Poker’s In and Out List: Jungleman Claim, New FTP Name

Daniel Cates
Jungleman announces he has news, but he can't tell us what it is.

The PokerListings In and Out List is an overly judgmental critique of what’s hot and what’s not this week in poker.

Whether it’s the water cooler or your weekend home game, get ready for all your poker conversations with three goods and three bads from the last seven days.

Today on the In List we find Dan Cates playing his cards very close to the vest, a manifesto on sustainable e-gambling in Europe plus girl-on-girl action from the World Poker Tour event in Florida.

On the Out List, meanwhile, is the name New Full Tilt Poker Limited for Laurent Tapie’s new Dublin company and a successful cease and desist letter from PokerStars to

Poker’s In List: April 16-22, 2012

Dan Cates with Impending (Good) Full Tilt News: IN

It looks like Dan “Jungleman” Cates has some insider info on Full Tilt Poker and according to Cates the news is good.

We’re giving the Jungleman top spot on this week’s In List for the following text, sent today.

@junglemandan Recently heard some very promising news regarding full tilt. Can't share it because it's confidential, but things looking very good :)

With Laurent Tapie as Director of a new Dublin company originally called New Full Tilt Poker, one of FTP’s subsidiaries scoring a hearing with the AGCC to get a gambling license plus re-hiring efforts at Pocket Kings Ltd., the evidence of a resurrection is really piling up.

If the AGCC hearing results in a Category 2 license being granted we may actually see the site up and running, and former customers might actually see some of their money.

Keep an eye on the situation with our Black Friday Bulletin Board.

EU I-Gaming Manifesto: IN

We’re all for responsible internet gambling. I mean, just look what happened to Full Tilt Poker.

That’s why we’re tipping our hats to the European Union for publishing a manifesto on what a sustainable policy for online gambling regulation in Europe would look like.

Ebony Kenney 5
Ebony Kenny narrowly missed her first WPT cash.

Based on what we know about European online poker players the manifesto is probably dominated by demands for more PLO, and frequent references to “Boorish American fish”.

The manifesto was put together by the European Gaming and Betting Association and is designed as a contribution to the European Commission Communication and Action Plan which is scheduled to be released this summer.

Get more details from here.

Girl on Girl Action on the WPT: IN

Based on principal we have to rule girl on girl action in, but in this case the outcome wasn’t what we were hoping for.

Just a few spots off the money at the ongoing WPT Seminole main event in Florida, poker pro and short-haired model Ebony Kenney got it in with AK against A9.

The A-9 belonged to another female poker player who managed to flop a nine to bust Kenney.

Kenney has a long string of results in small buy-in events totaling over $100k but this would have been her first cash in a major tournament.

Click here to get to know her better.

Poker’s Out List: April 16-22, 2012

New Full Tilt Poker Limited’s Name: OUT

First up on the chopping block this week is the very suggestively named New Full Tilt Poker Limited.

Laurent Tapie
Laurent Tapie, you're our only hope.

Just days after news of a new registered Dublin company called New FTP helmed by Laurent Tapie, it seems they’ve changed their name.

The move begs the question of why they chose the name New Full Tilt Poker in the first place if they were looking to avoid association with the defunct online poker room.

Now named GCubed Limited, Laurent Tapie and fellow ISPT co-founder Prosper Masquelier are still named as the company’s two Directors.

Keep an eye on everything regarding the rebirth of Full Tilt Poker on our Black Friday Bulletin Board.

PokerStars Data on OUT

Literally out this week are PokerStars hand histories on popular data-mining site

After years of squabbling PokerStars pulled out the big legal guns this week and sent PTR a Cease and Desist letter, threatening legal action should PTR continue to infringe on what PokerStars has labeled their own intellectual property.

PTR has been collecting hand histories from PokerStars and making them available for free and through a monthly subscription service.

Lee Jones announced that the letter had been sent in a post on and on Wednesday PTR complied, taking down all PokerStars account data from the site.

On Saturday PTR posted again in their blog, saying they’re optimistic about their ability to tailor their services to operate within PokerStars’s TOCs.

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