Townsend triples his best-ever day at Bellagio

Sam Farha
Farha's bankroll took a hit thanks to Townsend.

Townsend - known online as sbrugby or aba20 - details the action at Bellagio's Bobby's Room in his latest Sammy Farha, Bobby Baldwin, David Benyamine, Patrik Antonius, Brandon Adams, Nenad Medic and Rafi Amit, among others.

The game, Townsend writes, started with heads-up match between the Internet pro and Farha. After building his bankroll by $1 million thanks to poker's cool cat, the pair was joined by the rotating pack of pros.

Of all the players, Townsend said he was particularly impressed with Baldwin, who doesn't play as much poker anymore because of his business affairs - chiefly, running Bellagio.

"Most famous poker players are not very good and overrated - this was not the case with Bobby; he had a great sense of people," he said.

At one point in the game, Townsend writes, he was up $1.2 million, then down to holding just $400,000 in chips before bouncing back to $1.8 million. The session was uncapped, resulting in what the Internet pro said was one of the largest games ever to run at Bobby's Room.

"The game was so big it's amazing and the swings associated are massive," he said.

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