Cricket Legend Shane Warne Cashes for First Time at WSOP Main Event

Published on 11 July 2015 by Pokerlistings 240
Shane Warne is deep in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event for the first time. Warne is splitting his time between playing poker at the WSOP during the day and watching the Australian cricket team compete against England in the Ashes at night. Warne said he woke up at 3am to watch the game and even though Australia is down at the moment, Warne thinks if they can win the next test match they will go on to win the Ashes. Warne said he's getting tons of support from friends here in Vegas and from people back home in Australia. Check out the full video with Shane Warne at the World Series of Poker and watch's live coverage of the WSOP Main Event to see how deep he can go.
To go deep and make the money is pretty good. I've bubbled twice. 696th I came and they paid 692 and the other was something similar. So it's nice to make the money in my eighth or ninth attempt.
I'm a little weary with two hours to go here. I was up at 3am to watch the Ashes over in England. So I've been up for a while.
So I've just got to play well these last two hours, play solid and tight. If I get in a hand I'll be aggressive but I'll just try to play my position and play quite strong. This Event is so good. When you sit at a table people ask you where you're from and if you tell them Australia you get in all these conversations. So I've made a lot of friends in the nine years I've been coming here.
Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Negreanu, through Joe Hachem and other guys. You get to meet a lot of people so there's a lot of support from those guys, from Kenna James and a lot of support from back in Australia especially.
My Shane Warne Foundation, which raises money for seriously ill and underprivileged children, has one of our ambassadors just jumped in the English Channel to swim it so there's a lot of support for him on Twitter saying Shane's nailing it over there in Vegas and you nail it too Browny.
So there's a lot going on, two hours to go so I just want to really play well these last two hours. Australia isn't doing too well in the Ashes but there's two days to go and they need over 400 to win. It could be a good victory. If they win this test match they'll go on to win the Ashes. But England is going in as favorites.
It's a funny game poker and it's a funny game cricket. I don't think Australia] bowled well enough. They didn't catch well probably as well enough as they did in the first innings and that's why England was able to have the big lead that they had. They fielded a lot better in the second innings. They bowled a lot better. They didn't really bat that well in the first innings. No one really got a big score except for Rogers who got 90-odd. But otherwise no one really helped him out. If they get couple big partnerships in the top order I reckon they might give the run chase a shake.
You never know what's going to happen but for me I think I'm due some rewards for the good play I've had. I played one really bad hand for the tournament and I've been unlucky a few times but I still feel like I've played pretty well for most of the day and hopefully I get my rewards in this last level. I'll have a great last level, Australia will have a fantastic day and we'll go home and have a beer.