Poker's In and Out List: durrrr's Travel, France Bangs Gavel

durrr in macau2
Tom Dwan and Macau go together like salt and ... whatever weird thing they use for pepper in Macau.

Another week is in the books and we've got a brand new batch of snap judgments to get you ready for the sweet, sweet weekend.

Three things are good, three not so much. Read on to see who has earned our begrudging respect and at whom we'll be shooting dirty looks.

This is the In and Out List.

Poker’s In List: July 30 – August 5, 2011

Macau: In

Macau is in this week because it’s consistently proving that Las Vegas isn’t the only place where famous players go to play live high-stakes poker.

A bunch of pros were in attendance at the Asian Poker King Tournament’s 100 HKD High-Roller event this week, including eventual winner McLean Karr, nosebleed regulars Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius and Olympic medal winning machine Michael Phelps.

Karr took down roughly $104,000 for winning the tournament but we’re sure a lot more than that changed hands in the side games.

Huck Seed: In

Black Friday may have stopped most of us from winning money by playing electronic poker but Huck Seed isn’t most of us.

Seed nailed a royal flush playing video poker at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas this week for $670,000. Seed said he was taking a $40,000 shot at the $100 machine, and that it wasn’t his first time doing it.

Elsewhere in the country Allen Kessler inexplicably turned green with envy.

Gazes, Caro and Heintz: In

Three new inductions have been made to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

huck seed video poker
Huck Seed hit the royal while playing $500 per hand Jacks or Better.

Kristy Gazes, Phyllis Caro and Margie Heintz have all been honored with the addition. They join the ten women inducted since the organization was created in 2008.

Kristy Gazes is a regular on the live tournament circuit with more than $1 million in earnings.

Phyllis Caro is the Director of Poker Operations for Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles and has held key positions in the poker industry in a career that’s spanned more than three decades.

Margie Heintz is the Director of Poker Operations for El Dorado Casino in Reno and in 1977 she was the first woman to ever deal at the World Series of Poker.

Read more about the inductees and the event here.

Poker’s Out List: July 30 – August 5, 2011

Major League Baseball: Out

MLB is squarely out this week thanks to its investigation of Alex Rodriguez over his alleged involvement in a high-stakes Hollywood home game.

First of all, the allegations seem anything but credible.

Second, if MLB doesn’t feel the need to investigate players over things like drunk driving and steroid abuse, playing poker hardly seems to warrant the furor this piece of gossip has caused.

150 Years of French Case Law: Out

Earlier this week the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Toulouse ruled that poker is a game predominantly decided by skill, not chance.

This decision goes against poker’s traditional categorization as a “game of chance” in France and could have real consequences for poker operators in the country both live and online.

The decision is currently being appealed in France’s Supreme Court.

Full Tilt Poker Clothing: Out

Unless you have a seriously black sense of humor and are wearing it ironically, or you have some desire to get beaten by disgruntled poker players, we urge you to leave your FTP gear at home when you head to the casino.

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