Triantafyllakis Thwarts Killeen, O'Dea for Irish Poker Open Title

Ioannis Triantafyllakis (Photo: Danny Maxwell, irish Poker Boards)

With four of the eight players at the final table, the odds were in favor of an Irish champion bringing home the Irish Poker Open for the home country today.

Greece's Ioannis Triantafyllakis wasn't easily deterred, however.

Coming into the final table second in chips Triantafyllakis steered clear of both unlucky set-ups and one of the most controversial hands in recent memory to cut a deal heads-up with Ireland's Kevin Killeen.

Thanks to the chop Triantafyllakis earned €209,500 for the win but as an added bonus for being the final online qualifier from PaddyPower he also won the Sole Survivor bonus of €50,000.

Killeen, the local favorite after the elimination of Irish legend Donnacha O'Dea, earned €192,500. Declan Connolly, final tablist at the 2014 Battle of Malta, finished third.

Gann Draws Ire for "Disgraceful" Slow Roll

While the day started off with high hopes for an Irish champion things quickly turned to local outrage thanks to Germany's Andreas Gann.

The short stack coming in Gann quickly faced a decision for his tournament life. The good part? He held the stone-cold nuts.

Andreas Gann
Misread or epic slow roll?

In a perplexing decision, though, Gann decided to slow roll for over a minute before turning over his hand.

When he did finally turn over his holdings the table - and the surrounding crowd - nearly flipped its collective lid.

Making things even more heated the player he slow rolled was Irish legend Donnacha O'Dea.

Justice was served by the river, however, as a six came off to give O'Dea a full house and elimnate Gann from the event.

Spectators were still angry enough Gann had to have security escort him from the tournament area. Watch the full clip of the hand below.

When play resumed O'Dea unfortunately couldn't capitalize on the extra chips and busted in fifth. Check the full rundown of the final-table action on the PaddyPower blog.

The final eight and payouts:

  • 1. Ioannis Triantafyllakis,Greece – € 209,500*
  • 2. Kevin Killeen, Ireland – € 192,500* *deal, originally €250,000 and €152,000
  • 3. Declan Connolly, Ireland – € 111,750
  • 4. Michael Wang, USA – € 82,750
  • 5. Donnacha O’Dea, Ireland – € 61,850
  • 6. Fergal Cawley, Ireland – € 46,500
  • 7. Baard Dahl, Norway – € 35,250
  • 8. Andreas Gann, Germany – € 26,750

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