Super High Roller Bowl 40-Second Clock is “Best Thing for Poker”

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Each dealer is equipped with a stop watch.

The 2016 Super High Roller Bowl is surprisingly fast.

Thanks to a 40-second shot clock players can’t get away with extra-long tanks or extreme stare downs.

Players are deliberate as soon as the action is on them and action rarely grinds to a halt.

It’s all the more surprising considering the whopping $5,000,000 first-place prize up top. Not to mention the $300,000 it costs to actually play the tournament.

Negreanu, Laak Applaud Clock

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It's good for the game, according to Negreanu.

The clock already has a couple of big fans in world renowned poker pros Phil Laak and Daniel Negreanu.

“It’s the best thing in the world for poker,” said Laak.

It goes even further than simply having a clock on every table, according to Negreanu.

“It changes the way players approach each hand,” he said.

Laak agreed.

“Every time I get cards I’m immediately thinking about that 40 seconds,” said Laak.

In other words: you have to be deliberate.

Each player actually gets five one-minute extensions per day so it’s not limited to just 40 seconds. But at the same time, no one wants to waste time.

Poker Central Bans Sunglasses, Headphones

The 40-second shot-clock isn’t the only innovation Poker Central brought to the table this year.

The event is rake-free with no sunglasses or headphones allowed.

Shot clocks are a hot-button topic in poker and earlier this year the World Poker Tour decided to bring in a 30-second "Action" clock (with five time extensions for each player) for its inaugural Tournament of Champions.

You can still wear whatever hat you want though!

Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere the Aussie Millions has always used a shot clock for its massive Super High Roller events at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Not everyone is a fan, however.

2013 WPT Legends winner Jordan Cristos criticized the WPT over the clock and argued that sometimes players need more time to make difficult decisions.

Everyone in the Super High Roller Bowl seems to be OK with it, however.

Partway through Day 2, Negreanu added this on Twitter:

“I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t prefer this 40 second shot clock with time extensions in the Super High Roller Bowl. It’s just better for the game.”

Poker fans seem to agree as the Twitch stream for the Super High Roller 18,000 viewers earlier today.

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