Best Poker Moments: Liv Boeree's Break-Out EPT San Remo Victory

Published on 8 July 2015 by Pokerlistings 654
In 2010 Liv Boeree broke onto the live poker tournament scene in a massive way by winning the EPT San Remo main event for $1.7 million. In the latest episode of Best Poker Moments, Boeree looks back on the huge win that propelled her towards a spot on Team PokerStars Pro and countless poker adventures. At the time Boeree had only played a couple major poker tournaments. She had played poker on TV, but never for the chance at a seven-figure score. A long list of things had to fall into place for Boeree to even get a seat in EPT San Remo, let alone win it. Check out the video for the full story and watch for more Best Poker Moments.
There was a satellite going so I hopped in that and ended up winning up my seat so I was like, “Wow awesome I'm playing this main event tomorrow.” And the rest is history.
When I first sat down it definitely was a little nerve-racking because like I said I hadn't really played many main events before. I had played one or two but this was still a much bigger buy-in tournament than I was used to. I just remember the sheer number of people. It still doesn't quite feel real.
I remember walking there on Day 6 just so nervous. I hadn't really slept much the night before. The nerves were really intense. It was just the pressure of being on a major final table.
I think ninth place or eighth place was €90k and first was €1.25 million. But actually once I sat down and that first hand was dealt I was just like, “Okay, I can do this. Let's just breathe.” And then actually the nerves went away and I settled into it fairly well. My abilities as a player back then, I definitely played my A-game. Looking back on it now it's like my D-game but this is five years ago and I've fortunately learned a lot since then.
The thing I took away from it the most that week was this flow-state. You know sometimes we hear about it when extreme sports athletes get into it and stuff. That was definitely the most in-flow I've ever felt in poker. I never really second-guessed myself. I was just full of self belief. This flow-state is just an incredible feeling. It really is this clarity and this focus that just can't be shaken.
Announcer: The river is a blank. Liv Boeree has done it! Jakob Carlsson is runner up and Liv Boeree is the champion of EPT San Remo.
After winning it I guess the biggest way my life changed was being invited to join Team PokerStars. When I got into poker that was very much one of my goals. I always wanted to be on the team. You know, Negreanu and all these guys. I was just like wow. These are my heros.
And I've had the most incredible five years I could imagine. The people I've been able to meet. The friendships I've developed out of it. The places, the parties, the interviews, the conversations, everything that's come out of it. I've been so, so lucky.