How This Kiwi Skateboarder is Grinding his Way to the WSOP

Published on 27 May 2015 by Pokerlistings 706
Grant Hutchinson is an amateur poker player and serious skateboarder living in Vancouver and this summer he'll be competing at the World Series of Poker for the very first time. Hutchinson has been skateboarding for decades and actually built the biggest halfpipe in New Zealand in his very own backyard. As it turns out, grinding a rail and grinding a poker tournament aren't as different as they might seem. PokerListings met Hutchinson at Vancouver's Bonsor Skateboard Park just a few days before his first trip to the WSOP in Las Vegas. In this video Hutchinson shows off some epic moves in the bowl and talks about how important skateboarding and poker are in his life. Hutchinson also explains that his six-year-old son is the biggest reason he's in Vancouver, and why he's determined to play well and do his best to make a big score playing poker. Check out the video to see Hutchinson in action and hear what it's like to live your poker dream.
Welcome to beautiful British Columbia. My name is Grant Hutchinson from New Zealand. I am heading to the World Series of Poker. This is Diffy, my dog and we are at my favorite skate park, Banza. Welcome, we'll take you for a ride.

Dreaming big is a part of life. If you don't dream big you won't reach big. So when I skateboard here at the bowl sometimes you have a bad day, sometimes you have a good day. If you can get into that zone, things just seem to roll. You know you land every trick, every grind just feels amazing. I find the same with poker, if you can get into the feel of what everyone is doing, it's just a zone that you've got and you seem to make the right plays. I have spent a lot of my savings traveling to and from New Zealand to be a part of my son's life. If I can do well in one of these poker tournaments, it will be life changing for us. So those dreams, they are big for someone like me. I mean I have never been in any really big tournaments before, but I know I've got the skills and I just got to have patience.

I decided to build New Zealand's biggest skateboard ramp. It was 13 1/2 feet high and 40 foot wide. People thought I was crazy, but I got it built. The World Series of Poker has been an idea ever since I started watching it. I think I've got as much chance as anyone else. Slim with that many people, but hey, someone has to win it.