WSOP 2008: Chatting with Jimmy Shultz

A mortgage broker originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Jimmy Shultz made the $1,500 Limit Hold'em event at this year's WSOP his very first World Series tournament. And by the time it was all said and done just after 2 a.m. Monday, it was also his first World Series win. sat down with the newest WSOP bracelet winner just minutes after the win to discuss his noble plans for the money, where he's headed now and just how he handled the erratic Vinny Vinh and a field of tough Limit players in the final.

So Jimmy, how does it feel to put that bracelet around your wrist?

I've been a poker player for about five years and this is a dream come true. I was here just to visit last year and didn't play any events. This year I came to play the No-Limit six-handed event but was unable to get into that because of a satellite. I tried and I didn't get in.

So you don't consider yourself some kind of Limit specialist. It's just an event you saw and figured you'd give it a shot?

Exactly. I consider myself a specialist now, though.

I see you're wearing a Charleston, South Carolina fire department T-shirt. What's the significance of that?

Louis Mulkey and eight others who served the community, the county and the nation as firemen had a tragic accident back on June 18 of 2007 - darn near a year today. All of them perished and I'm donating 25% of my winnings to the Charleston Fire Department in their memory. I've been wearing all their T-shirts and hats all week long. Louis was my friend and I am 100% privileged to do be able to do this for him and those eight others. I can't wait to get back home because this is all for them.

What did you think of the field here at the final table? Pretty tough, huh?

I would say so. We had one of the best Limit players in Teddy "Iceman" Monroe. We had Vinny [Vinh] and he's a great player. I know he was a little upset tonight. He's very flamboyant, but I respect his game. He's very well known and hopefully he feels the same way about me.

Speaking of him, did you have any difficulty concentrating with the whole Vinny Vinh show going on most of the night? You two did bump heads a couple of times.

Yeah; we did bump heads. I've learned one thing and [that is that] there's no use getting upset anymore about things you can't control. Really it didn't bother me. A lot of my friends know that I'm an aggressive guy. I'm an aggressive No-Limit Hold'em player and that's what I like to pride myself in. I didn't let that get to me. But I'll tell you what, the runner-up here tonight, Zac, played a heck of a tournament and he's a wonderful player. I was worried about him the most - him and Ali Eslami. It was a stacked field and I had my hurdles and pitfalls but I overcame them. I don't think I was all-in once in this whole tournament and that's pretty good.

What about the other 75% of the money? Are you going to buy yourself something nice?

I don't really know. It's got to settle in. I'm going to invest a lot of it and move forward into some new ventures.

Are we going to see you in some other events here at the WSOP?

You know what? I think you may. I'm a little tired right now. I need a good night's rest. I put a lot into this tournament for a lot of people other than just me. I'm totally egoless and it's wonderful to say that it's not about me. I've overcome a lot of things over the last couple of years and I'm quite proud of where I am today. I am a humble man and I just can't wait to see those folks back in South Carolina and the Charleston area and let them know what I can do for them.


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If only because he comes across as an extremely humble and generous man, Jimmy Shultz deserves this win. Add in the fact he can play a little poker and this may not be the last we see of him here at the 2008 WSOP.

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