SealsWithClubs Growing Fast as Bitcoin Cracks $1k

Brian Micon
SealsWithClubs Chairman Bryan Micon

As the value of Bitcoin has soared past $1,000 each, sites like SealsWithClubs, which only accepts the digital currency, are experiencing a new surge of popularity.

Many of the players who latched on to the Bitcoin train and started playing on SwC last year profited immensely and that’s not necessarily from actually playing on the site.

In the last few months Bitcoin has hit the stratosphere going from being worth a couple hundred dollars each coin to over $1,000.

As a result SwC has been gaining traffic and running bigger and bigger games.

“SealsWithClubs is growing fast,” said SwC chairman Bryan Micon. “We’ve had some huge games running recently.”

Micon pointed to .05/.1 Omaha-8 and .25/.5 NLHE in Bitcoin, which currently translates into roughly $50/$100 and $250/$500 in USD.

SealsWithClubs Doubles Traffic in Six Months

Bitcoin graph
A look at Bitcoin's wild growth over the last year.

Because SwC runs entirely on Bitcoin it’s playable in nearly every country with no restrictions and no bank involvement. The site also launched a desktop client this year.

Over the last sixth months the average number of players on SWC has doubled according to Poker Scout. The traffic is still relatively small but it’s becoming more common to see a few hundred players on the site.

One downside of the sudden spike, however, is that some people have begun to cash out because of how valuable Bitcoin has become.

“Each human treats the bitcoin runup differently,” said Micon. “On DonkDown radio last night I discussed that ‘everyone has their price’ meaning that maybe people were waiting for bitcoin to reach $100 to sell.”

“Maybe some were not really waiting for a specific price but wake up to Bitcoin $600 and do some math and then decide to cash out all. For some BTC $1k is that price.”

It remains to be seen if Bitcoin can keep up this unprecedented level of growth but it’s clear that for the moment at least Micon is riding high.

“I do feel validated by the last 2 years,” he said. “I have worked harder than I ever have in my life and have something to show for it.

“I gave away free bitcoins when they were cheap.  So many of my close friends have personally profited, sometimes by completely forgetting about their SwC bankroll for months only to come back and it's up 500% or 3000% vs. the USD. It makes me feel wonderful to give my close friends so much unexpected value.”

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