Sinclair, Le Saux Square Off in New Episode of 888poker #HEADSUP

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888poker's digital #HEADSUP series has two new opponents squaring off in former English internationals Trevor SInclair and Graeme Le Saux.

The lighthearted series takes a pair of well known sportsmen and sits down them down opposite each other at the poker table for a one-on-one showdown and some friendly banter.

Kicking off the series earlier in the year with familiar faces in Paul Ince and Wayne Bridge the series picked up where it left off with two more footballers clearly enjoying their chance to connect over some poker.

Vainest Player?

Sinclair, who scored 74 goals over his career and described his poker style as "sly," struggled early on after misreading a hand but rebounded to scoop the end game.

Along the way the two chatted about the vainest player they suited up with (no surprise there, likely), who used to clean their boots (an old tradition gone away) and the worst tattoo they've seen.

We'll save that reveal for the show. Watch the full episode below:

Full show rundown from the 888 magazine here.

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