The Rivera Runs Good - Anthony Rivera Wins The Mixed Championship

Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera wins Event 8 at the 2008 WSOP

The $10k Mixed Championship event was one of the star attractions of this year's WSOP. It featured a field of less than 200 but the quality was undeniable. When the dust settled, it was Anthony Rivera who took on all-comers and emerged triumphant. He might not be a big name yet, but Anthony is a regular in the $200-$400 and $300-$600 games in Vegas, and occasionally plays higher. After his win, he chatted to for a short period.

Hello Anthony, what made you choose to play the mixed event in the first place?

I looked at all the events and I decided that this was the one I wanted to play. I play a lot of the mixed games at the Bellagio and the Commerce, so it seemed like the natural choice.

Of all the eight different forms of poker, which did you reckon was your best?

I think during the tournament I played them all really well, the no-limit/pot-limit games I don't play as much, but I play a lot of the mixed games, I don't think I have a strongest game, if I'm honest.

David Oppenheim
The intimidating David Oppenheim.

The field was incredibly tough out there, did you feel like you were in shark-infested waters?

Not really, I played with a lot of the guys you know, in cash games all around, so I was real friendly with a lot of them, I knew them all. I was a little intimidated by David Oppenheim, great player and he got unlucky, but I was glad to see him go!

Getting to the final table, was there anyone you wanted to avoid in certain games, or generally altogether?

Well I played a lot with Matt [Glantz] online and in Atlantic City. I know him well and we've played a lot together so he was definitely the one I was least looking forward to tangling with. He had said that we had got involved in almost no pots, he stayed out of my way and I stayed out of his way.

Overall, what did you think of the event and the structure that was not exactly universally popular with all the players?

I was pretty excited and it sort of plays to my strengths because I play a lot of mixed games and it seems like it was almost natural for me to sign up and I didn't have to do any preparation beforehand. I really like the format and the structure was fantastic this year and I'm really lucky to have played this tournament and it was handled very well.

Matt Glantz
Rivera avoided Glantz when he could.

In a field that contained numerous bracelet winners and most of the top names in poker how did you feel coming into the event?

Well, I played a lot with these guys as I said, I just feel really confident in my game, I play a lot on online I just play very aggressively. Usually always in the mixed games, I play as 'Tongni' on most sites.

And finally, what is next for you?

Well, I was stuck for the month! And now I think I'm just going to keep playing WSOP events.

Thanks for your time.



Anthony won $483,688 for his first place whilst second-placed James Mackey took home $297,792 for his efforts, no doubt we'll be seeing a lot more of both of them in the events to come.


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Nancy 2008-06-07 23:37:00

Congrats to Anthony!! I know him from work and I'm so glad to finally know someone who actually won something substantial in this city LOL

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