Growing Pains: The Scott Seiver Winner Interview

Scott Seiver
Scott Seiver wins Event 21 at the 2008 WSOP

Scott Seiver: nosebleed cash-game player, Jonah Hill impersonator and now, WSOP bracelet holder. "Gunning4you" and "Mastrblastr" online, Seiver is no stranger to high-pressure situations.

He came into the final table of Event 21, $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em, with a huge chip lead and refused to let anyone stand between him and the bracelet.

Seiver had a huge crew of online players sweating him during the match and congratulating him on the win, including but not limited to J.C. Alvarado, Stephen O'Dwyer, Justin Marsh and Justin Bonomo.

After the winner photos were snapped and the official red tape taken care of we sat down with Scott to get his side of the story.

Congratulations Scott. You play a ton of heads-up online, usually at pretty high stakes, so you're no stranger to winning and losing a lot of money. How did the stress and the thrill and adrenaline here today, playing for the bracelet, compare to some of the stuff you've done online?

I had a ton of adrenaline actually last night, when I was trying to go to bed, in anticipation of the final table. I was really surprised because once I got here and started to play I wasn't feeling much stress at all.

I felt very calm and comfortable and even though it might be a cliché I really felt like I was in the zone. So I felt good and I was happy with my play and the way I was able to control the table. The only real nervousness I felt was on that last all-in when I was just praying for my hand to hold up.

It's kind of the same when I play nosebleeds. I don't feel a whole lot of stress at the time, when I'm playing. It's not until after when the stress of winning or losing tons of money really sinks in. So maybe you should check with me in six hours. I might be just shaking and twitching on the ground.

You seem really comfortable using the big stack as a weapon. Did you have a specific strategy coming in and if so did the final table go according to plan?

It definitely played out how I wanted it to. The final table actually had a lot of good players that understood the concept of how to play at a final table. Because I had so many chips and everyone else was so bunched together I was able to take advantage of the fact that no one else wanted to tangle with me at all.

So I was able to get away with a lot of aggressive three-betting and calling in position and putting people to decisions because it would just be so disastrous for any of them to get into an all-in hand with me.

You've had a number of cashes at the WSOP and bubbled a final table already this year. You had a big stack in that event so was it just a matter of playing the same strategy and getting unlucky there, or did you make some adjustments that allowed you to succeed here today?

It was really the exact same strategy. It all came down to three consecutive all-ins and me losing three times. I had sixes to Joe Tehan's queens in a button-to-big-blind situation where I felt like I really couldn't fold, then A-K to A-9 and tens against A-K. So I went from double second to out.

It happens, but hopefully now I'll be able to see that it can happen both ways.

How do you feel you're playing right now and how much development has your game undergone as of late?

I feel like I'm playing really good poker recently. I think it comes down to the amount of poker I've been playing. I played a ton of hands in May and I did extremely well and it's given me a lot more confidence than I had before. I'm playing at a much higher level than I was even five or six months ago.

You've made money in the past but still, three quarters of a million is a lot. Will it change things for you, open up any new doors, or will you just throw it on the pile and move forward?

(Laughs) Honestly it's not going to change a lot. I guess I'll just throw it on the pile.


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Almost every day something is said about the dynamic between online young guns and veteran live players. So far this WSOP we've seen success from both camps but here tonight it was the new generation who had a monopoly on the spotlight.

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