PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards 2014


With a bunch of Player of the Year Awards already out there in the poker industry, when we created our own annual "Spirit of Poker" awards we wanted to recognize a different type of player.

At PokerListings our mission is always to bring new players into the game so we felt a true poker award had to acknowledge something above and beyond just tournament wins or big scores.

Results matter, sure. But it’s the players who bring joy, heart, imagination, innovation and timelessness to poker who truly inspire us and others to pick up the game -- and then spend a lifetime trying to master it.

Last year’s debut of the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards – and inaugural award winners Luca Moschitta, Naoya Kihara and Pierre Neuville – captured exactly what we had in mind.

As we found out in the public voting, our idea of true poker “spirits” touched a chord among poker players and the response was overwhelming. With that great response there was no question we’d do it again this year so we’re thrilled to announce the nominees for the 2014 Spirit of Poker Awards.

Click on the individual award headers for more on each player and to vote for your favorite in each category. Voting open until August 31!

UPDATE: Public voting has ended. The PokerListings editorial team will now deliberate on the Top 3 votegetters and select the winners of this year’s Spirit of Poker Awards. The winners will be presented here on PokerListings on September 15.

Most Inspiring Player Award

  • Shannon Shorr
  • Randy "nanonoko" Lew
  • Vicky Coren Mitchell
  • Manuel Bevand
  • Jean-Robert Bellande
  • Phillip Gruissem
  • Mustapha Kanit
  • Mayu Roca

Rising Star Award

  • Yngve Steen
  • Anatoly Filatov
  • Dominik Panka
  • Dinesh Alt
  • Adrian Mateos
  • Filippo Lazzaretto
  • Jack Salter
  • Sofia Lövgren

Living Legend Award

  • Thor Hansen
  • Harry Casagrande
  • Konstantin Puchkov
  • Juan Maceiras Sr.
  • Dan Heimiller
  • Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Roger Hairabedian

After public voting narrows the nominee list down to three our PokerListings panel of experts will vote to determine the winner. Awards ceremony will be at the 2014 Battle of Malta in November.