreds of thousands of unique viewers every single month and often these are people that have just the slightest inkling of poker. I must explain what's the button or what's an ante every single day.

So we have people from there all the way up to world champions who enjoy watching the stream and grinding along with me. So I think it's that diversity of people that are all united under a love of poker who want to enjoy themselves playing the game.

And I think that's what the community has been built around.

Matt Showell: How does that play into your experience here? You've got all these people following you and rooting for you. Do you feel that support?

Jason Somerville: For sure. It's great to see my Twitter feed on every single break when everyone's rooting me on. As a poker player it kind of blows my mind because it's level 3! People are like, "Win! Take it down!".

So I'm just like, "Okay guys. Step one is to make Day 2. Cool your jets a little bit here." But it's amazing to see the support. Walking around the Rio and seeing people wearing RunItUp gear everywhere. It's so cool to see and it really does warm my heart to see people who care enough to represent and try to do work spreading the word. I really do appreciate all the support from everyone.