Poker’s In and Out List: Funds Seizures Loom, FTP Deal Doomed

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While Black Friday put thousands of Americans out of work, it represents a golden age for government seizures.

US law enforcement seizures, betting on the November Nine and a serious lack of confidence in Full Tilt Poker’s acquisition by French group BTG headline this week’s In and Out List.

Another week is over and, as always, we’ve reduced it to one easy-to-swallow bite sized list. Get your poker opinions right here.

This is the In and Out List.

Poker’s In List: October 10-17, 2011

Online Poker Seizure Gold Rush for US Gov: IN

Considering the way the US Government went about this whole UIGEA and Black Friday thing, no one’s really buying the line that they did it to protect Americans.

It’s not the first time the DOJ has spent an absurd amount of money on an investigation just to settle with the so-called criminals for an even more absurd sum.

But why should the gold rush be limited to the federal government?

The South Carolina County Sherriff’s office gets it and has seized roughly $2 million from payment processors Prime Investment, LTD and Trading 24/7 LTD.

And in what must have been a complete surprise to the Sherriff’s office, $700k of that seizure was given right back to them for their role in the investigation.

This all makes perfect sense because online poker payment processors must be the biggest crime threat facing South Carolina, considering they were named

Betting on the November Nine in Nevada: In

In a move applauded by all degenerate gamblers who will be attending the WSOP Main Event final table in November, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has released a list of approved wagers which Vegas casinos can offer on the November Nine.

We love all of them.

The Final Table
If you're in Vegas for the November Nine you'll be able to bet on the outcome.

The obvious winner bets will be augmented by more esoteric wagers like:

  • Will the first flop have more red cards or black cards?
  • What will the final winning hand be?
  • Who will be the first player to bust?
  • Over/under on total number of hands.

So if you’re unable to get to Las Vegas this November, simply mail your money and intended wager to and we’ll take it from there. Note: We will not be responsible for wagers going “missing” while we’re at the Spearmint Rhino.

Poker’s Out List: October 10-17, 2011

Bernard Tapie Group FTP Acquisition: Out

While it’s too early to call an official time of death on this deal, chances look slim that it will get done anytime in the foreseeable future.

Right now the deal only exists on paper and is subject to a number of conditions, the biggest of which being the successful resolution of Full Tilt’s legal battle with the Department of Justice.

With player balances in the hundreds of millions and a list of class-action suits against FTP and its owners that would bring dollar signs to the eyes of even the most successful defense lawyer, it’s safe to say Full Tilt’s ‘legal trouble’ are going nowhere fast.

Europe’s Secret Weapon at WSOPE: Out talked to defending WSOPE main event champion James Bord yesterday about his belief that Europe is now better than the US at poker, and that the 2011 WSOPE main event will be won by a Euro-grinder.

When asked why he thought Europe would win he pointed at one man: Sam Trickett.

Listen, we’re not going to argue with Trickett’s results or his skill. He’s got both. What he apparently doesn’t have is the ability to make it through Day 1 of this year’s main event.

Trickett busted shortly after returning from dinner on Day 1B, meaning Bord’s well-thought-out plan to keep the title in Europe this year will have to be tweaked.

Follow all the action from the WSOPE 2011 main event live with

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