Poker’s In and Out List: O’Brien Talks, Vince Neil Walks

vince neil
Vince Neil and the Palms: BFFs no more.

The PokerListings In and Out List is a speedy set of snap-judgments hurled at what’s hot and what’s not this week in poker.

If you talk poker with anyone, you’d be well advised to arm yourselves with these simple topical poker truths.

This week on the In List we find warm reviews for Hac and Di Dang’s new Arlington restaurant, Dan O’Brien’s live commentary skills plus an online poker tournament field that will dwarf the population of many small cities.

On the Out List is rocker Vince Neil, Phil Hellmuth talking about doing drugs plus online all-in insurance.

Poker’s In List: April 2-8, 2012

Dan O’Brien’s Commentary: IN

Live streaming is all the rage these days but a common downfall is boring commentary.

This past week Dan O’Brien has been in Dublin providing live commentary for iSeries Live and now the Irish Open, and in our opinion he's got a future in commentating.

He’s natural, knowledgeable and engaging. Expect to hear him on more broadcasts in the coming year.

If you won't take our word for it, click through and check out the Irish Open live stream. The final table will play out tomorrow with hole cards.

Dang Bros Restaurant Up and Running: IN

chasin tails
Dac and Di Dang's restaurant reminds us of Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Vegas.

High-stakes legends Hac and Di Dang’s restaurant Chasing Tails in Arlington, Virginia has opened its doors and is already basking in glowing reviews.

It’s a Louisiana-style crawfish joint and judging by this review it’s legit.

The Dang bros may or may not have cribbed the idea from the famous Hot N Juicy Crawfish which has locations in both Washington DC and Las Vegas.

If you’re in Las Vegas for any reason, go there. It’s amazing.

$11 for a Shot at $1 Million Prize Pool: IN

One week from today PokerStars will be celebrating the $11 Sunday Storm’s birthday with a $1 million guarantee.

At least $150,000 is guaranteed for first place, a ridiculous 13,636 times the buy-in.

Any event that offers that kind of return on investment gets a nod here every time.

100,000 players are needed to hit the guarantee. To put that in perspective it’s roughly the population of Albany, New York.

Sign up for PokerStars with us and get the best signup bonus anywhere.

Poker’s Out List: April 2-8, 2012

Vince Neil at the Palms: OUT

The love affair celebrity/casino relationship between Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil and the Palms is now officially over.

Neil tweeted this a few days ago, showing his disapproval not only of the Palms, but also basic English:

@TheVinceNeil Do to recent events, including distrust and dishonesty at the executive level. I will never again step foot @palms property.

Neil and the Palms bickered over Twitter for a few days which ultimately led to Neil vowing never again to step foot on the property, and the Palms issuing a permanent ban.

Phil Hellmuth
The moment it occurred to Hellmuth to take Adderall.

Taking Adderall to Play Poker: OUT

Don’t do drugs kids. Also, don’t spend your time reading poker websites. Go outside and play.

Phil Hellmuth was on Jared Tendler’s radio show this week talking about how he’s considering taking Adderall for the first time, in order to deal with his ADD to play better poker.

Tendler isn’t exactly supportive of Hellmuth’s hearsay reasons for experimenting with the drug, and offers a few cautionary words.

Hellmuth claims he was advised by numerous champion poker players that Adderall helped them in a big way on the felt.

Pick up the interview here where they start talking drugs.

Paying for Online Poker Insurance: OUT

Earlier this week we heard about a new site offering online poker insurance for all-in situations in cash games. It’s called InsuredPlay and it’s a bad idea.

Insuring yourself against bad beats is basically admitting you’re playing too high, that the risks are too big and you’re willing to burn money to moderate the variance.

Well, we’re here to present a brand new service to moderate variance and it’s free to try!

It’s called dropping down in stakes. Play more tables at smaller stakes and bang, you’ve got your reduced variance. And you don’t have to pay 10% for the privilege.

As a bonus this approach will also put you up against weaker competition, which should actually make you money.

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