Alex Livingston Representing Canada Deep in WSOP Main Event

Published on 15 July 2013 by Pokerlistings 736
Halifax poker pro Alex Livingston is one of the last Canadian players still alive in the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event and he shares the experience with
Yeah, this is a completely surreal experience. Actually, I haven't had a lot of success in live MTTs. I played a lot of different types of poker. I play some live cash, I play some online tournaments, and I have played at a decent amount of live MTTs, but I think my biggest score is like 10K or something. So, this is huge and it's definitely surreal but I'm just trying to soak it in and do everything away from the table to stay focused, play my best poker. I flew some friends in. I'm going to gym every day. I've been trying to eat as much as I can.

So, I've got a long post on Two Plus Two called Rumnchess's Guide to Live Poker because my online screen name is Rumnchess. I enjoy writing, that was always something I really did enjoy in school not so much reading and studying but always enjoyed writing. And for a while, my poker career was mostly live poker so I just wanted to give everyone a guide of what got me started in my poker career and it was pretty well received and fun.

Yeah, I'm from Halifax. I actually went to a university in the States though and then I started playing online poker a little bit I guess first year at university. I wasn't very good. I was losing a little bit of money. I guess that summer between first and second year of university I played a little bit at the casino and I did really well that summer. At the time it was like I had no money to my name and I think I made $5,000 that summer so it felt awesome.

And then after my second year of university, I just wasn't really feeling as passionate about school and I've been playing a little more poker and having a little more success. So I decided to drop out and try playing poker full-time and since then it's been...Poker-wise I don't specialize the way a lot of guys do. I've played a lot of live cash. I play mix games. I play online tournaments. I play some online cash games. I've been making a living. At this point, I also own a restaurant though so I'm not just a full-time poker player. I own a small pizzeria called North of Brooklyn Pizzeria in Toronto. My two roommates are actually here right now and they are the other owners so it's pretty exciting for all of us.

I haven't been here the whole series, I haven't been following it super closely, but I know Canadians are doing well. It's obviously great to see. There's actually a lot of, not a lot but there's a handful of very good players from Halifax and probably most people haven't heard of them and the reason is a lot of them don't like to travel as much, don't play some of the bigger stuff but there is actually a decent group of us that are pretty confident poker players.