Poker’s In and Out List: Wynn Win, Rheemed Out

The Wynn Casino

Another week, another set of snap judgments on who’s in and who’s out in the world of poker.

How can you trust our judgment?

We do this every week.

Plus, we’ve covered a lot of poker tournaments over the last few years.

Poker's IN List: August 15-21, 2011

US Online Poker Legislation: IN

The shape of poker to come in the US is still tbd, but the fickle tide of US lawmakers seems to have finally rolled in online poker’s favor once and for all.

Caesars CEO Gary Loveman says it’s inevitable. Senator Harry Reid says it’s going to "get done."

Whoever is hedging their bets on it (including poker sites on the Merge Network like Carbon Poker re-opening to US players this week), all signs point to regulated online poker in the very near future - possibly even by the end of the year.

Likely due to the $250 gazillion in potential tax revenue sitting idle right now, but still. 

We’ll tell ourselves it’s because poker is a game of skill.

bwin.Party: IN

Speaking of the new shape of poker in the United States, rumors of a bwin.Party agreement with the Wynn Casino are likely just rumors.

But getting mentioned in the same breath as Steve Wynn seems to be good for business.

Antonio Esfandiari
The true magic is how he won his way into our hearts.

bwin.Party stocks went up this week based on the idea alone, with little actual evidence of a deal to back it up.

When the scales of legislation lean towards yes for online poker and Wynn wafts his aura in your direction, even a little bit, people seem to be willing to throw some money at it just in case.

Antonio Esfandiari: IN

Speaking of Antonio Esfandiari, how good is he at poker?

He sill carries the weight of being a former magician around his neck, but he really is a great poker player.

You’ve seen him make some bad plays on television over the last five years, but that’s, well, mostly because he’s been on television constantly for the last five years.

You’d make some bad plays too.

But mark our words: Esfandiari kills it in a lot more cash games and tournaments than you might think.

Poker's OUT List: August 15-21, 2011

Chino Rheem: OUT

It seems like it would be physically impossible to be “OUT” just one week after you win $1 million in a poker tournament, but somehow Chino pulled it off.

First, he won $1 million and is still broke after paying off only a small percentage of outstanding debts.

Now, because of those debts, he’s been put on probation for violating the Code of Conduct of the very league he just won the debut event of.

Passed the EPL debt ceiling.

He’ll be on notice until he pays his debts in full, apparently, which is a pretty weird idea all around when you consider being suspended in a poker league for being in personal debt. In the United States.

Poker, you so crazy!

Codes of Conduct: OUT

Why you got to give Chino such a hard time?

It's not like there aren’t some unpaid debts on the balance sheets of the other 200-some pros who made the Epic Poker eligibility list.

Even a few former and/or practicing cheaters on there we might guess (as there always will be in poker), not to mention some horrific crimes against fashion, dress code be damned.

Codes of conduct are never consistent in their enforcement. And really never work.

Ask the NFL. Or the NBA. Or any elementary school with a rude t-shirt policy.

Poker Parody Videos: OUT

Kinda funny once, but now decidedly jumped the shark. Pretty much exactly like the expression jumped the shark.

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