Side Pot Calculator


Lots of poker players - even very experienced ones - can struggle with calculating side pots.

Put four or five different players into a pot, add in multiple streets of bets and varied stack sizes and you've clearly got an SAT math problem on your hands.

Not with PokerListings easy-to-use side pot calculator - the perfect tool to solve all of your side-pot problems.

Don't let the simple design and functionality fool you. All you have to do is plug the numbers in and this little supermachine will spit out the exact figures for all possible side pots.

Don't believe us? Give it a try. Not only will you learn how side pots work you can bring it right to the poker table in real-time to resolve any disputes.

Click on the blue "Instructions" text above the calculator for more on how it works.

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Nathaniel Montague 2014-09-17 23:15:11

It'll calculate the numbers no problem...just don't ask it to spell the word "numebrs"

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