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16 Things I'd Tell Younger Me Before I Tried to Become a Poker Pro

Five years ago I quit my job and tried to become a poker pro. I...

8 June 2016 1

Find Your Stick: 9 Things Daredevil Can Teach Amateur Poker Players

Netflix's Daredevil has broken the superhero mold and created a new one. Along the way...

24 March 2016

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The 5 Distractions: 5 Easy Ways to Stay Off Tilt at the Poker Table

Tilt is one of the most debilitating and costly problems to have at the poker...

1 March 2016 1
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Pre-flop Table Talk Can Be Massive Poker Tell for Amateurs (Video)

Zachary Elwood gives us a preview of his new video tells site that talks about...

12 August 2015

How to Trick Your Brain (and Body) Into Playing Better Poker

Can you actually trick your brain into making you a winning poker player? Maybe.

23 April 2015 1
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Solving Poker Tilt Pt. 3: Why You Can't Afford It and How to Fix It

There's no poker player on earth completely immune to tilt and the amount of your...

21 January 2015

Solving Poker Tilt Pt. 2: The Two Tilt Syndromes and How They Cost You

Tilt is, whether you want to believe it or not, one of the central issues...

13 January 2015