Crazy Dutchie – Easy Poker Games Even Drunk People Can Play

Published on 6 March 2017 by Pokerlistings 204

Ever have a hard time keeping your home poker game on track thanks to a few beers? These give super-easy gambling poker games are perfect.

The fourth and penultimate game in our series is called Crazy Dutchie and if you know how to play Texas Hold'em you won't have any problem figuring this one out.

First decide how much you want to wager on each hand. Everyone just pays one ante and the winner of the hand takes it all. There's no more betting after you make the original ante.

Then deal everyone three cards. Each player gets to pass their worst card to the player on their left. Each player then discards one card so they have two cards for the rest of the hand.

The dealer then deals three flops, three turns and three rivers, and everyone turns over their cards to see who has the best hand.

Each person makes three poker hands, one for each board. The player who wins the most boards, wins the hand.

Keep watching for more easy poker variants for your next home game.