Rampaging Moscow Wolverines Pull Away in Week 6 of GPL

moscow wolverines crushing
Can't stop. Won't stop.

The Moscow Wolverines are turning into an unstoppable monster in the Global Poker League.

Anatoly Filatov, Team Manager of the Wolverines has been a beast for the squad and Russian team now sits atop the overall standings with a staggering 82 points.

The Wolverines are starting to pull away from everyone in the Eurasian Conference as they’re now ahead of the nearest competitor — the Paris Aviators — by 14 points.

Meanwhile the NY Rounders and Montreal Nationals continue to be the class of the Americas conference although the LA Sunset made up some ground this week thanks to Fedor Holz.

Tuesday Results - 6-Max Matches

Forget variance, Anatoly Filatov is as close to a sure thing in the GPL as we’ve had yet.

Anatoly Filatov 0859
Anatoly Filatov: Russian wizard?

After dominating Week 4 with a 1st and 2nd finish in the 6-Max, Filatov pulled off the exact same result this week.

Filatov fell just short in the first match to a surging Sam Trickett, who was very impressive on his way to a win for the London Royals.

The Russian wasn’t to be denied in the second match as he beat Celina Lin heads-up.

Over on the other side of the world 2014 World Champ Martin Jacobson pulled off a “Filatov” of his own by taking a 1st and 2nd in the 6-Max matches for the Montreal Nationals.

João Bauer had unusual distinction of winning his first 6-Max match for the Sao Paulo but then finishing last in his second match.

Fedor Holz also had a strong showing finishing 3rd and 2nd to take down 8 points for the LA Sunset.

Eurasia 6-Max Match #1

1. London Royals Sam Trickett - 7 points
2. Moscow Wolverines Anatoly Filatov - 5 points
3. Rome Emperors Max Pescatori - 3 points
4. Hong Kong Stars Celina Lin - 2 points
5. Berlin Bears Brian Rast - 1 point
6. Paris Aviators Fabrice Soulier - 0 points

Eurasia 6-Max Match #2

1. Moscow Wolverines Anatoly Filatov - 7 points
2. Hong Kong Stars Celina Lin - 5 points
3. London Royals Sam Trickett - 3 points
4. Berlin Bears Brian Rast - 2 points
5. Rome Emperors Mustapha Kanit - 1 point
6. Paris Aviators Fabrice Soulier - 0 points

Americas 6-Max Match #1

1. Sao Paulo Mets Joao Bauer - 7 points
2. Montreal Nats Martin Jacobson - 5 points
3. LA Sunset Fedor Holz - 3 points
4. NY Rounders Jason Mercier - 2 points
5. San Francisco Rush Tony Gregg - 1 point
6. LV Moneymakers Jonathan Duhamel - 0 points

Americas 6-Max Match #2

1. Montreal Nats Martin Jacobson - 7 points
2. LA Sunset Fedor Holz - 5 points
3. NY Rounders Jason Mercier - 3 points
4. LV Moneymakers Scott Ball - 2 points
5. San Francisco Rush Tony Gregg - 1 point
6. Sao Paulo Mets Joao Bauer - 0 points

Wednesday Results - Eurasia Heads-Up

Justin Bonomo
Justin Bonomo swept Randy Lew

Randy Lew has been a very strong performer for the Hong Kong Stars but ran into a brick wall this week in the form of Justin Bonomo.

Zeejustin cruised to a 3-0 sweep of Lew and picked up nine points for his surging London Royals.

Meanwhile Sergey Lebedev carried the Moscow Wolverine’s momentum from the previous day with a 2-1 win over the Berlin Bears Brian Rast.

Finally Mustapha Kanit came very close to sweeping George Danzer but eventually finished 2-1.

The Rome Emperors desperately needed those points too so it’s a good thing the first-round pick came through.

  • London Royals Justin Bonomo Beats Hong Kong Stars Randy Lew 3-0
  • Moscow Wolverines Sergey Lebedev Beats Berlin Bears Brian Rast 2-1
  • Rome Emperors Mustapha Kanit Beats Paris Aviators George Danzer 2-1

Thursday Results - Americas Heads-Up

Every single match of the Americas Heads-Up on week 6 was a sweep.

NY Rounders Team Manager Bryn Kenney proved his heads-up mastery and managed to sweep Jonathan Jaffe 3-0 as the San Francisco Rush continue to falter.

Meanwhile Montreal Nationals Jason Lavallee continued the sweep trend by pounding Darren Elias of the Sao Paulo Metropolitans 3-0.

Finally the LA Sunset’s Fedor Holz put the hammer to LV Moneymakers Jonathan Duhamel with the third and final 3-0 of the day.

  • NY Rounders Bryn Kenney Beats San Francisco Rush’s Jonathan Jaffe 3-0
  • Montreal Nationals Jason Lavallee Beats Sao Paulo Metropolitans Darren Elias 3-0
  • LA Sunset Fedor Holz Beats LV Moneymakers Jonathan Duhamel 3-0

Global Poker League Standings - Week 6

Americas Standings

1. NY Rounders - 73 points
2. Montreal Nationals - 72 points
3. LA Sunset - 68 points
4. Sao Paulo Mets - 62 points
5. LV Moneymakers - 52 points
6. San Francisco Rush - 51 points

Eurasia Standings

1. Moscow Wolverines - 82 points
2. London Royals - 68 points
3. Paris Aviators - 68 points
4. Hong Kong Stars - 58 points
5. Berlin Bears - 51 points
6. Rome Emperors - 51 points

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