Blind Texas Hold'em - Easy Poker Games Even Drunk People Can Play

Published on 20 February 2017 by Pokerlistings 276

We all know poker is a great social game to play at home with friends but when the drinks start flowing, people start to get confused.

They forget when it's their turn, the chip denominations and the game starts to fall apart. That's the perfect time to introduce one of our five easy poker games.

You can have all the fun of gambling and winning without having to pay attention to lots of rules and strategy. The first game is Blind Texas Hold'em.

It's super easy and you can learn it right now in just a couple minutes. First decide how much you want to play for each hand. Then everyone puts in their bet and receives two hole cards.

The game plays out just like regular Texas Hold'em except there's no betting or raising. Just deal the flop, turn and river and turn over your hand to see who wins.

You can spice things up by turning over one card each on the flop and the second one on the river.

Stay tuned for four more easy poker games even your drunk friends can understand.